Volume 3, Issue 4, page 14

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ly tends to degenerate into sheer always on guard
sociability but limps along somehow. self-protective,
Manzell comes up with some thought- mean.
provokins theoretical layouts every "I also fount • and then, which we happily go to to operate at '
work on, tooth and nail. My own the- gency situation.
oretical picture of Things as they all of us at t
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dribbles here and there. function.
"Congratulation on the Burks ser- three months.
ies. WWee've seen a similar deal on a I speak. I'm no
smaller scale in West Seattle; the level now but I
mother of a friend of ours cares for to that level by
several 'incompletes' of various for any need to
degrees of handicap, some truly "I also learn
heart-rending. While completely un- law unto myself,
interested in the integrative field those thiwa whi
as such, she gives plenty of loving has helped a lo
care to the little 'incompletes', about true himil
and those with a capacity to express __kloss Haggard,
happiness show the effects well
F. AL Bushy, Seattle. Wash. "Cements on
book: Is your
"Here in this City of Brotherly ed? What thri
Love in...the shadow of Billy Penn next? Do you fee
(on City Hall), we have the pldest Better read the
continuous group in our business. w such a node
The future holds so such for our momentous volu
group because, although we may own KIn, and
it, it's yours too... The group owns Glof Sex?'"the group as nearly non-profit and
co-operative as we can manage. Flee- "Well, I love
will all the way: no arbitraries, n6 ler! My article,
authoritarianism, no HASI... was a gem... Nev
"The Rev. Bill Jefferys and I set that after I'd
the group up in June of 1950 for thing. Boy, I
communication... We never make noth- let no darned
ing of anyone. We can learn from it! As you know
anyone. I know; you know; we know. ter to this effa
It's a knowingness game. The law I er-editing' my
use uses me. We go with the stream. you old rogue...
The common denominators are self-4m- tors to me, as
provement and self-advancement. We tain information
can appeal to ard satisfy self-in- ting, is that
terest... It has Integrity of Integ lucid and clear
tion. Catch?" -- Ion Kenworthy, Phila- even though you
delphia, Penn. words... You
lot with your
"What mist one do to beccme an cle. I'm going
'Infiniteer'? I'm interested. What ad in f bore
is a "Black Five"? I missed out on pet phrases of
this somewhere along the line. lesly cut away!
"As to my own particular brand of Ken—your waurhir
deviltry: .I think it is moving right pen to us if
along. There are a number of out- by editing real
standing successes and an equal nun- "How about
her of outstanding "failures". So cle on Kitse
I'm right in the middle of the road read lots of
where I like to be. That way I can chap's therapy i
jump either way without bumping into would like to
same deflecting agency. I can go how it operate-F.
straight up, too. think it effect
"To be a little more serious, our contributor to
work is ooggrressing a bit faster and a lucid how
our indi~vidunl cases are expanding application? l
at an ever-increasing rate. Almos can you?" -- Ken H
too fast at times. Herts., England.
"I thought I had carefully explained to you my experiences out of "The pitiful
my brush with forces of law ender- little travesty
der. I enst have goofed. I must ad- Doctor of Scien
mit that it was rather trying at should have
mammhts, but I learned a great deal unsure of
from it. Even with all the inconven- wouldn't rea
iences, it was a worthwhile exper- he hit it.
fence. "Fran your
"I used to be an 'ivory tower' he thought you
sort of person. No one could get with the proble
close to are; I wouldn't let them. I "It proves
could love people but they mustn't- educated Dr. of
love me. If they did, I would create only been a y
conditions wailer hich their love 1955 was issued
couldn't last. Well, in this arrest pertinent data
I found I needed the help of others, person will. sr
but in order to accept their help I clean before h(
also had to accept their'love. Be- thing—hence
cause the help was given in that teque, and
manner. It wasn't as painful as I purpose. So th
thought it would be. In fact,. it was even know what
rather enjoyable. And it was an eye- "The results
opener, to me, that there were so of a person
many really fine people in this_ of what's go
Tla s A
laharai em em S a l 1 e
Th t w ed w onhth - rea h twa m we llme k i d an f flil bee kum ogn ar m h in
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it intellectuallyaearnng a roeecnques no
in other ways. I was substitute for information and unat others. Very derstanding.
