Volume 9, Issue 1, page 15

Dear Editor

"I was very much interested
to see the connection between
your Fantasy editorial in January and Dorothy Lauer's prediction in SEARCH about contaminated grass that would
cause the death of cattle. It
just so happens that both of
these tie in with some of the
'messages' my husband and I
have been getting with my homemade ouija board and pendulum.

"These 'messages' (I don't
know what else to call them,
altho I don't go for the spirit theory) were all concerned
with food and contamination.
One of them said, 'You must not
go to see Jennie -- on Route 812
you won't question the wheat'.
I have a cousin in California
whose name is Gen, so I checked
a California map for Route 812.
Result: Route 80 and Route 12
intersect at a point just a
little south of where she
lives. Since the message was a
little vague, I had asked for
clarification. The essence of
it was that the wheat in this
area of California is contaminated with fallout. Since the
people there do not know about
it, they don't question the
purity of the 'wheat' they are

"Apparently, we are all
picking up the same idea. Before reading Mrs. Lauer's prediction, I had thought we were
merely receiving a dominant
'mass worry' -- a prevalent concern about fallout and food
contamination. Now, I'm not so
sure. Dorothy Lauer is a known
clairvoyant of very good standing. If she takes the idea in
its literal sense -- well, perhaps we should too. I wonder
if Louis has any thoughts on
the matter.

"This situation brings out
one basic problem involved in
all messages, irrespective of
the means thru which they come.

"1. Is it really a message --
or is it a representation of

some prevalent condition.

"2. Does it have personal
value for the recipient -- or
does it really apply to a
larger group?

"3. On the other hand, is it a
combination of both? In that
case, a person might receive
the message because it symbolizes a condition that also has
some kind of personal meaning,
aside from the literal.

"Altho I have no authority
to answer these questions, I
feel that (3) might very well
yield some 'food for thought'."
-- Muriel Griebe, Dover, N. Jer.

"Note 1 year sub. extension
instead of 3 for 5. This because I had to pay my taxes so
the blubber heads in Washington could continue to give away
more billions to the whole
world. Now they expect the
suckers to buy more bonds for
the Soviet U.N., but it has
served its purpose (destiny)
to teach the U.S. a bitter lesson. How about selling bonds
to help out The ABERREE? The
U.N. will go out of existence
this year but not The ABERREE.
Do you know why? For the former as explained above, the
latter is The ABERREE has not
reached enough people who
could benefit from it.

"Why can't people think for
themselves? Why let stupid
leaders do it for them? The
masses are very contented to
exist and only squawk once a
year at tax-time.

"I admire Glenn and his 3
rounds, but why waste the millions on such foolishness when
I need a new car so badly?...

"Outside of a couple cold

snaps early, this winter has
been quite mild. Been 70-90
right along. Leave your snow
and cold and come see Florida.
Bring your fat wallet for sure,
you will need it." -- Otto E.
Troegel, Lake Wales, Fla.

(ED. NOTE -- How can we have a
"fat wallet" when subscribers
use their subscription money
to pay taxes -- as you admit you
did? Thanks, tho, for the invitation -- but outside of a few
"cold snaps early", we've had
a nice winter, too.)

"Since you bring up Mr. Katzen yourself in your March editorial, I will reveal that I
was, long ago, medical librarian at the New York Hospital.
There I read that the inelegant practice against which
Mr. Katzen and you warn is considered by the medicos to be
practically universal (about
90% of men resorting to it
some time or other) and harmless, except for the fear or
guilt it may cause. This is
increased if the patient believes the practice is a cause
of illness or insanity.

"Now, I do not object to
your publishing Mr. Katzen's
differing views, to maintain
your stand for freedom of
speech and press. If some of
your readers are scared crazy,
people have gone nuts in worse
causes. And I recognize you do
not recognize medical or other
authority. Still, you did publish that astronomer's reassuring answer to the astrologers (Jan. issue), and Feb. 5
has come and gone and we are
still here.

"A great deal of our apprehension about sex matters stems
from the Old Testament and the
writings attributed to St.
Paul, and also from the ascetic teachings of the Catholic
church. These are red herrings
across the trail of a sound
ethical Christianity. If, when
sin is mentioned, everyone
thinks of sexual sin, of purity as meaning only sexual purity, the whole point is missed
or distorted. The point is love
of God and neighbor, the healing, comforting, feeding, and

"I am glad you are organizing a Unitarian Fellowship.
You would not find yourself
ostracized in Massachusetts or
New York for that. Thru it,
some of you will discover what
a church is all about -- so beautifully expressed in the letter
by Frances Woodard. Some of
your writers don't seem to realize that there is any middle-ground between the most

embittered anti-religion atheism and acceptance of the narrowest, cruelest ideas about

God or a believe-every-word-
of-the-Scriptures attitude.
This is 50 years behind the
times." -- Margery Mansfield,
Monterey, Mass.

"We have always enjoyed the
crisp, sane, and realistic
quips of Louis, and altho we
have no means of verifying the
accuracy of his ESP, back in
the November 1961 issue the
following quoted remark he made
concerning Subud has rankled
so much and is so totally in
error as to generate critical
evaluation of everything else
he's written.

"The question put to him was
as follows: 'Dear Louis -- How is
Subud making out nation-wise? --
J.M., Evanston, Ill.'

"Louis's answer: 'Dear J.M.
-- If you have read my column
you know my feelings on this
situation, but I understand it
is fading from the scene. Of
course there will be a few of
the fringe lunatics that will
hang on to their thrill-kick,
plus the few that make their