Volume 11, Issue 3, page 13

temple of the Holy Ghost (God -Spirit), which
is in you, and which ye have of God, and ye
are not your own (as you think you are?"
1 Co r. 6 : 19.

The Masters symbolized this doctrine in
Card No. 9 of their Tarot, titled The Hermit,
which presents the initiate carrying a lighted
lantern, to indicate that he is a son of light.

The light of the lantern flows as rays from
the six-pointed star, formed by the interlaced
triangles, and signifies that the initiate has
attained the high state of cosmic consciousness by discovering the light of inner wisdom,
which reflects the Grand Presence of the Almighty in His Creations, and indicates to him
who understands that the Creator and the Created are actually ONE.

The doctrine of theophanism appears in the
John gospel, the scribe of which seems to be
wiser in the mysteries of creation than the
other gospel scribes. He made his Jesus speak
for all mankind and say -- I am in the Father
and the Father is in me. I and the Father are
One. He that hath seen me hath seen the Father (Jn. 10: 30, 38; 14:9, 11).

Think not that this law of creation is limited in scope and applies to only one man.
Like all laws of creation, it applies universally to all mankind. Every person can make the
same statement and stay on solid ground. For
we are all in the Father, as the Bible definitely states, and in Him we live, and move,

and have our being (Acts 17:28).

The created can manifest no essential attributes not possessed by the Creator, as the
effect can draw its reality and existence only
from the cause, which must contain within itself all that is essential in the effect. Dependent and derivate, the effect bears within
itself the evidence and condition of its dependency.

But in the case of man alone, there is this
important difference -- he possesses, above all
other creatures, what we call will power or
free will, and this quality individualized in
him, enables him, of all creatures upon the
earth, to rise above the natural influence of
creative law to the point where he may obey
the law or evade its provisions, the result of
such act being governed by the phase of the
law that we reap as we sow.

As man constantly uses his great will power
to avoid the provisions of some phase of creative law, he just as constantly sinks in degeneration in all his physical and mental
qualities. And this course brought into existence an art which its proponents claim can
correct with poisons, called medicine, the
evil effects of this evasion of the provisions
of the law of creation. The failures of 2,000
years prove the claim is false.
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"WONDER if anyone has sent
you, or if you have seen,
any information on the socalled 'cosmic consciousness'
machine that appeared in the
magazine Olympia Review No. 2,
(1962), published by Olympia
Press, 7RueSt-Severin, Paris,
France. A friend sent me the
instructions for making this
simple device, but not the accompanying literature. I hauG
never seen or heard of this
magazine previously, but m y
friend says it is difficult to
obtain. (Later -- I understand
t h e magazine may be bought
from the publisher in Paris at
a dollar per copy.)
"At any rate, here are the
plans for the easily-made device, said to produce the ecstatic trance state, 'cosmic
"Construct a cardboard (perhaps bristol board) cylinder