Auditorials: Has Anyone Tried To Get Your Nose?

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Trying to take
away a certificate that a
graduate of any
Dianetic or Scientology class
has earned reminds us of a
childhood game
we once played.

One child puts the first two
fingers of his hand on each
side of another child's nose,
and pinches slightly. As he
withdraws, he fills up the
gap formerly taken by the
nose with the end of his
thumb. "I've got your
nose," he says, wiggling
the "evidence" tauntingly,
Some children took the
game seriously and occasionally fights and arguments followed. But adults,
who could look and see,
could differentiate between
the nose (which was still
there on the face) and the
thumb being wagged by a

The' same is true of the
recalled and cancelled certificates. They're still. on
the wall (or should be) and
represent just as much
training as they ever did --
unless the possessor wishes
to "cut off his own nose to
spite his face", as the
saying goes.

WE'LL NOT BE Some of the
BULLIED INTO recent - puA=A=A=A=A=At trescence re.
flected in the
Major and Minor MIASMAS has
brought a flood of letters
into the ABERREE office --
some critical of The ABERREE, .some concerned over
the diathetic condition
which seems to have engulfed Scientology, and most of
them curious about future
ABERREE policies.

For the information of
all concerned, there is not
-- at this time -- any major
change planned. We will, as
in the past, continue to
support and urge the use of
all Scientological and Dianetic theories or techniques that will assist any
unit of mankind to obtain
his omits goals. Paralleling this, we will continue
to oppose any movement that
seeks to set up a monopoly
in the field of therapy or
religion, or put loyal, supporters in straight jackets.
- For several months, The
ABERREE has not been limited to Scientology, and Dianetics. With the formation
of "The Inf inites" , we had
decided that man should not
be grooved; that Scientology itself evolved from a
study of many works, and it
was unfair to ask students
and followers to limit themselves to one man's interpretation of these wcrks.If
there is anything in any
other "ology" that we think
can benefit readers—and
even some things of which
we are 'skeptical but come
recommended by others who
have as much right to be
right as we -- it is welcome
to space in our columns.

We have found that Dianetics and Scientology work
-- up to a point. They work
better on some than on others, and work. better in the
hands of some auditors than,
others -- even though both
may have the same training
and the same certificates.

We know ex-communicated Scientologists who can get results using the techniques
while there are those who
still are in the good graces of the Phoenix operation
who do little or no good
for anybody.

A.J.S. McMillan, in the
April issue of MR, sums up
our thinking fairly well in
the following statement:
"However, we are coming
more- and more to realize
that, aside from the relief
of somatic ailments, the
roads to self-knowledge are
bound up very closely with
the intentions for which we
seek that knowledge."
Many of us remember how
effective old "Postulate
Processing" was. You asked
your pre-clear: "What was
your intention?' Compare
what you did to what you
intended to do." And the
startling results achieved
during a session in which a
pre-clear would be honest
with himself, and the auditor.

These are some questions
we -- and those in charge of
the Phonyy-X operation -- might
well ask ourselves.