The Eighth Dynamic - An Insoluble Solvent


Scientology's entrance recently into processing on the Third Dynamic brings up again the Dianetic-old question: Which Dynamic, if any, is the most important?

Sigmund Freud -- although he had his own terminology -- apparently gave most altitude to the Second Dynamic. Early in Dianetics, with much of the "field" stressing self-determinism as the end-goal, the First Dynamic dominated.

In the Doctorate Course, L. Ron Hubbard says the eight dynamics apply only to this universe. Outside this universe are the Dynamics of "aesthetics" and "ethics".

Reverting to Ron's revised theta-MEST theory (as given at the June Congress in Phoenix) that "MEST is a problem to be solved and theta is a solver of problems", then, apparently, the eight dynamics are MEST -- and a thetan's self-imposed problems. Since the Eighth Dynamic is infinity, it also would be the only one of the dynamics that could apply outside the MEST universe as well as in.

According to this path of logic, there actually can be nothing outside the Eighth Dynamic, if the Eighth Dynamic is true infinity. In the accompanying sketch, we have theta as a Figure "8" operating in the MEST universe through the First Dynamic. Appended to the First Dynamic are the intermediate six: Sex, or Family; Group; Mankind; Life Forms; Material Universe; Thought Forms. None of these is important except where they concern the "problem".

You mocked up the problem -- and the problem is MEST. Therefore, when you realize that the problem is yours and you have the solution, good-bye MEST. And good-bye, too, to most of the dynamics.

You are your own mystery. Any of you little enigmas want to try explaining yourselves?

find both "philosophies" practicing Scientology.

Any ten of us can be posted on a street corner where an accident will occur, yet no two will come away with identical versions of what happened during that brief interval of time. And the science of semantics is such that one who hadn't seen the accident wouldn't "see" the same picture being given him by any one who had been present. By the very act of telling and interpreting, a new version of what had "happened" would be injected into the test.

Scientology is the science of knowing HOW to know -- not knowing how to KNOW. At this stage of its development -- the Third Dynamic -- we are tapping the fringes -- finding out that within us is a power of knowingness that can't be measured or analyzed. However, with this knowledge, comes the danger that we will accept for fact the aberrated mockups that come to the uncleared and partly cleared.

When we reach a state of absolute knowingness -- where there is incontroversial proof that what we then know is absolute and positive -- we'll no longer be part of this universe.

Mr. Hubbard said in June -- in revising his theta-MEST theory -- that MEST is problem to be solved, and theta is a solver of problems. If we KNOW, we no longer have a problem. And if MEST is a problem, and we no longer have a problem, then we no longer have MEST.

MAYBE that's why we know all there is to know about money. But there must be something wrong with our theory somewhere, because money still is a problem to us.

As far as that goes, so is Scientology.