Volume 2, Issue 8, page 6

sides of the sphere. Use any method you
can to maintain it.

And now we get to the action part of
the actual process. With your eyes closed
extend your awareness outwards six ways
to "IS". From this position, CONSIDER
how your total state of beingness is at
this moment. Consider how the total game
of life in this universe is for you right
now. Whatever comes to you, consider it
briefly and rapidly and then place your
attention inward onto the universe of
your body and consider how it seems at
this moment. Examine your body, aches or
pains, anything you might wish to change
about it; scan it fairly rapidly: ten or
15 seconds. Then reach outward to the
"IS" level and consider the entire game
again. How does it seem at this moment?
Make a decision about how it seems to you
at this moment.

Now, reach your awareness in and
consider the body. Make a decision about
it. Reach out to the "IS" level and consider the game. Make a decision. Reach
in and consider the body; HOW DOES IT
Open your eyes and look at the front
wall very determinedly. Pick out an exact spot in front of you and GET CERTAINTY THAT IT IS THERE.

Look at the right wall; find an
exact spot on it; get certainty.

Look at the rear wall; an exact spot.
Look at the left wall; an exact spot.
Look at the floor; select an exact
spot for sure,
Look at the ceiling; an exact spot.

If there is any grogginess or sleepy
feelings present, continue to look with
the eyes -- around the wal.., floor, and
ceiling -- until you are alert and in touch
with present time(yourimmediate environment). Pound on the floor or ground with
your feet, if necessary.

Close your eyes, and reach out to
"IS". Reach out in all directions and
consider how does it seem at this moment.

Repeat the actions as described earlier.
Consider "Mt with your eyes closed.

Consider your body.
Consider IS".

Consider your body.
Consider "IS".
have energy. The spirit that is the real
you or the part of you that says "I am"
with certainty believes that he is an energy conservation source rather than an
energy production source. The human spirit has forgotten that it can produce unlimited amounts of energy. With a little
practice you can become aware of how to
replenish the body with energy. Here is
how you do this: Reach out to the "IS"
level and assume a viewpoint. From this
viewpoint create a mental image of a
shiny golden sun. Push this golden sun
into the body. Create another sun rind
push that into the body. After you have
mastered pushing suns into the body easily, create many more of them and flow
them into the body. Thinking a command at
the body to accept the suns and use them
as fresh energy may be an assist.

Most individuals can feel a tingling
or some other'sensation when their mockups reach the body. Some cannot. If you
KNOW the thought image is entering the
body it will cause a shift in the minute
force fields of energy around each cell
in a given area. This causes the body to
generate energy.

The "Six Ways to IS" process causes
most individuals to feel fine. However,
for some it eliminates so many thought
barriers so rapidly that the body will
occasionally feel fatigued. Thus it is a
good idea to mock up a few suns and push
them into the body at the end of each
session. If you feel tired it should be
done for several minutes.

If you find it difficult to push
suns into the body, create them and throw
them away for a few minutes. Then try to
push them into the body again. Throwing
a thought command at the body helps to
get it to the point of accepting energy
you have created.

Any object or solid mass which represents energy will do for a creative image or mock-up. Lumps of coal will do,
since black energy is easier to handle at
first than gold or white. It will do just
as well since the body does not differentiate between kinds of energy. It just
needs it.

-o0eConsider your body. NEXT MONTH WILL BE SO CLOUDY, THERE