Freud Saw Meaning in Dreams (continued) | Difference Between Ability 'Major' and 'Minor' Discovered

boils are not arbitrary associations made up by..the analysts; they have been rioted again and again by different analysts under a variety of conditions. Not only this, they have been proved experimentally. One experiment consisted of placing a person in deep hypnosis and ordering him to dream of sexual activities.

The subject then reported the dream to a psychoanalyst, who observed the very same sexual symbols he had repeatedly observed in his practise. The existence of these symbols may be taken as.a scientifically proved fact.

The second is that a predominant feature of the dream -- one that enables it to be understood very simply in obscure parts -- .is that of wish-fulfillment. The contents of the dream time and time again are observed to be the disguised fulfillment of repressed wishes.

It is impossible to give a really adequate account of dream interpretation in this short space; for this the reader should consult Freud's writings..: When he does this, I believe he will have a wonderful surprise. For Sigmund Freud is one of the most lucid and easy to understand writers of our time: Moreover, what' he .has to say makes sense; just reading him gives one insights. One can easily understand how he has revolutionized our ideas about human nature, created order out'of chaos in psychiatry, and shaken the . intellectual world.

If this series of articles pees des a few readers to make their own "disoaveries" of Sigmund Freud, they will have achieved their goal. For the readers' convenience, these reference works are given : I. A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis -- Garden City Publishing Co., 1920. A good place to start. 2. The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud -- Modern Library Giant. Contains some excellent selections. 3. New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis -- Hogarth Press, 1933. Extends reference 1. 4. The Collected Writings. of Sigmund Fred -- Hogarth Press. Five volumes. A d mine.


When the H.A.S.I. wants to make criminals of one or two persons -- such, as, an ed itor or two -- they do it with ABILITYs MINOR. But when they launch a, broadside, they use the ABILITYs MAJOR.` (Anyone else wonder what the difference was between the two -- other than the price?) In ABILITY MAJOR II, it was announced that all the rights of the CADA (California Association of Dianetic Auditors) were being cancelled by Dianetics' sole proprietor -- the HDRF -- because they were "intensely antipathetic to free use of Dianetics", and that the HDRF would take steps through the California Secretary of State to see that the CADA did not have the "free 'use of Dianetics". It also was charged that the California organization had been secretly backing legislation in California that would make it illegal for 'auditors to audit.

Especially censured were A.F. Van Vogt, Wayne Dunbar, and Andy Anderson, who have been teaching, practicing, writing about, and recommending the use of Dianetics almost since L. Ron Hubbard first shook the foundations of the medical and religious world with his "discovery" back in 1950.' But it just ain't so, L. 0. Anderson, editor of the CADA BULLETIN and one ' of the organization's directors, says.. In a letter to The ABERREE, "Andy" made the following public statement: "It goes without saying that the ABILITY article 'is canpletely erroneous and misleading. We have no intention of disbanding, in fact, we are -'stronger than we have ever been -- and we've actually: gained new members as a resuit of the ABILITY. article. Hubbard and the WI,. or HDRF are obviously: in no position to dissolve the CADA, anymore than the CADA would be:in.a position. to dissolve. the HDRF. In regard to the legislation, the ABILITY article prosen-, ted. a complete..reversal. of the_ facts involved. This is als -- and very obviously. -- true . in regard to the state -- merit that we are .antipathetic to the use of free dianetics. "In fact, there is too much nonsense in the arts.

Neither Tom Esterbrook nor Dr. Hubbard were available for comment. ole for me to be willing to waite.- more time on it at present."