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Warped Reality

By Don G. Purcell

s acne
baylor that you
happy about,
you ear' a
New Year s. I
complex — the be
his own superiority. If he were to to the etiv
became aware of such a BAM, then he to .its Wert
could consciously discard it and d until you
adopt another, such as a belief that deeply as you girls are inerestciirng atri charming,
an attitude of attentiveness toward
than and the a they are interested Neglect
in, and a motive of wanting to
be liked by them. If he selects his By Rev. Vii
actions m the basis of this new BAM,
he may find himself becoming quite ElIIIIEEEE
popular with the girls. sims and mrh
In this case, the fellow has ac- in actual prec
cepted an Unreality—the belief that five hours.' We
girls don't like him—in lieu of seven processing
eality. Thereafter, as far as he is of the time
concerned, the Unreality ig Reality her this data and
Of course, this example is an aver- at A.R.C. in ac
simplification, but it dennstrates unburden A.R.C.
how we fool ourselves into accepting In the othe
Unreality for Reality and how it can has been an inc
have an effect on our ability to ex- of chrmnic mutt
penance appiness. self-affinity
And now I will tell you something in perception, r
we cannot find among the old philos- pearance, A.R.C.
ophies. When we do identify a per dos, with v
titular condition in our lives that jig sins being
underlies unhappiness, and discover I have had cog
the RAM-upon which it is based, we occurr tome
can adopt a new BAM analytically and 1 that I have
experience a change. But many times with the process
the new BAM will not persist. The considerations,
old BAM will gradually return to "case" have fall
take its place. The reason for this and I am now in
is that the old BAM sty; from an-timin g
other RAM deeper in the sec-aware- peopled to find and g,sel
rness, which in turn has as a basis Leto benice
yet another HAM still deeper. They nice to them and
lie one on top of another like the The. actual k
layers of an onion. All are below the A.R.C., with the
level of conscious awareness, but
they conn be brought up to the level as described
of awareness. Fha you do brr7lgg a for you y, you BAM into awareness, yan. can imm diately ask yourself, "What is my be- and asi
lief about t t belief? What is my oar d mee a cosmllg
attitude toward it? What is °4'motive for accepting it?" When you The processes
succeed in doing this, you have dynamic,
iginany buutth
brought to awareness shore basic, used
deeper HAM. By following this pro- usoneeved
cedure, you can eventually become omiY
aware of the basic BAM from which beemme neanw
the others stem. When you do this, own inherent an
you will suddenly realize that this will be You egA
whole chain of RAILs is actually an
Unreality that you have carefhlly PLOW I NG
created to take the place of not POY77YIIFa
knowing the Reality. ARce created, thing we've
you have carefully hidden it from tonally- but had
awareness so that you would not la- enoe ven tho
ter discover its true identity -- for leged to be the
our very survival depends an out use these in the:
knowing B'ealsty. made inquiries,
Every chain of BAMs that we ere- were greeted wit
ate as we go along acts as an imped- am,, since preaci
to a condition for happiness. keep Oklahoma
We begin to create these chains of a tl the
BAll during our youthful years, and r tion,for
as we grow older, we create more ard ~i ant of a ra
moe of them ard add more BAlas to taxable, brew.
the ones already existing. fellow cici
Eliminating the imoedannces to to the Gloss
mental, emotional, and spirituaal and for hours,
development requires at least two roads, lams,
attributes: a type of cact
1. The willingness to be self- only through pio
honest; to admit that we are less dictionary. It
than we could be. such a trip; all
2. The willingness to take ac- flrll bloom, the
tin; to put in the time and effort like necessary' to dig out, identify, and mescal. Aatilt:Inds
eliminate our various impedances. an assortudait of
papersuggest and list all~yaar"belieffssd" and the Publishe
that you can think of. Don't leave of Oklahoma avni
out any of them. Having done this, reminded her oft
JULY-AUGUST, 1956 T h i Al Tl+®~er f~oo da ud mebet an do t HE endin n hearbi an us i r
f b
re area o your ueare Idea Exchange
particularly uamhaps one about which
oodd resolution" last
ntify the whole HAM By Ivor Darreg
lief—the attitude --
Then track this RAM
erlying RAM, and so sit nice and quiet in a lecture-hall
have Tracked it as for two hours inevitably become yesn. won't bring ambition
the fire they zest and zzehhme1witami
them. Discussion, entire contrary, is
of Affiiiity two-way communication in practice.

