Volume 11, Issue 7, page 14

several things including will,
backlash, and misperception.
In this context, 'negative'
seems to mean: destructive,
hostile, demoralized, pathological, rather than minus. The
only point I really question
is the assumption individuals
can't love more than one person at a time or alternately,
which violates my experience
and observations. Jealousy,
possessiveness, and 'forsaking
all others' frequently have
distinctly 'negative' consequences. Except that when married, adultery is a breach of
contract and is so treated in
the law courts...
" HOTEMA's piece is provocative to the point that I'll
save 2 pages by not discussing
it, except that I like it...
"JULAINE writes well, but I
wish she'd not be quite so
transcendental about it all:
Some dreams are problem-solving, and some are almost pure
precognition. One reported to
me about two weeks ago, I
watched the last half come
true point by point. As predicted, I was present.
"GRIPTON on Humanetics: To
hinge everything on command
phrases seems too simple. To
the aberrations of non-verbal
thinkers, those who don't have
to make a running subliminal
commentary to tell themselves
what they're experiencing, it
wouldn't be so applicable. Nonverbal people have to replicate the situation of the traumas in depth, nat in language
only, not even in only one
sense-modality. Another thing,
what happens to all that impacted emotion, the 'charge'?
Or do Humanetics subjects abreact before they pick up the
command phrases -- as Dianetic
a subjects often do? Humanetics,
as a way of life, seems very
narrowly restricted. LOUIS --

Regarding th e sexy entity,

Louis is perhaps not too familiar with this kind of case.
o I've never had the pleasure
the situation you want to occur. Then you perform a fullscale ritual (late at night, of
course) with the elements,
weapons, gestures, formulae,
the whole thing. Very impressive from the description; I'm
sorry I wasn't there. I saw
the place it happened next day,
which is how I knew about the
cards. I'll probably try one
sooner or later to see what
happens. This particular operation was constructive and benign.
"LETTERS -- I agree with Felts
about the Aztec hearts. Doubt
that human teeth could cope
with a raw heart at all. It's
all gristle. The real thing the
Aztecs did, both from the histories and from a little wholetrack incident of my own, was
pretty sickening. They did
have a (Ugh, Phooey!) Eucharistic meal. As for the scandalization of the Southern Anerinds, naturally the Spanish,
having invaded a civilization
considerably better than their
own, and pillaged, raped, vandalized, and committed genocide
'for the greater glory of God'
etc., had to villainize their
victims to keep their reputations from smelling even worse
than they still do. Sullivan's
Toleo's sound like a pretty
bad lot too. I still say FRED
HAND is right about the total
responsibility. If a person
can't, won't, or doesn't know
how to take responsibility for
their ambient reality, don't
mess with it. Besides, it takes
an uncommon kind of personality and temperament to do it.
Did MR. JAQJJAYS consider the
N.Y.C. Scientologists might be
a little short of funds for
nice premises, furniture, proper janitation, and all that?
I've heard you can live in a
New York slum for not much
more than it costs for a luxury apartment in Houston!' --
Fred Hand, Houston, Texas.
"HOW COME the departure of
the customary gay colors on
the frontispiece of the October issue?
"What a delight to note a
different Alice greeting us at
the head of Hart to Heart column.
"Read in a recent 'Household Tips': Place a package of
Kool - Aid in your electric
percolator, fill with water,
and simmer -- a good result of
cleaning made simple. Now, what
does this do to our internal
organs?" -- Lucy Traxler, Pioneer, Ohio.
(ED. NOTE -- Maybe we're just
not supposed to simmer.)
A.B.Pierson asks why water
lifts more than its own weight.

I concede that in a closely
fitting mold, a ship could be
raised by a pot of water, but
the water level w o u l d drop
faster than the ship would
rise. Since energy is a product of mass and vertical rise,
a lack of mass can be compensated by an increase of movement. However, water will never
lift a ship which is relatively
heavier than water. Floating
ships contain air below the
water line. At equilibrium,
the weight of the displaced
water is equal to the total
weight of the ship. Static
water-pressure depends only on
water density, gravity, and
depth; not on the shape of the
basin. The energy in raising a
ship comes from the falling of
the water level. It is immaterial whether an ocean level
falls microscopically, or a
tub level falls five feet, as
long as the work is the same.
"By the way, here are my
predictions: Bobby Kennedy will
fail in his attempt to resuscitate the Kennedy dynasty via
the N.Y. stepping stone. Goldwater runs a high risk of assassination by firearm, but he
is careful enough to do his
best to prevent any untimely
'ascension'." -- George Walter
Lagus, San Antonio, Texas.
,,THE OCTOBER issue arrived
this morning. It is a nice
cover even if it is printed
with only one color...
"The patient mentioned on
Page 2 is still here getting
daily healings, and the latest
blood count report reveals
that his hemoglobin is now up
to 6.7 which is the 'scientific' way of determining how
sick the man is, and how much
room there is for improvement.
Before the blood is normal
again the hemoglobin will have
to be 15. 9 and at the rate we
are going, it means more months
of work on this case. Altho
the chance of a remission in
this case was one in a thousand, I understand that his recovery will prove nothing...
Now we will see if anybody
else pushes the panic button
for help in an emergency case.
However, I will not leave here
again to give healings. My
work is here.
"I left at 4:30 A.M. Tuesday, Sept.8, to be in court at
10 A. M. at Syracuse to attend
the Calendar Call and get two
minutes before the bench where
I learned that the U. S. District
Attorney wanted the case postponed to the next session of
court, but he was over-ruled.
As I was leaving the bench the
judge said, 'You understand of
course that your case will
have to wait until the jury
cases are tried?' There were
about 45 jury cases on the
calendar to be tried during
myself, but have heard 4 firsthand reports of this phenomenon,
plus a few pretty good rumors.
The European witch-trial reports are full of that sort of
thing. What this querent seems
gal to need is an exorcist, not a
W soothsayer. But, as Aleister
Crowley insisted, most Spiritualist spooks are kooks anyway.
04 "Quite awhile ago, when I
W first got interested in Tarot
al cards, you asked if it was
possible to stack them. I just
found the answer yesterday:
0 yes, it is. It's running an
oracle backward, and seems to
be (was in this instance) quite
complicated and strenuous. You
see, the cards have these symbolic significances, and you
assemble suitable ones in such
15 an order that they represent