Freud (Thetan) Gives Ron Exclusive Right To Carry on in U. S. | Seven are Enrolled for 5th Clinical Course in Phoenix

Freud (Thetan) Gives Ron Exclusive Right To Carry on in U. S.

Once upon a time, Freud was a horrid word that you used only
when you didn't want to say "sex". It was like saying "limb" when
you meant "leg".

Now, with the formation of the Freudian Foundation of America, Inc. (President: William Burke Belknap, Jr.,) it may graduate from the crescent-vented room with the torn Sears catalog to the living room--or, at least, the auditing room.

Students of the Fourth Clinical Course in Phoenix--still agog over the possibility of becoming Doctors of Divinity, as was promised graduates of the preceding class--heard that an additional bonus was to be theirs: that if they studied and audited and graduated, according to a well-rounded schedule, they also would depart with a certificate designating them psychoanalysts--the only legal ones in America.

It seems, according to reports, that L. Ron Hubbard, when he was in Europe last summer, contacted the thetan of the late German doctor (still stuck to a Vienna spire and bemoaning the fact his libido theory and dream interpretations had somehow got mixed up in war, the need for a pure Aryan race, and a disease called psychiatry), who granted to Dr. Hubbard (Ooops! Sorry!) RON the exclusive privilege of using his name and techniques in the formation of an American organization to perpetuate his name, etc.

Also, since few states have laws against psychoanalyzing, this was considered a good legal ruse--a step above religion. If the law says you can't audit, you psycho-analyze. If that, too, draws censure, you become very ministerial.

It's too bad we live in a society where it's illegal to get well--but like the dole, once a law is on the books, that we have with us always.

But don't ask a Freudian psychoanalyst to interpret your dreams--or what he knows about the libido. His textbook is a copy of "Self-Analysis", a dozen PAB's, and an unread 25-cent pocket book on "The Life and Works of Sigmund Freud". To him, "li-bi-do" may be part of the diatonic scale, on the opposite end of "do-re-me".

Anyway, you'll know by his certificate that he had, in addition to his student fee, an extra $20. That's what his certificate cost.

Seven are Enrolled for 5th Clinical Course in Phoenix

Seven new students were enrolled for the fifth Clinical Course, according to a report from the H. A. S. in Phoenix.

These are: Edna Hubbard, Berkeley, Calif., Charles Berner, Higrove, Calif.; Frederico Echavarria, Medellin, Colombia; Leonard Hamilton, North Wilbraham, Mass.; Francis C. Uridge, Fresno, Calif.; if.; and Jim Parker, San Francisco.

The sixth Clinical Course is slated to start May 10, and continue until after the June conference. A seventh, according to present plans, will start June 21. After this course, in August, Mr. Hubbard plans returning to Europe, but his stay there is indefinite.

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