Volume 3, Issue 2, page 14

WU.), Lila.. Lila, uy 'lla lia W, Ll 1 a- l.all(il:l Jua ueeaL
newed, concepts gained through con- again mildly sal(
tacts with this science-philosophy. very interest'
Many of its aspects make more sense START?' .Come
than anything else I know of in DOES ONE START
present time. nettsquare, Penn.
"So—I'll string along on the
more cheerful side of the road- with "I am interes
your Aberree, that is. May not ad- devoted to ''ian
mire 'em, though! Just can't seem to ogy. Since the
hate or blame ANYONE. Not even ME!" ted to those sub
-- Marie Phelps Sweet, Mtdibu, Calif. to re-subscribe.
"I wish you
"In regards to a letter in March it!" -- Dcn Ruten
Aberree by Ludwig Rosecrans, it
looks as though we've got a prophet "Here is
in our midst, doesn't it? Although straight from t
I'm afraid his face will be red on of the (April)
Jan. 1, 1957, and there's still A- "1. Cover - bombs and H-bombs and factories, well executed.
etc. I know I would. look, somehow. NI
"Also, if he's really interested the previous ism
in knowing who the Gentiles are I'd "2. Fditorial
suggest he write to He_ bert W. Arm- lot of sense.
strong, P. O. Box 111, Pasadena, 'psychopolitics'
Calif., and ask for his booklet, the report,
'United States in Prophecy'. It's load of tripe th
free. That man understands the Bible "3. 'Stairway
and I'm sure there are many more who little out of th
do. Too bad Mr. Rosecrans never met "4. Arthur
any of them. the best of the
"I would feel very embarrassed to essarily agree w
make so literal a statement as 'ev- his actions are
ery body is, himself, showing off'. sure got a scoop
Obviously, he's never met people "5. e
who'd drive 10 miles to give an or- good, practical
phan the profit they made on a calf ion -- the Hubbard
he bout from him, or would walk 3 that when a
miles the snow carrying food for Hubbard, he alwa
transient cotton pickers, or would everything H
plow out a man's field when his erybody else as
daughter is in the hospital, and of objective me
when he tries to thank these people, Father Divine's
they say 'Anyone would do the same, "6. Eyesight
it's nothing'. I wouldn't trade the the author sh
chance to know one of these such over more before
people for all the gold in the maybe it remind
world. There are a lot of show-offs ture' C! Anyway
in the world, but being a two-pole chance. (So di
universe there must necessarily be some creative
the opposite and I know the few hon- "7. Plowing;
est, decent, self-respecting people you did not cu
I've more than make up for the reducing to 16
jerks~e only consideration I have thtak, was so
for such jerks is 'Forgive them, "On this 'fr
Father'. Honestly they don't know mess- -since yo
what they're doipg or saiY . The vertising for
honest people? Well, 'Thank you, I am?) —how abou
Father, for allowing me the privi- ics? Specific
lege to meet then, for now I'm a are now ready.
millionaire. I have riches in memor- a 'filler' at
ies that cannot be taken from me.' etc. (ED. Note "If Mr. Rosecrans thinks I'm the make-up i of
stepping on his toes, all I can say following: Bild
is, I step on anyone's toes who re- at last! Write
fuse to give consideration to the Wichita 2, Kas.
honest people on earth, even my sent on reques
own. " -- Pearl Hennick, Phoenix, Ariz. worth at least
ilton charges f
"Couple of Sundays ago we drove and actually a 1
over to Ivyland (near Philadelphia) methods are far
and visited with the Don Rogers. I ogy)- -what have
had enjoyed his articles in the old "I didn't eva
Journals (Dianetics) and was smugly icle, because
pleased to discover he and his fan- diced. Actually
ely to be delightfully zany enough would think so.
to be immediate y classified as KIN- "Oh yes, to
BRED SPIRITS. I scanned the first - '
draft of his new book and wish to
heck I had been sneaky enough to
swipe it to bring home and read at EleVt
my leisure. NL
"Random thought: What a goofy
bunch we 'kindred spirits' are. A
very nice Rogers relative was in our
midst and remarked: 'I am impressed
with all I have heard df Dianetics, Myrtle Bead
but just where does one start?' Be- U. S. Highw
fore you could say 'scat'. we were at 35th Amex
all yelling and shouting at each Telephone 5
other and the poor man was having
four different 'introductions' to
Dianetics flung at his defenseless ~. J. haro
head. I'll say this for him, he was
i4 The A
a enb i T th i Bl t dia doe ou ed p e dial thto o h 8
rse after a while he wrote that letter defending Hubbard
: 'Yes, this is all that if he wants to think Hubbard is
g but how does one God, who's stopping him?...
to think of it, HOW Overall impression—an improve?" -- Marge pope, Ken- ment, but still notjas~ good as you
can do. Actually, mA l' should be
as good in its way as MAD or FAGtedin in a publication EANT. It isn't, yet. How about
etics and Scientol- spoofing some of these popular psyAberree is not devo- chology rags? Your forte is lind
jects, I don't wish satire, if you know what I mean.

