Volume 2, Issue 8, page 19

ing...NUTSING? His oteries are generally gifv m FF discoveries
his fellow man...take Christ for soample...A manificentexampie!
"So for my money, Mr.. H can go
peddle his book and his theories
somewhere else:...
"SOme brain with wham I'm familiar rs studying the occult, and has
decided that actually I am a very,
very old soul tek! tek: Bat she
said I had a defect (which could be
an pnderstatement if I ever heard
one). She tells me not to clutter
up my mind with all sorts of stuff --
like the Aberree, for eoample...Apyhow. she has forewarned me not to
get involved with all sorts of oloties, such as you tell me you wish
to familiarize =with through the
medium of your magazine. at I ea a
bear for wear, and curiosity has not
killed ms yet. So here goes nothing."
-- Mrs.Ruth Yorks, Bntsback. Germany.
:: :: :
"Apparently something is vrang
k when I've I e you bucks s when I've been n offered Alpbiis
for a trivial two bits?" -- Toe Young,
Phoenix, Ariz.
"Have comments an articles and
so -- To Fred Hand: First article was
merely outline of basic game. Not a
mock-up of a game. Just a skeleton
on which all games tend to hang:
Stabilizing on a particular tone
level at will is the key to successful gains in auditing. Shields
are particularly advantageous for
this purpose...The trick in using
shield is to avoid thoughts that
create flews that slap back at you
by bouncing off the inner surface
and there knocking you down tone.
"When shields are strong. and
data within is co-ordinated with
MfS! on the outside. you have very
little need to rate outside of
shield. Life and !effi' are based upon certain patterns. Cycles, eta.:
When known it is-easy for the thetas
within Wield to duplicate what is
outside Q7hield from- data tricklsithdruught . Hence, world dissolves
ao ut you mock. it up continually within your shield and it is
unimportant to you that there is
nothing there. When you went somethOg there you put it there, and go
on as before. You could detect diesolution of the planet, but don't
have to and it makes little difference. You want to play MUST so you
do...To an illusion an illusion is
real. Theta is more real and MEST
is less real. Recall a vivid dream.
Real, wasn't it? Only by shifting
into NEST reality and noting the
contrast were you able to dieting,uish one from the other. Likewise,
wham. you contact theta prime you
learn the degree of reality is in
direct proportion to your body density. Hence tane levels.
"Roby Lahrche: Thanks for your
kind words. As to responsibility for
future, it is up to you and everyone
else, individually and collectively,
no more, no less, and you will find
it is fair and just. As you think,
act, and speak, and accept what is
thought, dons, and spoken, you share
in responsibility for future events. Also what you reject1 don4t

do and don't say can produce quits
en effect...What you ask about theta
getting bored with MEST is possible
only on a segmentary basis. Theta
prime is impersonal. It is the the
tea individualized and apart from
prime working through, a body or bodies that creates ]ST, chaos, and
turbulence...Assume complete ressppon
sibility for yourself, everyth
you do, say and think, and you wtllf
learn much. Share this responsibility with others and you go down in
proportion. Allow others to be responsible only through your permission in anything that affects you...
Be very alert to who tries to assume
responsibility over you for you or
for your possessions. It is when
you are not alert or aware that you
got taken for a ride down scale.

Infinite 20.
"The Rev.Mr.Dr.Alphia Omega
1-2, D.D. ,D. Scn. , F. Sen. , B. Scn.
HCA., HDA, XXdCECS (puff-puffYau have certainly gained swath
since the last time I was in the
office in Phoenix, lo this long time
"We here in Portland were lately
the hosts to Jim Welgos and we enjoyed his visit and classes very
much. And the furor caused by his
departure has not as yet wholly subsided. We here liked him. If no one
has mentioned it before, the lady
with him, Mrs. McDade. is a gardener
of no mean green thumb.
"Our place hers in Portland-awe
call it the 'Council House' -- enjoys
s good deal of normal healthy living
people. There is a conscious lack of
professional auditors as such but a
good deal of honest group discussion
about any personal problems that can
be handled in this manner, and it's
surprising how maray can be.
"Mr. and Mrs. David Shreeve head
the group, and do .a fine job of
staying out of peoples' way unless
asked: Mr is in the process of writing entitled, 'The
Positive Parer of Negative Think
fag'. This should. contain same very
deeply felt belly-laughs , an-well as
some valid insights. Watch for it.
"I em starting classes for children and hope to learn apood deal
from them. I have never been bored
or disappointed in them yet. I used
to pretend with them, that I knew
nothing and help the work out their
roblems., and got along fine with
, until I actually discovered I
didn't have to pretend any longer (I
honestly don't), so when I quit retending, and they seem to know this,
they really can teach. I have enoyed some surprising insights into
structures and development. My
motto is: To understand a'mew mind,
be sharply aware of it and learn to
watch at in action." -- H.1. Henn,
Portland, Ore.
An unusually large ~number of letters were left out of this issue for
a variety of reasons, none of which,
probably, would make sense to the
authors so discriminated against. If
these letters are still timely, they
may appear in future issues.

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