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The teachings
BY REV. JAMES WELGOS are the simply laannalyz
NE OF the things that really audience reaction
flips me is the fact that so their questions, s
many who write about integration jett on which the
these days don't know the first still much too ha
thing about what it REALLY is. Inte- curious, you'll
gration from their point of view be- some even are will
comes sane special state that has The honesty wi
certain attributes—usually the ones has discussed the
which they, as indivirhu-1s, would libido and complex
like to see furthered in our so- and after one
ciety. Before I go any further, let cannot help but
me point out that this is quite far Mama's horrified
from the truth of the matter. ize" the little
The ultimate state of integration so little about
This may seem confusing, because want to go out kil
everyone wants to improve himself in POWER. AND
sane manner or other. Whatever this GLORY
improvement is, it is NOT a part of Mathison—This in the
the ultimate reality. It is but a
stepp toward it. mde, pulling no
To understand integration from my is sex, and by deli
special point of view, you would be sexd of the
have to realize that the ultimate of
life is around all of us at this hibitions with wh
very moment. But because we have cut cloaked a natural
ourselves off frani it we now look tion.
same ideal of o ur own as be- Outside of man,
upon the source of all life. Life, c' .letelyc full
tipg it.self, permits us to do this to eec amare thn hg b
further our learning. All of us are exact hesas s
learning mechanisms that are leaving f
ins ac her t,fhee ,
records of the results of certain ~ of a combinations of activity on the var- magnifit
ions levels of existence. We leave
these behind us for those who follow on to were rosti
who will try to step a bit closer to place because th
being integrated. accepted as snob
tever a man is will determine some effect whi
the types of situations that are at- ble to our envir
tracted to him for his learning. as we maintain
Whatever tames to a man tells hum effect, the tend
SEEM All of us come into this life which is destined
as very simple organisms. In fact, must be based up
the ultimate of life is so very sim- social values bef
pie that one literally has to be be removed perma
very stupid to understand it. Each tells us why va]
of us has to strip away our learned the past did NOT
ways of being intellectual in order more than a short
to comprehend ourselves. Fran this Thus, let us
point we can then begin to under- tion of integrati
stand others. THE REMOVAL OF
Integration can be described in a F.om another v:
number o~f~~__~w ayys but please note that ME REALIGNMENT
any DESCRIPTION of integration is TERNS.

NOT integration. It is merely a From still ana
means by which integration is ach- TION IS THE PE
ieved. Or, even more accurately sta- OF TENSIONAL P
ted, it is a means of RFIXIG iIZING And: INTE(HATl
one's integration.

Along this line there are many ACCOMPLISHMENT OF
who are striving to remove tensions
without recognizing WHY these ten- Nowt please no]
simms were there in the first have I said
place. There is no part of any or- should riot have
ganism which exists without very good sion. Tensions
reason for its being there. This is able us to perfo
the same as saying that there is ing-to-ourselves
nothing inside you which is bad or beings. When one
wrong. The tensions that we all hold is content. He i
In Tlaaa 11
A a gate9tation o re ag e " ma OF This ]ne sh f p t ch o TE ATTth ar
and the
Not?' of .. i ?/1a/1ei 6ti're1 C E
NERGY, by E.O. ually is burying her face in the
ustralia -- In this opened and waiting sex organs of a
nted book of 160 plant".
reports a trans- The primary purpose of sex, Volctures he gave on ney holds, isn't entirely reproduetdealing pr mArily ion. In fact, most frigidity in male
stages of libido— and female cases with the discovery
e of infancy to that sexual relations may mean anfor some) of ad- other mouth or so to feed ere laug.
-- -through which a Other reasons, apart from the fact
it's just plain fn, is that Nature
f Freud, modified has selected this way to bring about
es of arl moJung, a variety Of species. Unlike the
ed, and from the barnacle—which just grows a~ grows
, as reflected in with no interest in boy or girl 'terex still is a sub- nacles— fat and slim, short and
majority of us are tall, red-bead, blonde, and bruporant. But we're nette mix together in pattebe no rns end
we to admit. And weird that there seems to ing to learn. to what can be accomplished in this
th which Mr. Haes avoidance of monotony.
entire subject of But it's all scientific -- -cud can
es is refreshing, be proven on the electropsychometer.
ads the book, one In fact illustrations and graphs in
ree with him that the book show not only what cements
fforts to "civil- the monocell into the multi-celled
monster" she knows creatures we are, but also shows the
y have much to do effect on a tattle-tale machine when
wars, and why men your breath starts coming in short
ling other men. pants. In fact, Volney says, even if
man were to wipe himself from the
SW, By Volney G. face of the earth, this bombardment
100-page book is of radiation upon exposed waters
typical llathiscn eventually would start the cycle of
pinches and unemr- the last billion years or so a 11
tate touches. Sex over again
y thinks it should Carefully and vitriolically, W.
ame, fear, and in- Mathison explains why we have so
ich Man alone has many anti-sex writings, especially
biological tine- in our so-called "holy" literature,
but he insists "Tice Power and Glory
sex activity is a of Sex" is NOT an attack upon the
ree affair, Volney Christian religion. However, after
lants as a better you read the book, you may get the
irds and the bees. feeling that the next preacher you
"when a girl bur- hear ranting against the evils of
he beauty and per- sex might -- -for his own good and that
ant rose, she act- of societ _. take a blood-test.
tuted in the first efficiently toward the l
is is the means we ment of a goal. He knowswhichling us to create sional states to use ard which anos
we deemed desira- NOT to use to best reach his val.
nmeet. And so long He is able to function both with or
our value on the without tensions.
on is maintained. The straining on the bathroom
that any therapy stool is a necessary tension to forto remove tensions ward the ideal of efficiency in uson a knowledge of ing time. The tensional drive toward
ore the tension can perfection (realness) is necessary
aently. This also for one to best exenPlify the highious therapies in est ideals of society. The emotional
remove tensions for pattern involved in putting forth an
while. argument is necessary to fbrward the
set down a descri ideal of there being only ONE right
;e in the world. (What must be seen in
Na: INTEGRATION descr IS this one is that the one right of
NSIONAL STATES. the world includes AIL other views!)
ew: INTEGRATION IS Thus, regardless of the then
OF TENSIONAL PAT- which is used, one must work
Cher view: ~~,IiA an REALLY understanding of how the world
VAL OF THE TEGRAS exists. A therapist who would
IALS. tell anyone that there are rights and
ON IS THE 1•;Nr1CI>iIVT wrongs in the world is either a fool
or an illuminate. He is a fool if he
PATTERNS cannot reverse his stand and also
A GOAL. FOR THE prove that what he has just called
o that at no point wrong is also right -- from a differat one should or eat viewpoint.
this or that ten- Perhaps, we can best sun up the
e useful. They en- activity of' integration as follows:
rm our da.i.ly prov- THE FOOL IS ALWAYS ABM TO WOVE
s able to function RIE FI)OLS.
may, anon