Here are are some of the topics taken
up at our meetings:
cent A. Turner The Question of Originality.

The Eureka" Experience—medal
"That's it" insights.
etre. The total time The Subjective and Objective Facasing was less than tors in Creativity The Extraverted
have had a total of Creative Persod Boles Played by the
sessions, with most daI
ing spent in giving Does Creativity Entail Neuroses?
getting her to look Are There limitations to Inspiraion and letting her tim? Is Inspi Rationed?
breaks in the past. Automatic Writing and Other Simi/ pre-clears, there lar Methods of Tapping the Umorreese in tone (level scions. Their Value in Creative Euon), awareness,
d control increase Feedback. Two-way Ca®nication
ate of motion, ap- Between Artist and Audience.
on the first five Sleeping on a Problem.
ery little process- Care and Feeding of the Urconmition nss and changes sciTe.
preceding will give you sane
s fast and frequent- idea of the sort of thing that has at the
g. my y ole i te, meetings gs. fitably Valuable hintss~were conactions, ability,
inhole li tra ~bY those attending on such
en apart at the seams matters as: New to get more sudden
the process of be- insights, how to direct the subcoruthow nice and good scions, how to be more efficient,
f are, and allowing how to be retired within oneself
to me and me to be (introverted) while creating yet be
me. the extraverted, go-getter salesman
ey to this game is for one's finished product, how to
emphasis on affinity use autosuggestion, how to be more
Axiom 25. Affinity original, and others. One result attained of beingness, fined by most was as that they beame
like you" This is more eager; they saw more posammsibrlili, "I =being you", ties and went after them. ed.
ry, "You may be you tien ability was definitely imrQrroved
It was recently suggested to us
described were or- (by J. H. Schmitz) that creativity
for only the first discussions be alternated with proey can and should be ceasing essions. We are going to
swig_ if you will try this and will report results
affinityy, life will later. This advice may work well the
g ard ftrl1, and your other way, too: Those who have been
sties and goodness concentrating an processing,
individual whether
n. or group, might well aln. some kind of discussion
01(0 meetings with the processing.

JP THE FIELD It's going to take ingenious, orFRaM Psa 7u iginal, creative people to uild
d a bit build
occas- that "better bridget You can develu personal experi- knew processing existing but
sane ofm i Indians who the and revamp discussion
t ceremonials) We meeting has its part to play also in
but our questions makingy~?ople more original. " More
h downright -spit- it helps to make selfstarters out of them. This may be
sers bootleggers and, the answer for the "perpetual preplant has here a clear" who is contented to go on bee the rimer in- ing audited the rest of his life.
then potent, if non- Such persons need something more ac)enied help from oWn, tive in nature than letting processwe hied ourselves es be done to them.
trains west of Enid, khrthernure, the two-way (really
drove down country marry-way) camnurnieation established
d cow-paths, hunting tn the discussion meeting by small
we could identify g'~ is a badly-needed antidote
tunes we'd seen in a for the many one-way mass-camunica.was an ideal day for tien media today, which try so hard
the cacti were in to enforce passivity upon us: Radio,
strata of mica shone television, movies newspapers,
n the sun, but no phonographs, e t c. 'uis alone is
we did dig up quite reason for doing something about it.
the- stickery things How about some feedback from you
of':-a Cacti garden— readers? COCO
got to see a phase
di she couldn't say Is your peaSee next ble" doing by
er native New York. his "whoosh"?