Volume 2, Issue 8, page 13

Plowing Up the Field
Philip Friedman and his sister,
Lena, stopped in Enid on their way
west last month, and spent a few
hours in a serious discussion of
nothing. We've bad many visitors
who could talk for hours, or even
weeks, about nothing, but Phil is
the only one we know who makes a
hobby of it. The Friedman, who
spend their summers in Pittsburgh
and their winters in Florezce,.Ariz.,
were much intrigued by the clear air
over Enid-probably because it had
"nothing" in it neither g nor
desert sand...H.G.E.Bhodes (and why
must all "Rhode" be "dusty"?) is on
a construction job for two years in
the "North Country" for Bell Telephone of Canada. And there, too,
goes The AIEBBEE to help him while
away his long winter nights...The
magazine CHAZ, published in the
interests 9f energetics, has move
next door Well, almost next doo
from Art Coulter's headquarters in
Columbus, Ohio, to the offices of
Don Purcell in Wichita, Kee. The
October issue has a three-color cover, and the mimeographed interior
has taken on a professional lock...

Nark Gellert, on his way to F1orida,where he'll hold as many classes
in Electropsychometry as he can find
students, stepped in Enid en route.
Although he planned to stay caly a
few hours, he liked Enid so well
that he extended his visit to three
days or more. Of course, his stay
was partly dictated by a curve near
the University east of Enid, and a
higtway freight that didn't choose
to follow a predicted course. Since
Mark was unhurt, our greatest concern is: Did he ever unscramble that
egg cf pot pourri which stuffed,
from cornier to corner, the box
trailer he was pulling?... Bob Williams, after processing himself