Volume 11, Issue 9, page 10

Gems Scissored f rom Our
Mail for ABERREE Readers

MEET FOLKS all the time who seem to have actually gone "carrot
juice crazy", and not only drink pints of it each
day but add it to their bath water in the hope that it may help
the texture of their skin. They have simply gone
"overboard" over something they know little or nothing about and
expect it to accomplish more wonders than the
famous lamp of Aladdin. But I would be remiss were I not to tell
the other side of the carrot story that has come to
me from most reliable sources. A research organization in the
East has a collection of some half a hundred letters
received from these folks who have "over- indulged" in carrot
juice and who, under orders of competent physicians,
have laid this juice aside entirely as "too dangerous" to fool
with. These folks, without a single exception, developed
heart trouble of various kinds. either enlargement of the muscles
about the heart or the heart-muscle itself. Several
were in a serious condition -- so serious that their physicians
put them on diets which did not contain carrots or
tomatoes, raw or cooked. -- S. Edgar Bond, M.D. in NATURAL HEALTH

M ORE HARM is done in prayer for another to

change his conscience than any other form of occult technique.
But it is one of the common practices of the
clergy to change the conscience of the nonconformist so he cannot
harm the cause of the church.

Every man has his right to freedom without interference from
another. He must be granted psychic space of what
is called beingness. When anyone interferes with this freedom of
another, crowds his space, nature will exact a
severe penalty.

Nobody has the power to judge what is good for another person's
conscience. This is the individual's own
superior right in the kingdom of God. Everyone must have his own
freedom of will and thought, and
the,opportunity to exercise this freedom.--Paul Twitchell, in


T0 THOSE who are feeling the weightof years
I wish to say it is well to live many years
in the one body, it's a great privilege did the
people but know it. All who stay in one body
f o r a long period o f time are greatly bl est,
even tho their later years may be difficult.
The time is near, not tomorrow or next day ex-
actly, but SOON, when the Balance between the p
spiritual and the physical natures will become i
a reality. I say to you who read to keep this
in mind and YEARN not for transition. This is
a truth and I feel the urge to keep this before w
the people at all times. It's astonishing the
zeal of many over here who are seeking channels d
to give back i n strong words the truths they w
have learned since coming over. I am your old h
friend Harriet Grove." --N-rs. Jessie F. Lytle, 9


St. Petersburg, Fla. d

A BOUT TEN years ago -I translated from the t
Geman an article written by a Johanniter 8
monk (a few centuries ago) about the coming t
three days of darkness all over the earth. Now, E
at the Rainbow Metaphysical Center, here in 0
Yarnell, Ariz., a most significant extra-ter- t
restrial. message came thru--regarding the oom-

ing darkness.. . We were told (in the message
received) that at the present time huge areas
of ethereal matter, (my term) sometimes called
"space ships" or space platforms, are being
"lowered" to earth--now about 3,oonmiles away;
that at the present time this ethereal sub-
stance is transparent or translucent to the
sunlight (and this goes also for the beings
that live therein which we call "space peo-
ple". ) But as they (the space people) lower
their vibratory rate and change the molecular
structure from the etheric to the physicaf, the
sunlight will no longer be able to penetrate
their substance, and this will cause the black-
out. A complete belt will be formed around the
earth, causing darkness, and in the ensuing
confusion and terror those who are negative.
fearful and unfit for the liew world order -- the
Christ Age-- will die of fear and terror, but
those who believe in Christ and that God is
just and fair will have strength beyond ordi-
nary endurance. -- Dorothy Thomas, in New Age
News. 9

WAS KREBIOZEN "railroaded"? Sen.Paul Douglas

took a full hour on the Senate floor to. rip into the FDA and the
National Cancer Institute --accused them of
manipulating charts and distorting case histories of cancer
patients in order to bury this sought-after drug. In 34
historic pages of Dec. 6 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Sen. Douglas
castigates the "medical manipulators" and
demands major probe of FDA/NCI. Report reveals that in 151, two
big drug firms offered two million dollars to get
control of Krebiozen; this clearly I)rovesits value. FDA's
chemists claimed Krebiozen was nothing but (ineffective)
creatine (a common substance); Their chart "proving "this was
widely published (LIFE Mag., etc.~. Douglas's
science staff shows how the two spectroscopic curves were
deliberately compressed to make them appear identical.
Backing Douglas in battle are 16 Senators and 1.7 Congressmen.
Krebiozen could thus be the hinge on which swings
an entire nation's freedom or subjugation in the shrewdly
exploited field of your health. --PSYCHIC OBSERVER.


D&R& RACHEL SAGI, a housewife of Cegled, Hun

gary, awoke one morning in 1911 with a split- >: ting headache.
It was so distressing that she visited her family
doctor, who told her that she had been getting too much sleep.

As ridiculous as it sounds, he may have been right. From that
date on, until her death in 1936, Mrs. Sagi never
had another wink of sleep--a period of 25 years of no sleep and
no headaches.--Geo,rge Butler, in CHIMES

AVE YOU ever run across the cannibal cookbook, "How to Serve Your
Fellow Man?" And then there was the
cannibal who got fedup with eople.

Several psychologists placed a chimpanzee n a puzzle box that had
j u st three ways of W scape. Would the
chimpanzee hit on one of the W ways? The chimp escaped by means
of a fourth 9X ay none of the psychologists
had thought of.

A certain man. patient of ir psychiatrist, reamed.very vividlyone
night that his brother as walking down a long,
dark tunnel. Just as 90 e had almost reached the end he was
struck by CC train and killed. The psychiatrist had this

ream neatly doped out and analyzed according 0 o a full regalia
of erotic impulses, repres- .4 ions, feelings of
hostility and guilt toward

he brother. A few days later the man received 6letter from
relatives describing the death f the brother exactly as it had
occurred in he dream. - - Gems from Dr. Gina Cerminarals lecture,