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DECEMBER, 1960 * * Vol. VII, No. 8
Recusant Voice of 'The Infinites
for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
Pluto,, and Zydokumzruskehen
THERE STILL This month we
ARE DEALERS are going to let
IN HELLFIRE one of our critics write our
auditorial. We might add that
the opinions expressed in this
letter certainly are not those
of The ABERREE, but are presented for the enlightenment of
those readers who consider our
comments on religion a bit hyperbolic:
246 Oakwood St., S. E.

Washington, D. C.
"In 1 John 4: 1, you will
find these words: 'Beloved, believe not every spirit, but
try the spirits whether th y
are of God, because many fal,e
prophets are gone out into thhee
"Then in John 3:8, 'The wind
bloweth where it listeth, and
thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence
it cometh, and whither it goeth...'
"I have received a booklet
(The ABERREEI which is not
Christian, is not of God, is
not of Christ, and if followed
will send a person's soul to
hell and the lake of fire.
"The best thing for you to
do is to get converted and get
right with God. I perseive that
you do not know the first principles of the bible, which is
the Word of God. And, I will
also say, it is impossible for
you to know them as you are,
for the natural man receiveth
not the things that be of God.
For they are foolishness unto
him: neither can he know them,
because they are spiritually
discerned (1 Corin. 2:141.
"On the back of this booklet
you have made some very grave
errors. You say, Orthodox
Christianity worships a false
God and a false Christ. The
one and only true God is within the human body. The human

seed is the son of God. The
human body is the temple of
God and the church of Christ.
Both God and Christ are uri thin.
"Now, in this verse alone,
you have made five errors, at
"1. Orthodox Christianity
(religionl worships a false God
and a false Christ.
"May I ask you, Where is
your proof? Do you know what
orthodox means? Do you know
what Christianity is? Do you
know the difference between God
and Christ? Just what do you
mean by False God and False
Christ? God is the Great Creator of this great universe. God
is the One who gives you life
and health and air to breathe
and the increase of your food
you eat and the abundance of
water you drink. God is the
Father Who so loved you that He
is not willing for you .to perish, but sent His Only Begotten
Son into this world that if
you will believe in Him, should
not perish, but have eternal
life. (John 3:161. Where you
spend eternity is up to you,
is altogether your business.
But let me tell you, hell will
be terribly hot, and no water,
nor ice, nor fans, nor aircondition: hot and hotter and
no end, and no relief even bAth
"The Orthodox Christianity,
which is the Old Time Religion
is the one and only true
Christianity there is. Let me
inform you, a true born-again,
blood-washed, spirit filled
Christian is not worshipping a
False God and False Christ. He
knows where he stands. He knows
what eternity will mean to him.
He knows and is not guessing.
"2. The one and only true
God is within the human body.
"Where do you got that? According to your statement, as
far as you are concerned, there
was no God until after the human body was born. But let me
tell you, God always was, is,
and always will be. It was God
who created the heaven and the
universe. It was God who said
now let Us make Man in Our
Image and in our Likeness.
This was 6,000 years ago. How
can it be said, The one and
only God is within the human
body, when God is the One who
created and made the human
body? God created the Sun, the
Moon, and the stars, as well
as t h e earth. The earth is
older than the planets. The
sun is going to blot out one
of these days. The moon is going to turn to blood one of
these days. The earth is going
to vanish away one of these
days. What will be your answer
then? Christ died for you that
you might live forever.
"Let ^e tell you, when God
created the earth and the Heaven, it was for His own purpose. When God created and
made man, He did so in the Image and Likeness of God, that
is without sin, without the
bower of death, and a living
soul. Just member, man is a
three-fold being and only a
three-fold being. He is not
seven-fold or eight-fold, but
is only three-fold -- that is,
body, soul, and spirit. The
body is only the house for the
soul to live in. The soul is
the wan; and God breathed the
breath of life into the nostre is of maru, and awl becawe a
living soul. The soul is alive.
The body will perish, but the
soul, which is the man, will
spend eternity somewhere. The
spirit is the natural elements
of man which is eaclined to
worship. The soul and the spirit of man is what distincts wan
from animal. Man is not an animal. Man is the very center
and core and major of God's
Great Creation. Man is the only part that was created and
made in the Image and Likeness
of God. When animals die, that
is the end of them. But when
man dies, that is the beginning of eternity for him; for
after death comes the Judgment.
"Jesus said, in John 14th
chapter, I go to prepare a
place for you ... I will come
again to receive you unto myó
self. Jesus is in Heaven preparing a place for His bride.
He will come again and receive
His bride, which the born
again blood washed, spirit
filled believers consist of.
Of course He is in the hearts
of His believers, but He is
also in Heaven.
"3. The human seed is the
son of God.
"NO human seed is the son