Volume 11, Issue 7, page 11

the pesos for his toll. When we went on down
the street, Mr. Q insisted on stdpOing at a
dirty barroom. I walked on down to a place I'd
never visited before, and sat down to watch
the show a few minutes, forgetting Mr. Q momentarily. Suddenly recalling him,I was hurrying back to the dirty barroom when I woke up.

El Paso, Texas.

INTERPRETATION -- The important symbol of the
dream is the diamond-encrusted badge. This represents the higher law-and-order (spiritual)
that will come to your aid. Before this are
many people and dirty places. The places represent the minds around you. The people represent
ideas. The $6 represents the days of work,
this then puts most of your troubles on the
physical plane. Mr. Q represents someone who
will help you and give you whatever help (coin)
he can. Mr. Q goes away from you and into a
dirty room. This indicates your helper will
hinder you as he tries to help. You are fortunate you did forget him for a time and that
you did not locate him before awaking. This
indicates things will turn out in your favor.
Frankly. I would advise you to look out for
some slightly dirty political issue among your
coworkers. Would appreciate your letting us
know how this turns out. Especially since your
street, 16th of September, gives you the time
in which this will start to take place.