Volume 10, Issue 8, page 15

a reader or two :
Hi !

Maybe next year someone will
try to outdo our brevity, but
like the compact car -- and the
length of a skirt -- there's a
point beyond which we simply
cannot go...

If there were a dozen mediums, or "sensitives", in one
room at one time, and the area
was being "haunted" by any
number of "ghosts", or "spirits", we'd expect all present
to see, hear, or sense the
same entities. But this isn't
necessarily so, the traveling
team of Alice Brady and Tom
Bellinski, told us when tfiiey
stopped for a three-day appearance at the New Age Center
in Oklahoma City. They're from
Canton, Ohio, and have been in
California since April; when
interviewed, they were headed
for their hurricane season
home near Daytona Beach, Fla.
Mrs. Brady and Bellinski take
turns lecturing, but while she
lectures, he sits and sketches
the entities he "sees", or
senses, and after the lecture,
Mrs. Brady tries to match the
pictures up with persons in
the audience. "Don't you both
see the same entities?" we
asked in our innocent ignorance of things spiritual, and
we'll have to confess we think
a lot of claims will need investigating and re-evaluating
if "seeing" and "imagining"
are psychic synonyms...