Volume 7, Issue 8, page 12

Send your question direct to
LOUIS, Care The ABERREE, Box 528,
Enid. Enc 1 o s e self-addressed,
stamped envelope for personal reply in case there is not room for
an answer in The ABERREE.

DEAR LOUIS -- My daughter is
16 and wishes to get married
to a young man 20. Do you
think she should get married?
-- N.M., San Jose, Calif.

DEAR K.M. -- If your daughter
keeps up her present activities, it won't be a matter of
should she marry or not. Your
daughter is biologically mature, but her maturation otherwise is very, very lacking.
She is not ready to assume the
role of a wife or mother. If I
were you, I would give daughter
a retread on the birds and
the bees -- plus a little discipline. Otherwise, prepare to
have a `funny book mother' on
your hands.