Volume 9, Issue 6, page 16

I called by telephone the family or hospital concerning one
who had just died, it proved
the information was false.
"Intelligent communication
proves you are talking to someone, but the identity must
check out before that is substantiated.
/"Item 2 -- 'H is previous
p/roofs of H.W. 42 miles
across...'. This is something
that Jacob disproved for himself without outside pressures.
I respectfully listen and entertain all, but continue to
check and recheck.
"Item 3 -- 'Our Creator Yours
and Mine.' Many of our present
day religions have been established by a visit from a discarnate entity who claimed to
be God. They accepted that
claim. Jacob had the same type
of visitation with plenty of
(unimportant tho ) impressive
signs. Jacob for four years
kept digging at uncertainties
turned into doubts turned into
disbelief. One day recently,
Jacob dared to challenge this
God who claims to be the Creator. I delivered an ultimatum,
'If you are Creator, create
now in this room a burning
bush!' Naturally the fuss was
terrific. I was adamant -- create now or admit you are not.
I received that admmssion.
"Item 3 -- 'It merely helped
us to reach a personal certainty that no one knows exactly
what happens to the I Am!' Tho
I do not know now, I must take
exception to the above, else I
would have to stop searching.
I would remind Alphia that his
'no one knows' is a presumption
that people should not enter
into. For to know that no one
knows, it is necessary f o r
that person to know everything
that everyone knows...
"I shall not be dissuaded
from my search for I feel that
there are better answers than
I have uncovered to date.
"Sorry, Alphia, that at
present 'you cannot prove (Jacob) right or wrong', but we
will plow along until we can
present proof of what we find
right and continue to expose
those who perpetuate wrong
teachings because it nets them
an easy buck." -- Jacob and Rose
A1'sel, Milwaukee, Wis.
"Wow! It seems that I ruffled Mr. Coulter's fur somewhat by the sound of his letter
in the Xmas issue. I do want
to thank him, tho, for h i s
cosmopolitan observations. It
is indeed refreshing to have
the world view.
"Mr. Coulter! Indulge the
rustic for a moment. Scholarship demands traditionally an
acknowledgment of sources. Any- source for psychological ills
one giving Hubbard's works the and none can remain. This struck
most casual perusal will find the reviewer as incontrovertisource credits -- acknowledge- ble from a psychoanalytic point
ment of 10,000 years of think- of view. King also suggested
ing men and from such disparate that this is an implication
sources as Wm, Bolitho , Al- which has been present in psyeister Crowley, R. Buckminster choanalysis all along and that
Fuller , an d even a school psychoanalysts ought to be
teacher of his, a professor pretty sick not to have recogBrown. I'm sure Hubbard's stu- nized it themselves long ago .
dents (I do believe that 'Hub- "I do not mean to imply
bard student' is a nicer term, that all opinions of Diantolhere, than 'Hubbard worshiper' ogy are favorable. But all are
as in James Harvey Robinson not unfavorable.
student or student of Henshaw "I will try that 'scoop'
Ward) are aware of this fact. story on Scientetics. InciIt is a widely-held view that dentally, I have no intention
man, at least in part , is a of attempting to justify Hubproduct of his culture . Past bard; that doesn't entertain
cultures have a shaping influ- in the least. But it will reence on those existing and on quire a bit of time since I.
man. This being the case, then too, like Mr. Mathison, have a
it follows that the culture's busy schedule. Moreover, it
artifacts and its creations owe will require some time to sift
some little impetus for their all the precious jewels from
being to the past. This in- the dross gold. In the meancludes Hubbard's creations and time, to those 'people who want
Coulter's. It is novel to state their Hubbard straight' (atthat Hubbard students , even tention, Mr. Coulter! 1 and do
the most admiring, aren 't aware not know where to go, I sugof contributions to the cul- Best The ABERREE Lending Liture prior to 1950. There must brary. Really a tremendous
have been some. Right ? bargain. And they also have
"In the second place, Mr. things written by other peoCoulter, you imply that I would ple." -- Carl Harr, Portland,
not leave room for other olo- Ore. 0 0 0
gies. You impute to my letter "The fact is I've been prosomething which does not exist gressively developing an enin it. Re-read it. On the con- t hu si as t i c disinterest in
trary, let all voices contend. self-improvement', which attiAs a matter of fact , I am tude seems to date from when I
amazed that you think too,much got interested in Zen. Further,
space has been allotted pure I don't get much chance to use
Diantology'. Do you think that all the self I've got now , so
too much space has been al- improving it would probably
lotted impure Diantology lower my efficiency since with a
"I note, Mr. Coulter, that better self I'd be using even
you concede Hubbard's influence a smaller percent of it.
on Synergetics. It was just a "I went over to San Antonio
tiny influence and it 's differ- about three weeks ago, and beent, too. In the words of the sides an onyx egg, bought a
bard (not the Hub bard), He dozen big peyote plants. I gave
doth protest too much , methinks'. one away and have eaten two in
thinks', the last week. It seems my
"If Volney Mathison wishes evaluations still hold good --
to have a genuine opinion of the ones I wrote in the articonstituted authority, which Iles. Being in better physical
he seems to prefer , Then I shape, more alert, better ciroffer him this one instead of culation, more extroverted,
his supposition ( also Xmas etc., the alkaloid didn't
issue) of what one of his pre- 'turn on' as contrastingly as
ferred bodies might opine; C. before with regard to senses,
Daly King, Ph.D., member of etc., altho these are the big
the American Psychological As- peyotes which I'm reliably insociation an d the New York formed are more potently juiced
Academy o f Science and author than the little ones. Also, the
of numerous articles in the flavor is better. The famous
field, pointed out that Hub- bad flavor of peyote may be
bard's position in Dianetics more unripeness than anything
is that all psychological else as with apples, pears,
troubles spring from the sub- etc. The big peyotes aren't as
conscious (reactive mind ) , acid-tasting as I remember the
that these troubles come from flavor of the small ones. One
the life experience of the sub- peyote I skwushed with a garject, and if all unconscious lic squeezer and got 3/4 cup
experiences are made conscious. of juice from it before I got
then the subconscious does not tired of squeezing. The pulp
exist; therefore, there is no was still wet after a dozen