A Equals A Equals A, And Thus Dianetics Is Equal to Scientology

Matthew, buy themselves into the Kingdom of Attainment.

There are goals above theta clear: cleared theta clear and operating thetan, but for the present, we'll settle for one person on the bottom of the ladder. Nor need they demonstrate the ability to levitate their car across a police-jammed intersection. In a nation becoming shackled by controls of church and state, and steeped in the belief that we must continually prepare to destroy another segment of the world in order to survive, there is much room for a clear to demonstrate his powers in these channels of government. Or in the educational system. Or the communications field.

Maybe it's the word itself that is jamming up the computing machine. When you "clear" a computer, you don't merely remove the implanted number that's giving you wrong totals, you reduce the entire sum to a starting point of zero. Maybe none of us ever will attain this hypothetical goal until we're ready and willing to erase the whole sum and quit trying to find one or two numbers that we think stand between us and it.

Mr. Hubbard has said himself that our goal is to be nothing -- and that's all we ever can become. Maybe that's why we never see a real, honest-to-God clear -- there's nothing there. As for the pseudotype (quoting from I Corinthians), "God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty".

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A Equals A Equals A, And Thus Dianetics Is Equal to Scientology

Miracles still happen! In a report by Rin Tin Tin, giving a play-by-play organizational meeting of the Dianetic Research Foundationts BOG (that's Goard of Bovernors), He, She, or It wrote:

"After dinner Saturday night the Board decided to enter into the discussion of Dianetics vs. Scientology. This discussion lasted for a considerable length of time and all phases of dianetics and Scientology were discussed. (Try it yourself, some time, when you have a few spare after-dinner moments.) The purpose of this discussion was to determine the similarities and differences between the two as they are evaluated by the various individuals of the Board.

"Since dianetics is, by the definition adopted by the Board, 'The study of the potentials of the human being and methods of achieving these potentials', any work that can contribute to the study of Man's potentials may be considered as a part of Dianetics.

"The general consensus of opinion was that Scientology is a continuation of the basic studies inherent in dianetics from its beginning. The difference between dianetics and Scientology is one of terminology and presentation and not one of basic concepts, in the opinion of the Board. The major contributions of Scientology are in the areas of Concept Processing and Creative Processing."

Students of Scientology may be amused at the narrowness of difference placed by the Board's evaluation between Dianetics and Scientology -- but if they remember Hubbard's First Book (Memo to Wichita: His initials are L. Ron) as well as his latest lectures and writings, they'll recognize the place on the Tone Scale of those who insist A equals A equals A equals A.