Satire that is merciless, without
luck-you'll need being cruel." -- Art Coulter, Wortherg,Dayton, Ohio. ington, Ohio
a point-by-point, "Keep the volume turned up. It's
he shoulder critique a hell of a job to sort out the
ssue: wheat from the straw if the volume
a good idea, not too is low! You've got MYSTERIOUS PHIL
Had an artificial FRIEDMAN who is well mystified; the
f nearly as good as rest of them have something to say
ue's. and say it in one way or another...
- as usual, made a "Happy to see and hear that the
he report on Russian brush-fire is coming under control.
disgusted me -- not For a while last year it looked like
e referent. What a you were running out of wet sacks or
ey put out! volunteers." Jasperson, Indian, etc.— I got very apolis, Ind.
n .. ..

ks' article-by far "A pity. It(B.D.R.) used to be a
issue. I don't nee- good nag. Looks as though Hubbard
ith his theories but finally won. If he wins many mere
pure gold. Aberree battles Scientology will disappear.
on this one. So don't you start fighting—lamp
c.' - - not bad. Some laughing and we'll all laugh with
points. Only object- you." -- A.L.Rogers, Walsall, England.
fawning. Why is it
ntologist 'runs out' "Cover design very O.K. except
ys ens up accepting the kid's ear is too large -- or is
s as 'right' and ev- ita nose too small? -- and I don't be'wrong ' regardless lieve in raising the devil with kids.
refs? Remi me of "I think A.L.Rogers and I see I
followers. to I.' Last issue he wrote that re- interesting, but laxation is a complete way of life
ld have worked this in itself. O.K. by me.
presenting it. Or, "Give Paracelsus credit, it's one
s me of my 'prema- for the book, 'The disease should be
, he muf'ed a good given the name of the person who has
d the editor to do it'. Thanks to A.B.Elliott for that
iting.) great quote. Add to that, 'The diLetters—Good. Glad sease is the cure', and we get some
t this section while pithy thoughts thrown in.
ages. The latter, I "I am happy to have filled that
small hole 'On Tithing'. Shows what
e advertising' bus- can be done in a few words. I like
u're giving mee adantology -- (ID Note: ARE YOU EATING YOURSELF
A some for Synergetly: Bild-a-man kits INTO AN EARLY GRAVE?
How about putting as
e bottom of columns, Are you depriving yourself of
-What's an 'etc!' in health, happiness, and longevity
a magazine?), the by the foods you consume. Two
-a -- man kits are here books, by Dr. N. S. Ha no ka,
305 Derby Building, N,D., D.D.S., could well be the
A sample will be turning point in a life of ill. Since these are ness and disease.
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ot more (synergetic
superior to diantol- NATURAL LIVING $1.00
you to lose?' FOOD AND YOUR TEETH $1.25
luate Purcell's art- Order direct Bram the author
f course I'm preju I'm not, but people TR. N. S. HANOKA, N.D.
1610 N. W. 9th Am. r Miami, Fla.
11 that fellow who ,
ro s chometric Auditing
Model E-AR-400 Probe-type Instrument
, S. Car. Conway, S. Car.
ay 17 U. S. Highway 701
ue, N T HIBODEAU 1703 Fourth Avenue

42 Telephone 514
Id Thibodeau Dr. Billie Plowden Thibodeau