Volume 2, Issue 8, page 8

employment. The author, an engineer by intelligence and ability, must keep fresh
profession, likes time to devote to phil- and remain creative for our culture to
osophical pursuits in other fields than prosper and exist in peace.
electronics, and time to devote to out- The "robot revolution", Automation,
door sports. The future of Automation in has progressed to a point from which we
our society holds forth shorter working cannot progressed
back. It has reached the dehours, and better conditions for the gree of application to our culture at
working man. These promises are definite. which it could well. destroy our society
Where present manufacturing inefficiency completely, and eventually reduce the
requires a thousand men in a given plant, remnants of mankind to savagery and inAutomation is already making possible op- tellectual dark-ages. This destruction
eration with hair that number or less, could come about through lack of underreplacing most often difficult and demand- standing in the masses, rising up against
ing tasks rather than those Jobe require- the world-of-the-machine and bringing
ing technical skill and intelligence. about its destruction. Man can keep step
Many of the jobs machines are taking over with the advances and changes in. the culare performed more easily and effectually ture only through personal progress in
by the machines than by the brute force the direction of understanding. In short,
of man. Such efficiency will make possi- the machine not merely can but will beble more manufacturing of new products, come the master of man's destiny unless
and in new fields not heretofore possi- man becomes a more integrated being.
ble. These are advantages. Consider the possibility of masses rising
Those who have had time to work only to destroy the world-of-the-machine. The
with their hands will find time to exec- resultant destruction would be a victory
cise and develop their creative abilities on the part of the machine. The machine
further. If man remains the total un- has no survival drive or necessity to
questioned master of his use of machines persist, except insofar as man has built
and becomes a mature and aware individual it into the machine.
in his own right, making full use of the The economic structure we know today
abilities of his mind and body, the robot differs from that known to our grandparand its effect upon the culture will be ents, and the structure yet to come would
the greatest advance so far in man's his- seem unrecognizable to us if we were to
tory. Most wars have been based upon view it today. -- Mankind needs only be
economic necessity, and a world of plenty ready! adaptable! flexible! and creative!
will eliminate the need for aggression. In short, mankind needs be integrated in
But man must keep pace -- in fact, be a proper relationship with the society and
step ahead of Automation. The mind which culture as it stands, and ready to both
creates the robot, and endows it with change with it and bring about the change._
New Appositions' Explain Synergetic Terms
Back in 1952, when Dia- definitions of "Apposi- like Dianetics, will never
netics was getting bogged times". Those "Appositions", be the same again. This
down under special nomen- abbreviated to the point month, we are a bit busy,
clature, one could under- where even credit has been however, and we will have
stand what he was reading cut to "A.H.", still are in to limit this new edition
only by consulting a half- use to this day, the modi- of "The Appositions" to a
dozen glossaries, scattered fled form of which may be few terms. Such as:
here and there through the found in "The Creation of SYNGENEER -- What happens
various books on the sub- Human Ability", by L. H. when you get a hot teleject, and picking out a
So much for history. phone message.
definition that suited. The Now comes Dr. Art Coul- DYSERGY-Attempt to cameditor of The the editor ter, M.D., maestro of oufl e, with color, a suit
that time not the editor of Syn- that has seen better days.

The ABERREE because there ergetics, who has been
wasn't any ABERREE -- decided rankling under the criti- TELOPAUSE -- Break in a
to do something about it, cisco that the main object= conversation where each
and with the full approval ion to Synergetics is that rathe to remember what he d
rather be doing.
of the author of Dianetics, it is being smogged over by SYNAPSE -- A Synergetic
he prepared an encyclopedia too much "synergese", and substitute for H2CO2, proof terms which he appended reminds the author of "The nounced "Schnapps"; mostly
to "Scientology: 8-80", at Appositions" that, since he of German or Dutch origin.
that time the "latest on did it for one science, he PEE-DEE -- Short for prothe newest". Tongue in might do as well for anoth- todyne", which is a diet of
cheekishly, he titled this er. We accept the chal- pills sold you by the glib
master glossary "The Appos- lenge -- but we warn you, Art, salesman who knows all about
itions of Scientology", tak- after publication of such a proteins -- even enough not
ing it for granted no one to take them himself.

would bother to look up the glossary, your science, (To be continued maybe.)
8 The ABERREE, December, 1955