Volume 9, Issue 1, page 8

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liver have been found to be helpful in reducing strontium 90 effects. Finally, taking of
low-strontium calcium supplements, such as
powdered limestone, will help protect us by
increasing the ratio of calcium to strontium
in our diet.

Here are ratings tor other foods reported
in the magazine SCIENCE:

Veg. Stro. Units
Peas 21.3
Beans, cut green 18.4
Corn 28.4
Cauliflower 22.5
Sweet potatoes 13.3
Lima beans 8.4
Broccoli 8.4
Okra 18.0
Beans, wax 11.3

Vegetables and grains contain more strontium units than any other foods. The reason is
that they expose a greater surface area to
airborne fallout. Eighty percent of the strontium 90 in vegetables and grains is deposited
from the air and only 20 percent is taken up
thru the soil. Wheat contains about 25 strontium units on the average, altho some samples
have shown values of up to 90 units. Obviously,
those samples originated in fallout "hot spots".

One point worthy of note is that white flour
has only about one-third the amount of strontium units as whole-wheat flour. Most of the
strontium is concentrated in the wheat bran,
which is removed when white flour is made. The
levels of strontium contamination are not high
enough at this time to warrant a warning against
whole-wheat flour on that basis. The government has not seen fit to call attention to the
lower amount of strontium in white flour because only 3 percent of our wheat is consumed
in whole-wheat products. But there are some
people who eat only whole-wheat products and
the average consumption figures are meaningless in their case.

According to the latest reports, fruits are
tending to have lower strontium values than
vegetables, but the lowest foods of all are
meat, milk, eggs, and fish. Animals, like human
beings, have means to filter out strontium and
retain calcium in their systems, and therefore
they act as filters to protect us against
strontium contamination. Meat, milk, and eggs
are roughly in the 10 strontium unit range.
Milk has been a prime object of concern by the
people monitoring radioactivity because it
does introduce a fair amount of strontium 90
into the system as a result of the large
amount that is regularly consumed, especially
by children. However, the recognition within
the last few years of the body's preference
for calcium over strontium has reversed previous thinking and now milk is considered a
quite safe food. Actually, milk benefits from
a double filtering mechanism in the animal's
body. Not only does the intestinal tract of
the cow absorb more calcium than strontium
from its fodder, but the mammary glands also
help by introducing a greater proportion of
calcium than strontium into the milk. The perfection of nature becomes, apparent when you
realize that for hundreds of thousands of
years animals have had the ability to discriminate partially against a poison that was not
destined to even exist until the atomic age.

Of all foods available to us, salt water
fish have the lowest content of strontium 90.
A test we had made ourselves showed a strontium value of only one-quarter of a unit for a
sample taken from the Atlantic Ocean. Why
should that be? There are two reasons. First,
the ocean dilutes fallout thru its tremendous
mass, instead of allowing it to collect on the
surface as is the case with soil. Second, sea
water is rich in calcium and fish consequently
have a continuous opportunity to absorb calci
um into their systems in preference to strontium. The purity of ocean fish from radioactive
contamination is so great that civil defense
authorities have plans to attempt to feed the
whole country from the oceans in case of actual

One food that has come in for special attention lately is animal bone meal. Perhaps it
is better to call it a food supplement rather
than a food, altho it is used as an ingredient
in some foods. The question has arisen whether
strontium 90 accumulates in the bones of animals to a degree that would make it dangerous
for human beings to consume those bones. Analysis of numerous samples of bone meal have
been made, and most have shown a strontium
unit value of 5, which is quite low. We are
convinced that there is no danger inherent in
the use of bone meal. However, we are alert to
the value of a completely strontium-free calcium supplement in the event that fallout
levels should increase markedly. Natural limestone, mined from beneath the surface of the
ground, is one possibility, as is fish bone
meal, which has practically no strontium 90.

(EDITOR'S NOTE -- The above data was compiled
before the effects of the recent Russian tests
began adding to the fallout level -- and before
the U.S. had decided to get back into the act.
Since reports, both official and unofficial,
are subject to human error, prejudice, political maneuvering, and hate propaganda, we think
the above, by the editor of one of the nation's
foremost natural health foods magazines, is
a sane, unemotional approach to a subject that
is purposely being juggled to confuse us.)


To be is to be accepted by God.

To be is to be worthy of God.

To be is to be God.

God is not found by search or rituals. God is, and where God is accepted, God is found. And God is found in the exact degree and in the exact manner of the acceptance. But God is,
whether there is acceptance of God or not.

God does not cause, but cause is God.

All creation results from interaction between what is manifest and what is not manifest.

All destruction results from interaction
between what is and what is not.

That which creates is created by the act of
creation, and that which destroys is destroyed
by the act of destruction.

By acts of creation is God created; by acts
of destruction is God destroyed. God accepts
creation and destruction, but God upholds

Creation is for use.

Destruction is for lack of use.

That which exists has use or it would not
be. That which is not is of no use or it would

Creation, of itself, imposes no necessity
for use. The use is, or there would be no creation.

Creation imposes no necessity for a way of
use. Any manner of use is enough for creation.

There is no requirement or penalty upon
creation, save use.