Volume 9, Issue 1, page 16

bread from this Godless cult.'

"The primary prerequisite
to be permitted to participate
in the Subud exercise is the
willingness to accept the will
of God, and Louis betrays a
great prejudice that he can
deduce from this that Subud is
a 'Godless cult'.

"Subud is not a religion;
it is only a spiritual exercise, and, as such, cannot possibly be termed a cult, as
there is no ritual, no teachings, no dogma. The simple Subud exercise, entered into
with sincerity and the acceptance of the will of God,
serves basically to bring any
individual performing it to a
deeper and clearer understanding of the spiritual teachings
of whatever religion with which
he may be affiliated, and that
can mean any and all religions.
Persons participating in the
Subud exercises are advised
not to discontinue the practice of their faith, if any.

"If Subud does not spread,
it will most certainly not be
because of its 'thrills' and
'kicks', or its 'Godlessness',
or its being a 'cult', but, instead, it may fail to spread
because it does not purvey
false promises, it does not
provide the climate for the
flourishing of hypocrisy, and
it does not generate weird
doctrines nor threaten the
vengeance of wrathful gods.

"Subud is solely a spiritual
exercise to help the individual arrive at a closer relationship with the divine spark
of God within all of us, if we
can but pause and give ourselves a chance to commune
with it.

"It is possible that Louis
has had experience with a group
which has taken the name Subud
unto itself but whose hearts
have placed their own interpretations upon and perverted
the basic simplicity of the
exercise as initiated by Pak
Subuh. Whether the exercise
itself is called by 'Subud' or
by any other name, the basic
idea as originated by Pak Subuh is fundamental and goes to
the very heart of any and all
spiritual evolvement." -- W.Burton Essex, Allendale, B. J.

"The .... lengthy letter by
Harold Kinney of Englewood,
Calif., that you published in
your March 1962 issue would
not cause any really intelligent person to become angry,
but it surely would cause such
a person to be filled with disgust.

"Pope Kinney undertakes to
fool the public into believing
he could easily tear to pieces
what I have written if he

should bother to waste his valuable time in doing so.

"It is quite evident that
he has been made to feel as
uncomfortable as Hell by what
I have written -- and has resorted to the age-old strategy
of crying out, 'Away with it,
it is not fit to live.'

"A Reid who is not 'shaken
by the wind'." -- Raymond Reid,
Trenton, N. J.

"Well, here it is the day
after the world ended and except for a warm, balmy, sunny
day following a couple of days
of customary winter fog and
light snow, you'd hardly know
that disaster has struck.

"People around the neighborhood seem to look the same,
and not to realize what horror
befell the universe (or at least
this fragment of a tiny galaxy) during the last days of
Earth, yesterday or last night.

"Being the sort who gets up
at 5 a.m. on New Year's Day to
drive 35 miles and see the
Philadelphia Mummer's Day parade, we of course sat up thru
the portentous hours of the
night and start of the fateful
day, but when we left the home
of friends in Center City in
the wee sma' hours, there just
wasn't any way that I could
see to tell that all was over.
How sad that such catastrophic
events should have been so
palpably imperceptible. Alas!

"Otherwise, the dreadful
winter predicted for 'the East'
by Seer Louis last fall con-
tinues its mild and pleasant
course, much in contrast to the
extended snow and blizzards
that shook the entire east
from Ohio to Maine and from
Kentucky to the Atlantic Coast
both of the last two winters.
My trips to Montreal apprise
me also that eastern Canada is
having one of the more mild
winters of recent years.

"I do hear from long-line
truck drivers that all of the
Middlewest around Chicago and
the South and far West are having just the sort of weather
that Louis saw for the East
while answering the query for
that woman who lives out there
in the Middlewest at Chicago,
900 to 1200 miles west of the
eastern U.S.A. where your humble scribe is enjoying the
most pleasant month of many
years past.

"So, not only could you
hardly tell the world had ended
if you were here, neither could
you bring yourself to really
believe that this weather fits
the dire predictions of your
most honored Seer unless you
were insisting on wintering on
an Allegany ridge wearing only
a necktie and a pair of spurs.

Then it might he a mite on the
chill side." -- Bob Arentz, Malvern, Penn.

(ED.NOTE -- Are you complaining about the weather or the
prediction? And since you went
bye-bye with the rest of the
world, didn't you ever hear of
Heaven's perfect weather?)

"If figures don't lie and
liars don't figure, there's not
one chance in 60 million 60
millions for anyone to prove
astrology bunk, even if the
Bible says so. Throw 9 aces
with 9 dice two or more times
in a row. This is the way the
planets fall in the 9 Beecher
children. This proves that
good and evil forces are in
planets, not in dead men of
any race.

"Black, white, red, and
yellow races have Gods of the
right color. Is this accident
or self-glorification? The
Beechers fell for it and saw
much evil outside themselves.
Hitler saw much more because
his planets were much more
evil. This is the glittering
bait that catches so many Fish
of this Piscean Age, in all

"Hitler was writing a new
Bible, glorifying Nazis, killing Jews, but had syphilis instead of children, leaving no
heirs, failing to see any evil
in himself. The true bible is
pictured in the Stars with Hitlers and divine kings pictured
as Serpents, reaching for the
Crown, Corona. Now it is the
USA and USSR that are Serpents
in the Stars, and the Man is
riding the Flying Horse with
the H-bomb, Algol. His bride
is the freed slave riding behind him." -- M.H.Swenson, Camas, Wash.

"I am grateful to you for
your auditorial. People should
think and reason for themselves, but we all depend on
others for knowledge. I weighed
present so-called scientific
knowledge against the knowledge
of the ancients and arrived at
the conclusion that the ancient
knowledge is of greater value
to mankind, with all due respect for the superior knowledge in medication and surgery. I find that religious
leaders and scientists refuse
to face the truth.

"I am not a 'believer'. My
faith is in workable provable
facts. I teach what I have
performed on my own body and
confirm it by quoting ancient
writings. Regarding 'The seed
is Christ', I quoted Galatians
3:16 from the Bible. That interpretation is confirmed in
alchemystical writings. If the
'I AM' -- the Self -- is God, and