Volume 10, Issue 8, page 8

itiation we may need guidance, we may
have questions, we may require motivation
from time to time. Only a living teacher
can supply these in practical terms.

I know of cases where some men have experienced partial awakening all by themselves, just because they had come tothe
point where they were bound to have a
breakthru in perception. I have seen these
men, because they experienced a partial
breakthru, assume that the partial experience was the whole experience and go on
to formulate a new (to them) philosophy of
life. They could benefit from having a
living teacher to set them straight or at
least to make constructive suggestions.

In the Orient much is made over the
guru-disciple relationship. It is this: a
seeking soul meets an illumined soul and
the former recognizes the latter's ability
and lets himself be initiated or awakened. They agree to keep in tune so the
guru can aid the disciple whenever the
need is there. This continues until the
disciple is enlightened and can move intuitively on his own. Then he is ready to
assume the role of guru and assist others
who may be seeking.

True initiation consists of instruction as well as awakening. In fact, no initiation should be attempted unless instruction is given on how to control the
mind, how to understand the nature and
function of the body and how to harmonize
with the universe. Mental and emotional
stability are essential to this program.
Good intentions and high ideals are also

Many feel dejected after the initiation because the lights didn't light and
the bells didn't ring, or because a celestial chorus didn't attend the service.
Different people feel different things
during an initiation. Some feel nothing,
but are able to feel the awakening later
when they are relaxed. Others suddenly
feel light in and around them. Others
feel a flow of vital force thru their
body, thru the solar plexus, the spine,
the heart. Others feel heat, and still
others feel a peculiar elation and an intense joy, accompanied by a clear perception of what life is all about. This
glimpse into reality is enough to light
their days for a long time to come. ^But,
regardless of the experience, it is only
the beginning. The real work lies ahead.

This work is to reconcile the inner
life with the outer, in fact to make them
one life. Also, to work out the urges
and motivations which no longer seem consistent with the new life. This has been
termed "purification". It is a matter of
clearing the mind and body of incarnations
Of false feeling and believing and it is
not done in a day, or even in a month or
a year of days.

I want to stress that this can be a house if weshaveeTthecrighthment l attitude, if
we do not fight it. We should have an at(PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 12)
A riddle, a riddle, as I suppose,
A hundred eyes and never a nose !
I N THE UNENDING, reactive, non-objective
automaticity of the helix of Mother Nature,
there is patently no riddle, no puzzling
questions, as to which is which, and no wisdom is required to determine one's course of
action since there is no action. Only when one
introduces into his helix strange, extra sensory additives, does he come to the dichotomous point that is, at once, the end of heliocentricity and the beginning of straight line
radiation. This point of coincidence is death
and conception, is "a riddle, a riddle", a
Tweedledum and a Tweedledee, in which one is
forced to choose between the lesser of the
two identical ends.

To suppose is to jump to conclusions. When
the I is artificially built up on topto father
another helical outpouring conception, he supposes all is well because the point of all is a
well pouring out so-called blessed events.
When one's investment hits par, he needs a
hundred eyes, a hundred I' s, to see the hundreds of signs and wonders of the radiant
emergence. The un impregnated, blowout-proof
helix has no nose to stick into everything. It
is naturally truncated. But when the nose cone ,
the apex, the solar father center is put on
top of her, it blows off. The big surprise
comes when the whole helical pile blows along
with it.
"Never a nose! " is the exclamation of finding one's dotted i flopped upside down like an
exclamation point. A nose on a helix is an impossibility. "A riddle, a riddle", is a sieve, .