Volume 11, Issue 3, page 5

The UJorld lUc Vieux
lUe Take with Us
VERYONE who has been exposed to metaphysical principles for any length
of time has undoubtedly read the
line, "Consciousness is the only
reality". Yet, after reading this
line, how many continue to do as they've
always done -- live under the belief in duality?
Now, if Consciousness is the only reality,
there isn 't anything else. If Consciousness is
the only reality, then everything in form that
we behold is merely appearing in form, but is
made of Consciousness. We see, then, that this
whole panorama of life activity is One Substance, variously manifested. This leads us to
the edge of the cosmic conscious vision. Our
goal in life should be to realize the nature
of Consciousness being that it is. We do not
have to transcend the world of forms, we merely
have to understand their nature. We can do
this without getting away from the forms.

Too many students are striving to "get
above it all" as they seek another world in
which to live and move and have their being.
They think that by leaving this world behind
they will solve their problems, but such is not
the case unless they gain the realization of
the nature of Consciousness, one can transcend
the world of forms by merely coming to the
place in the silence where the mental activity
ceases. When the mental imagery is renounced,
then the world is renounced. As long as man
deals in mental imagery he cannot possibly
comprehend the Spirit without form.

We use the word Consciousness in our discussion as being the same as Spirit, Infinite
Mind, or Substance. And, we declare that this
Consciousness, Spirit, Infinite Mind, or Substance has become the worlds by a process of
self-contemplation. It is all a matter of life
acting upon itself and the only motive is to
be involved in self-creation.

Man, in his attempt to arrive at a reason
for life appearing as it does, fabricates a
personal philosophy or a religious approach in
order to put some order into the incomprehensible system that he beholds. The systems are
helpful only to the extent that they keep his
attention turned toward the source of life,
but they seldom have any value beyond that.

In order for Consciousness to manifest, as
it contemplates itself, it must extend time
and space and become involved with quantity and
quality in the process of appearing in form.
The universe is a play of forces -- Mind, Life,
and Matter being a varying aspect of Consciousness. Thus, all efforts to define and separate
0 aspects of Consciousness lead to confusion.

Since man seldom sees Life as it is, he views
H it thru his conditionings and in this way is
I deluded.

The mystery of life lies not in the makeup
but in our failure to see clearly. A true mystic is one who is able to see clearly and know
5 what creation is all about. Our distorted view
of life constitutes the illusion as far as we
are concerned. We should not be tempted to say
that the world is unreal -- it is real because
it is Consciousness in form. Remember, Consciousness is the only reality. True, forms
will not be suspended in time and space forever, therefore we should not depend upon them
for our security, but neither should we reject
them. We should see them as they are, as manifestations of Consciousness.

To reject the forms -- such as foodstuffs,
money, shelter, clothing, travel accommodations,
friends -- is to fail to comprehend the basic
truth of which we speak. Many reject money,
friends, necessities of life and all material
accommodations because they feel, and wrongly
so, that material things will keep them from
the realization of Spirit. If we think that
things have independent reality then we are
sure to be frustrated at some time or another
when we find ourselves without the things of
this world when we really need them most. But,
if we are able to correctly comprehend the
nature of things, that they are really manifesting according to our need and that the Infinite Invisible is the only source of all
things, then we are bound to be properly provided for at all times, our reliance should be
upon the reality of life -- Consciousness, which
can and does appear as the things of the world
we happen to inhabit. With this realization we
find that we always have plenty of the things
of the world because they appear easily to
meet our need because Consciousness is all
there is and is omnipresent. There is no increase or decrease in Consciousness -- how can
there be such a situation?
There are some men and women who are being
driven by their subconscious conditionings
that make them feel inadequate and worthless
and they experience only misfortune and loss
in this world. Too often they compensate for
this situation by explaining that they are
working out their karma or that they "have a
work to do" and suffering now will be replaced
with pleasure later on, in the life hereafter.
I wonder how many souls are distressed to find
that, as they leave this world for the next,
they take their mental attitude with them and
experience a near duplicate of this world. It
must be a shattering experience for a person
who expects to find everything to be sweetness
and light to find that the same laws of mind
exist there as here.

This world is the shadow world, formed about
us by our individual and collective believing.
Since this is so, then our experiences will be
the same in the astral worlds if we maintain
our present viewpoints. A man is not separated
from his world. A man and his world are one. A