re :Ai know what I "It shaildn't have perturbed him
at all for you to 'invent' the idea
I out what it means of being the editor of infinite unsolv
questions aptimual
It has in an amer_. answers
after ally you did.~lassum the renest t in manyy in- sponsibility of clearing up the mess
ergency was of too in phoenix...
n to understand its "Trying to be the keeper of a
ergency lasted for parking meter in the African engle
o now I know whereof isn't half the problem of to
t operating on that keep solvent an organization that
can on occasion rise Hubbard is spading meney on, or
just wanting to. Or even getting paid for you efforts
do so. working in his behalf. This Dr. of
ed that I was not a Sc. just don't know important '_pr•ob'Render unto Caesar lam inventing' when he sees it in
eh are Caesar's'. It action.
t. I learned a bit "You could be the odle arner,
ity in the process." could yon, of a bag of deesicating
Los Angeles- Calif. powder stored under a sieve at the
bottani of the ocean? What a fect
•a well-advertised thumbnail sketch of the problem you
ove-life so complex- wrote about in detail in the novel
1 are you seeking scrub oaks...
r you're undersexed? "As for this business of being a
steaming text. Ard street Femme with a toothbrush in
st title for such a the aftermath of a spring blizzard --
re? me? Wouldn't 'The why, man, now I know how you felt in
he Power, and the those first few days after hubbard
-B. wren, Enid, Ok. named Philadelphia, Pa., as the cehyou, you word-wang- ter of Scientol~+ to reward you for
your efforts in PhoeniX.
in your June issue, "What I've always said about this
er tmrufgnishId she stuff of Hubbard's -- the techniques
as proud of it—and are always right to the int, and
itor try to despoil his data (as wr tten and sui atoned)
• I wrote you alet- O.g. -)wht there's na accawnting
et—not to try 'sup- ork of artfulness... ARE YOU EATING YOURSELF
The thing that matthe creator of car- INTO AN EARLY GRAVE?
in the form of wrie information remain Are you deriving yourself of
cut. It did remain, health, happiness, and longevity
cut away quite a few by the foods you consume. Two
lly did teach use a books, by Dr. N. S. Ha no ka,
andling of my arti- N.D., D.D.S., could well be the
o be much more care- turning point in a life of illitin>Ig to avoid those ness and disease.
ine which you ruthNote -- Thanks, SCIENTIFIC FASTING AND
gs about what'd hap- NATURAL LIVING 00
ruined yea article FOOD AND YOUR TEETH 1.2
y had us scared.)
wing us a nice artiis E' therapy? I've
references to this ~. diN. S. rect Pram the author
w N.D.
n yea columns, and 1610 N. W. 9th Av., lufised, Floe
now more Hully just
. Seems many people .
vo. Can you get a Training with the Procedures of
o an article, giving
d why of method and Simplified
not a contributor, 07y
art, Ric,kmansworth. Tension
thing about that Simplified Tension Study gives one
on, or with, the an INTSGRAT® view of san and his
:elegy is not that he functioning. It covers all four
n so destitute and levels of manifestation in the
;elf, but that he real world and gives one a caps=
ize 'pay dirt' when bility for handling an extremely
wide range of troubles in =bleat'
ticle I presume that or clients or atWdumta,
were besarcastic
s you could invent. Personal consultation, with Si.-'
that he is a poorly plified Tension Study (plus roan
Sc. because it has and board), per week . . . . $250
ear since Dianetics
with its pointed and Counselor training (plus mom and
to the effect that a board), per week $50
rip his engram bank (Cost of training is lower for the
e will 'invent' any- counselor training due to students
the potency of this being run by the students.)
its sole and only
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aving sane basic idea Box 117 gaiOinmh Ala.
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