Over the Editor's Shoulder

Over the Editor's Shoulder

..."Finally reached home. It speaks well, or badly (varying with the viewpoint), that a three-week stay in Phoenix turned into a three-month visit. Some people thought I had become a native Arizonian...I can say that I was benefitted muchissimo. I feel fine and so expect to shake some of the kinks out of certain quarters in Washington...

"My lawyer is drawing up by-laws for the Church of Scientology in Washington, so I expect within a matter of weeks we shall be incorporated as a church in this area.

"Ron tells me he is producing a new professional course which will be the basic HDA instruction for all auditors. It will be half-hour lectures, each a complete technique, with instructions, demonstrations and theory on each half-hour tape. His proposed book for the public will contain exactly the same material in the same form, so it may be used as a text with the course, or separately for the public. It certainly sounds good. I am waiting to get my hands on it.

"Am enjoying catching up on The ABERREE since my return. It is a good paper, Alphia, and comments throughout the field agree with me." -- Dr. W. H. Young, Washington, D. C.

"Last summer when I took the Doctorate Course, Ross gave me a set of the notes you made for him. I like them fine. Now, with your other set of notes -- for which my check is enclosed -- I will have the best set of notes for any course I've ever taken.

"I do like The ABERREE. It is the most honest thing I've come across in Scientology so far." -- Lauretta McKenna, Yonkers, N.Y.

... Like it. We need it! Here's my check -- and I got a perverse pleasure in writing it out -- the play on words, you understand, though I don't know you personally so nothing is intended. Besides the missing pages, can I get the 1 and 2 issues, too?" -- Mrs. Evelyn V. Marshment, Burton, Wash.

"I believe you have a first: the first four-color work in Dianetics and Scientology. It's a great advertisement for Hart's services. Twice the colors I and JOURNAL of SCIENTOLOGY have tried ... Great job...keep it up." -- Clif Amsbury, Richmond, Calif.

"As a McCarthy supporter I have no difficulty in seeing your 'auditorials' apparently deprecating him for what they really are -- very subtle ribs of the 'Ghost' at its worst. However, many of your readers may not be discerning enough to see the very humorous parallel between your tongue-in-cheek cracks and something that would be typical of the 'Ghost' at its very worst.

"You must realize that not all of your readers are in high tone, and some may believe that you actually mean such comments to be taken seriously. Remember that one of the attributes of low-toned persons is the tendency to take humorous remarks quite literally." -- Curtis D.Janke, Sheboygan, Wis.

(Ed.Note: You mean to infer, Suh, that any of our REGULAR readers is low toned? Or just those who see a sample copy, now and then?)

"...Many thanks for the back numbers of The Aberree; I think it is very good and wish you all success. We have given you a notice in the July BDR (Bristol Dianetic Review) and I have quoted fairly extensively from your news items; people like to know what is going on and there is no other source here....

"I admire the professional style of The Aberree; I suppose