Volume 11, Issue 9, page 14

beside us was a.xan dressed as a court jester who wanted toct~ck
Xy son up. I wouldn't let his touch the Illd who was
dressed in a long white dress and bonnet. As I finished tucking X
on into the cradle, I looked to see where tLsjester
was. He was lying on his back an a very large bed, with his knees
drawn up. He was crying in an agonized voice,
110h, God, how I want to he It hix. 11 -- B. P.

INTERPRETATION -- The bedroom at the castle indicates a higher
yearning. Something YOU

want but can't quite grasp at this point. The rocking cradle is
an indication that you have placed your son in God's
care. The missing right hand indicates that his hand is working
for God and you couldn't see it because you couldn't
understand what was going on. The court jester indicates a
teacher on the spiritual plane. At this point ~ou have
refused to let him help; eventually you will as indicated by his
pose of waiting and his fervent prayer. Whoever he
is, he is waiting on the spiritual plane to become one of your
son's guides.



stirred when we got a letter from subscriber E. H. Reeves, of
DeQuincy. La.. telTi-ngus his 20 years' research had
perfected a "Solution X " that gave him the"'know-how of
levitational an d gravitational cancellation, Plus angular
momentum, prove all energies are the condition between
atmosPheres". With this, his "Solution X will operate on
less than 1% of the customary fossil fuels, like gas, coal, oil,
etc." Mr. Reeves was appealing to "New Age Seers or
anyone who sees" for aid in making his invention available. Well

being fresh out of "seers or' anyone who sees" who might be able
to help put the big oil and coal companies out of
business, we wrote and asked for more information. but find our
lack of engineering training a distinct handicap in
trying to understand his technical explanations. altho he
proposes that this will provide an inexpensive way "to raise
water to any height". Since much of our power started from
utilization o f water power, it may be that Mr. Reeves
is taking us back thru the chain to some point developers of the
past have missed, and good old H20 will return to
its own as the kingpin of civilization. Any see - ers in the
audience want to take an educated guess at what's ahead
for the stuff the fluoridation gang is trying to make
undrinkable? ...

I One of the reactions we got from "Cross in the Heavens" by Burt
and 49b Esbex we liked, but don't un e-
rstand-the number of three-year renewals sent in during the last
month. Maybe readers think that if they've got less
than a year to enjoy this old earth, they might as well go out
with a paid-in-advance s u b s c ription, or hope we'
11 continue publication on "the other side". However, there was
one renewal accompanied by an invitation from Ma
Stevens of Lt Jolla. She said: "Come on out to Calif. and fall in
the ocean with the rest of us. Cowards!" Which
would be an

attractive "last swim" except that we suspect that Mary, being a
Realtor. would want to sell us a house, complete
with swimming pool, rather than see to it we were riding on
adjoining buoys. Thanks, Mary, but there are those
who say we'll be having a swimming area of our own, come
doomsday. Bring your water-wings ...

11 Every time we hear f rom Mahdah Loy , visiting groups to
Love's Retreat at Lakemont, Ga., have caused bar
to delay her departure for the winter-and now (unless we get word
to the contrary), it'll be early February before she
can close the Retreat for the season. However, in the meantime,
she's able to shuttle hither and yon for a few
thousand miles at a time, lecturing and promoting

this time to Florida, so i; seems she has things pretty much
under control, whatever season it might be ...

I Anytime we start feeling so;rry for ourselves because of the
multitude of jobs we've assigned ourselves. or
become a little self-satisfied with our ability to accomplish
same without the sanction of the expensive rituals
supposed to "make the able more able", we hear of someone who
makes our work schedule sound I ike a lumber
wagon jogging down the wrong direction on a freeway. For example,
Sadah Loomis, of Elizabeth, Colo., whom
some of you may remember as editor of The COMMUNICATOR back when
Dianetics belonged to the "field"
because of these member-participating "news letters", writes that
at this late date, when most of us are willing to
rest on what we learned in the .good old days". has enrolled as a
freshman at the University of Colorado, carrying 18
semester hours, and hopes she can study hard enough to graduate
in three years. In addition to her cl ass work, Sadah
still supervises her sheltie kennels. altho she has had to assign
much of this work to a nearby breeder-- but she still
manages to find time to edit a bi-monthly sheltie magazine which
keeps its deadlines--come mid - terms, finals,
hell, or high-water...

J Anonymity can. and usually does, mean trouble for someone, and
the postal clerk who scribbles "Unknown" or
"MDved" on a letter or magazine when such is not the case might
not be so free with his false information if he
were to be made accountable. But in postal matters, there is no
redress for such errors. The patron pays and pays, and
only if he's stinker enough to make an issue of it, can he expect
an excuse, explanation, or at most, a half-hearted
apology. However, what we evaluate as a new low in misinformation
happened this past month when a subscriber
wrote thanking us for the item in last month's "HarttoHeart"
about Max Freedom Long, because, he said, a Te-tter
he'd written to Max in Vista, Calif., had been returned marked
"Deceased" and, since he was very fond of Max, he
was quite relieved to learn that M a x had performed the ultra in
materializations an d was back in business at the
same old stand. We, too, got concerned when we received this
report, so we telephoned Max's neighbor. Riley
CxAb12, editor of the B. S. R. A. JOURNAL. and explained the
situation. Riley "Ha Wed!" at the incongratty of
the report, ard assured us that, if Mark Twain hadn't said it
first, the statement: "Reports of my (Max's) death have
been greatly exaggerated," was applicable. And we hope Max was
equally amused when Riley told him we had called
to inquire into the state of his non-health... J Wh a t We are
waiting for is for some Postal clerk to mark"Deceased"
on an envelope. and try to follow up the scribbled notation wtth
a ZIP code (and we would presume -3 the carriers
have been supplied ga with alternate ZIP codes to ix cover this
eventuality.) Any- IX how, without giving Bell
Telephone a free" plug" (as if they need it), we are being
continually surprised at the speed and a: ease with which
you can dial a

person half way across the con- a) tinent, and hear them clearly.
And with postal rates continually going up, Uncle
Sam may find himself facing dangerous competition. Especiall.,
patrons object to bei "deceased" when they ain't ...