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The struggle of the individual is the strug- The gle of the spirit that is ensouled in the individual as a human being, striving for the
spiritualization of matter. The identity is
capable of eternal continuity, and in the in- Vnuk
terim it experiences frequent embodiments. Re- incarnation is determined by the need and will
of each soul-identity. The earth plane is the
lowest of manifest planes, and as such, it is
the point from which begins the upswing into B lame
the ascending continuum of progression.
The nature of matter is energy and as such, g KARL KRIDLER
change and activity is in constant flux thru- Y Dr. out the endless process of cause and effect (10) ASTRAL GODS
within the grand cosmic cycles of involution, HE ORIGIN of the Jews is more chimerical
evolution, devolution, and back to the state than that of Jesus. He was "born " in a
of the Absolute to begin the cycles of ex- council of bishops, but the Jews descended
pression all over again. Matter is forever from Astral Gods. That should not get us
composing and decomposing, forming and reform- excited, for we've all descended from the
ing, folding and unfolding. Its basic elements astral world.
remain essentially and fundamentally constant, About 1400 B. C. a race called Hebiri is
but the forms developed are definitely limited first mentioned on the Egyptian monuments as
to the energy-time-space economy. Within this molesting Palestine. Scholars assert that this
scope of existence the cells of the flesh are is the first appearance of the Hebrews as such
at best self-regenerating and theoretically on the scene of history. There is no antecedent
capable of perpetual existence. Within the account of them.
nature of matter and the purpose of the soul , No reference to the Jews occurs in the Bihowever, it is needless and unfavorable. This ble until we reach 2 Kings 16:6, where this
is similarly true of the life spans of all or- statement appears: "At that time, Rezin king
ganisms. In the case of the human organism, of Syria recovered Elath to Syria, and drove
the life-force leaves it when the body can no the Jews from Elath."
longer serve its needs effectually and pro- The Biblical narrative of the Jews, as the
gressively or because of physical imbalances children of Israel, begins with Ab-Ram, whose
or deterioration. The physical form then dis- name later was changed to Abraham, a trick
integrates back to the basic elements from usually passed unnoticed, and yet of marked
which it was composed and organized. Food does importance. This story is fiction, and the
not sustain the soul-identity. Its purpose is evidence indicates that it was fabricated by
solely to rebuild worn tissue and supply the Ezra. Ab-Ram is the son of Terah, a Chaldean
body with fuel expendable as potential energy. living in the city of "Ur of the Chaldees"
The Conscious-Spirit as Life-Essence man- (Gen. 11:26-281. This makes Ab-Ram a Chaldean,
ages the operations, organization, and func- and here begins the story of the Jews.
tions of the body organism. The body is of it- The Biblical scribe covered the great event
self quite powerless. Imbalances in the body of the creation of the world, the peoples, and
occur only on the incidence of accident or nations, in 11 chapters of Genesis. Now, he
abuse by the intellectual being using it. Left consumes 14 chapters describing the career of
to its own perfect and errorless management, just one man, Ab-)tae, whose death, at the age
the Conscious-Spirit as the indwelling life of 175, is related in Chapter 25.
force will keep the body in perfect health The first two verses of Chapter 12 says,
and condition limitlessly to the full require- "Now the Lord hath said unto Ab-Ram, Get thee
ment of the soul. When the body vehicle is no out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and
longer needed by the individual human identity, from thy father's house, unto a land that I
the soul leaves the body, which begins to dis- will show thee: And I will make of thee a great
integrate back to the basic elements, which nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy
are returned to the cosmic reservoir. The. soul name great; and thou shalt be a blessing."
takes a course returning it to the non-flesh Of course, faithful Ab-Ram, then 75 years
plane to which it belongs by virtue of its un- old, obeyed these orders of his Lord and "defoldment and advancement. The seven-fold ar- parted out of Harm" (Gen. 12:41.
rangement of planes is unalterably consecu- Then God appears unto Ab-Ram and gives him a
tive. On its return to the physical earth new name: "Neither shall thy name any more be
plane for another sojourn of incarnation, the called Ab-Rae, but thy name shall be called
soul passes thru the consecutive order of Abraham, for a father of many nations have I
planes below its attainment. Again the order made thee" (Gen. 17:5).
is: SPIRIT, spirit, soul, etheric, mental , This all appears quite innocent upon its
astral, and physical. face for the gullible masses, but some critic
Eternal embodied existence is potential may want an interpretation of the assertion,
only. The economy of the soul motivation does "For a father of many nations have I made
not warrent much more than a century or so of thee." We have now encountered one of those
physical endurance on the earth plane. Souls tricky half-truths with which the Bible abounds,
deviate from this plan very rarely. and they play an important part in deluding and
The soul cannot usefully or properly habi- deceiving. We shall examine this half-truth.
tate two planes at the same time for prolonged Ur was the Chaldean sect of the Sun God Abperiods of time, except for rare and limited Ram, and that reveals who this Ab-Ram was. Ab
moments of trans-visitations useful to its ad- means father, and Ram, head sign of the zodiac
vancement or the help of other souls. In the (Aries), means most high. Bara means creator
state of physical embodiment, the soul usually of people, Am meaning people (Dunlap, Spirit
must remain out of direct and conscious touch His. of Man, P. 751.
with the planes above it. The earth plane is And it so happens that the moon goddess of
the most trying but also the most promising. Ur was Sabra, and she was the wife of Ab-Ram ;
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