Volume 11, Issue 9, page 11


BRAND new year is with us, and as usual, we all wonder what it
will hold? War? prosperity? cataclysm? internal
harmony? better foreign relations? health? Proball of them--in
some measure.

Outright war? No! Altho this does not rule out military action in
certain quarters.

Prosperity? In comparison with the rest of the world, yes! By our
own standards, no.

Cataclysms? If we mean earthquakes, yes. The West Coast seems
sure to be affected and tremors may even be felt
in New England.

Harmony in the land? No. Racial troubles, strikes, and riots with
military intervention clearly shown.

Health? The nation's health has been a matter of concern for a
longtime now, and if anything, the picture
worsens this year.

Foreign relations? Serious, at the beginning of the year--but
much better and stronger as the Administration gets
under way.

Our greatest troubles seem here at home, and they can be pretty
serious until a dogmatic government finally
decides it cannot impose its will (racially) upon the lives of a
free and independent people who intend to remain that

Global-wise, adverse Saturn-Uranus aspects and adverse Jupiter
aspects to other planets, indicate that the world,
as a whole, is moving into another great depression. By
comparison, however, this country should weather it well,
since Jupiter, along in May, moves into Gemini, the sign
rulingthe U.S.A. This should not only help our national
economy, but should give our foreign prestige a boost, as well.

Late in the year when the planet of war (Mars) moves into
opposition toour rulingsign Gemini, affairs such as
Viet Nam will certainly loom as potentially big trouble for us,
tho short of full-scale war. The Middle East, ruled
by Virgo, finds Uranus transiting its ruling sign and Saturn
moving into Pisces, its opposition, so quite obviously
the Arab states seem in for great political changes-- they may
decide to exploit their own oil, instead of letting
others do it for them, as hitherto. Portugal, ruled by Pisces,
seems in for severe trouble in the spring, when Mars
opposes Saturn, their ruling sign. Lack of space prevents listing
others, altho the South American pot

04 seems sure to boil over.

04 As f or us, when we examine the New on

w chart for January 2, we are at once struck Ith

Cq the beautiful and beneficial Grand Trine w~hich
throws its benign shadow over the chart. It

CZ certainly appears that the well-being of the Christmas period
and its ironing out of difficulties is being carried
over, and that our hopes and aspirations (lith house), our homes

E- Oth house), and foreign affairs (7th house)
are all going to be resolved satisfactorily.

The Autumnal Equinox chart which sets the pattern for the next
several months even has

11 our lovely Venus (with her soft, gentle minis-

trations) ruling the lst house cusp and this rulership is
accentuated in the Winter Solstice chart. However, something
doesn't seem quite right somewhere. Neptune is in the
picture--adversely so--as is Mars and Saturn. Venus is in bad
company in the Autumn chart and in the New Moon chart i s af f 1
icted by troublesome Mars. A deceptive Neptune
is working on Jupiter, our money planet, who in the Solstice
chart is confined in the 12th house of selfdoing and
restriction, while in the New Moon chart our financial hopes and
wishes seem in for a great setback by the self-same

Perhaps we rejoice too soon, for Venus is in quadrature with both
restrictive Saturn and warlike Mars, so I fear
this beautiful Grand Trine will be effective only until
mid-January, when we, the people, will find out that we have
been deluding ourselves. The Full Moon chart shows how things
will really work out. True, in January there
appears nothing of a disruptive nature, altho the lunation in the
house of foreign countries does indicate that affairs
abroad will be most prominent. We seem to have forgotten the
battleships of previous charts, as well as the
frightening mandates from foreign countries, as shown by three
very malefic planets in the house of war (Full Moon
chart), even while it seems more ships and arms are being used in
foreign areas. (Mars=war; Pluto

arms; Uranus=unexpected, shattering events.)

Luna, representing the masses, in the 6th house of labor is in
direct opposition to the life-giving Sa, who is
confined in the restrictive 12thhouse. It seems our anti-poverty
program is in for trouble and opposition. Efforts
expended toward medicare do not seem to go very far. Neptune
opposing Jupiter hints at critical educational and
racial problems, with people demanding intervention by the courts
(9th house) who themselves, since Neptune is
involved, are likely to make some unfortunate mistakes,
satisfying no one.

The February charts continue much of what is shown for January,
but the lunation in the 10th house adversely
aspected indicates a dangerous period for our President,
healthwise; also, someone inhigh place in the nation seems
slated to pass on. The Government also seems likely to come under
fire from both labor and racial quarters.

Saturn, badly aspected in the 6th house, is indicativeof
illnesses of epidemic proportions among the people, and
since the Moon, representing the masses, is in the 12th house of
hospitals and institutions, conjunct Uranus and
Pluto, it is more than likely our facilities will be most
inadequate. Uranus represents the unusual, the unexpected--
so whatever it is that strikes will probably be something our
medicos are nnt able to cope with too successfully.
The auto workers' troubles will probably be fired up again and
railroads and postalservices will be affected adversely.
We may well find the United Nations (Pluto) in danger of

DgAR SYL7IA--1 do a specialized line 0 -rt u)ork and have bfeen
approached to exhibit in an amusement area
this su-naer (1965). Do you think this undertaking u)o4ld Prove
Profitable?--C.L., lansas City, No.

DEAR C.L.--The 5th house and the sign Leo are associated with
amusement areas and