Volume 9, Issue 1, page 14

I See For You

(Send your questions direct to LOUIS, 1411 East Missouri, Phoenix, Ariz., enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. For those who wish personal replies, a minimum contribution of $2 per question should be included.)

DEAR LOUIS -- We loved your predictions for 1962. How did you come out percentagewise on your 1961 listing ? -- H. O., Reading, Penn.

DEAR H.O. -- From what read- ers tell me, I came out about 90 percent this time. Frankly, I'm too busy to keep score; why don't you figure it out for '62 and let me know. I predict it will be at least 80 percent and possibly in the 90's.

DEAR LOUIS -- You always seem to be very humorous in your answers to questions. We cannot imagine a seer such as you laughing. Is it not true that Jesus did not laugh? -- E.S., Minneapolis, Minn.

DEAR E.S. -- Our function on this earth plane is to live -- and living means a series of mistakes along with progress. If one can laugh, he, by that act, raises his consciousness above the level of the mistake into the area of understanding and growth. The great one Buddha said, "He who forgets how to laugh forgets how to live." Yes, Jesus must have had a wonderful sense of humor, in spite of the fact the painters give him a smileless face.

DEAR LOUIS -- I have a condition that comes upon me when my husband is around. Could it be that I'm allergic to him? L.G., San Francisco, Calif.

DEAR L. G. -- Allergies are the result of our thinking, so if you think something is causing a reaction within you, then it is. Your solution is -- either change your thinking or your husband.

DEAR LOUIS -- Can you find me a man? -- H.M., Scottsdale, Ariz.

DEAR FRIEND -- I suggest you get rid of the one you have before you start looking for another.

DEAR LOUIS -- Mother wants me to marry one fellow and my father wants me to marry another. Which one do you suggest? -- P.S., Oakland, Calif.

DEAR P.S. -- I wouldn't marry either one. Your mother chose a fellow who reminds her of one of her loves; your father chose a fellow who reminds him of himself. Honey, marriage is not a matter of pleasing some one else. You please yourself. I would suggest you look for your own fellow, marry him -- then come home and say, "This is the one I've chosen."

DEAR LOUIS -- Had I waited the three months you suggested, I would have made several thousand dollars more on my property. Why didn't you tell me? -- C. G., Dallas, Texas.

REALLY NOW, what else could I do? I told you, "Hold off selling for three months, and material advantage will be yours." The trouble is, you ask -- but do not listen.

DEAR LOUIS -- Is peyote use ful in psychic development? -- J.K., San Diego, Calif.

DEAR J.K. -- Peyote is a type of drug; therefore, it is not a natural food. Peyote does produce a psychic set-up for some -- but remember, it is present while the drug is ac tive in the body. A car will take you downtown, but it does not teach you to walk.


SPACE-AGE SELF HYPNOSIS by Volney G. Mathison. 120 pp. $3. Pub. by Volney Mathison, 1214 W. 30, Los Angeles, Cal.

Persons who are sick, or think they are sick, go to a doctor, clinic, or quack. Some come away still sick, or still thinking they're sick -- which is pretty much the same thing. So, sometimes on the advice of the doctor, they take their troubles to a psychoanalyst, or a psychiatrist -- which is like taking a car with foul spark plugs to a jeweler. He may not be able to do anything for them, but he certainly can look wise, and charge plenty for the look. He salves his conscience with the knowledge they should have known better than to come to him in the first place. After all, look at him and his family -- they show no evidence of taking their own medicine. Or maybe they do!

Volney Mathison, in "SpaceAge Self Hypnosis", shows little sympathy for the heartless leeches who prey on the mentally ill -- the psychoanalysts and the psychiatrists. Pointing out the huge sums spent to keep these supercilious "Doctors" listening to the meanderings of their customers, he puts much of the blame back on Papa Freud and his neurotic sexual background for what has become one of the boldest, yet legal, robberies of the 20th Century.

To prove that all is not hopeless for those whose illnesses an honest doctor (and there still are a few sincere non-specialists) cannot help, Volney thumbnails his bionucleonic, anti-anti-sexual treatises of his previous tomes, and proceeds to prove, by example after example -- that such cases can be and have been helped by dehypnotizing self- hypno tapes. These cases are highlighted by Volney's most famous case -- a Canadian child who first had to be treated for the harm doctors had done before she could understand she didn't have to die of medical malpractice.

Volney, whose invention of the Electropsychometer has led him on a "trail of tears" thru Dianetics, Concept Therapy, and another "ic" or "ism" now and then, offers the Electropsychometer and the bedside tape recorder (with some taped suggestions, of course) as the grappling hook that'll get down into the millions of subconsciousnesses and null out the seed of the ailment -- root and all. The pretty woman who can't stand men, or the super-salesman who will do all possible to keep from making any money, are sick -- almost as sick as the psychoanalysts they got so little help from. Now, after a few hundred hours -- some more and some less -- relaxing their left toes, right heel, genital organs, and other parts of their bodies -- they should not be surprised if the former man-hating woman tries to join the Elks Club and the man be They will have arrived -- cured of all except the tape-listening habit. Or does this wear off? Volney doesn't say. -- Trah Nika.