Volume 10, Issue 4, page 16

iniquity', or that we are born
to be diseased, to me now constitutes an insult to God and
to man. It is a denial of everything Jesus said. It is the
real blasphemy. It is one of
the most common, unfortunate
and destructive effects of selfhypnosis. However, self-hypnosis is seldom effective unless instigated by heterohypnosis (being hypnotized by another). In this case, the original hypnotists are those in
authority, who should not be
in authority. The hypnotic command, now more obtrusive than
ever, is in essence: 'Altho we
have failed to produce a solution to the problem , you must
still follow us blindly and
implicitly. Altho the problem
under discussion is worsening,
you must still believe in us.
You must follow or even listen
to nobody else. You must, above
all, NOT think for yourselves.'
"Neither I nor any doctor
worthy of the name seeks to
'break down the will barrier'
of any patient. We seek to do
the opposite by enlightenment.
If we are working in agreement
with natural laws, we succeed,
the degree of success being
proportional to our own skill,
and, equally important, the
willingness of the patient to
lose his aberrations. If we are
inept or untrained, and if the
patient refuses to accept responsibility for himself and his
acts, we fail. At no time could
we do as much harm as the conventional hypnosis of accepting disgraceful, and sub-optimal conditions, or methods
which have failed, as 'the best
that can be done'. The best
that can be done is perfection ,
since God did not create imperfection . Only man is responsible for that...
"There is nothing evil in
Nature, and hypnosis is a natural phenomenon. It is the incorrect use of anything which
may be evil. Millions have destroyed themselves with food.
Air can kill, so can water. Any
instrument or therapy is as
good, or as useless, as its
user. Hypnosis used by a fool,
or by a charlatan, or by a devil, may be destructive, if such
operators can find subjects
fool enough to let them practice upon them. Hypnosis used
by a competent practitioner
upon subjects where and when
it is indicated, will always
be of benefit. Incidentally,
hypnotists who are the most
competent, judged by results
to patients, are always of the
highest moral and ethical integrity. Those with the most
integrity are given the most
ability. The hypnotist should
be chosen as carefully as the
surgeon, and on the basis of
results known to have been
achieved, not on the number of
Cadillacs he has." -- E.E.Rogers, M.D., 2391 W. 10th, Vancouver, B.C.
"I'm sorry o thad to miss
the reception Monday, but that
is the night my wife and I
visit Dr. Drown in Hollywood.
You may have heard of her work
in radionics, and her fantastic
instrument with which she can
diagnose any patient from a
drop of the patient's blood.
She can also use the instrument to ,photograph the diseased area and has a booklet
of rather amazing photos of
cancer, g a 11 stones , ulcers ,
blood clots, etc.
"As a matter of research,
she once 'tuned in' to a portion of the moon from a photograph obtained from the Griffith Park observatory. To her
surprise she obtained a clear
photo of a space satellite
passing just below the rim of
the moon. She `tuned in' to
the satellite and obtained a
somewhat blurred photo of the
occupants. One can easily distinguish the outline of a man's
lower body (from the chest
down) sitting in the capsule
and the unmistakable faces of
two dogs near his feet. Tubes
of some sort are attached to
the dogs' noses. Rather startling. But, of course, this
would be of no interest to
(ED. NOTE -- What do you mean
'OF COURSE, it would be of no
interest'? Have we created such
an incorrect impression of the
type of material we'd like to
use in The ABERREE? We're interested in anything unorthodox, as long as some people
sincerely bel ieve it -- and that
includes Dr. Drown.)
"I hope to find time in a few
days to dash off some sort of
article for ABERREE on the DCell as I promised...The article will get Dorey and Harold
Kinney off my back. They've
been nipping at me for months
about that article for you." --
Joe Dun Sloan, 6315 Middleton,
Huntington Park, Calif.
00 0
"Would like to commend Dr.
Kridler for his wonderful work
in revealing the falsehoods
and deceptions of the past. To
me a lie that builds a superstitious belief and excites
emotional erroneous imagination
is a very dangerous and misery-causing barrier to the development of potential powers.
"Humanity must move into
greater life expression and
full understanding of what it
is basically. We, in an organic
physical body, are as chickens
still in the eggs; we have no
idea of what movement a n d
freedom of action is.
"The element 'AIR' may hold
a greater secret, or ability ,
than has yet been approached.
Anciently it was stated that
if we would redeem the earth
and make all the land fruitful,
we would set into operation a
chain action that would take
up the seas. The air then would
become charged with a greater
and greater magnetism, people
would become awakened to a new
life, and the darkness of disease and death would fade away.
"Of course this is an insane idea to those blindly
buried under a myriad of methods to make money, and a school
system teaching successful
ways to lead the blind.
"But will we ever become
comprehensive enough to be
practical in a real earthly
and worldly sense? Root hog or
die -- and up to date it has been
die . " -- Wayne Trubshaw, 1515
8th St., Marysville, Wash.
"So pleased that you are
going to use 'Communication
with Other Levels'. This ties
up directly with hypnotism because inter -level communication of the N. R. (negative receptive ) circuitry type is
nothing more or less than 'possession of one by another' and
is hypnotism. Surely the degree
of hypnotic depth varies, but
it's still the same thing.
"Many may not agree with
these blunt statements, but
agreement is not a requirement
of communication. The fact that
some will read the views expressed regarding N-R and P-R
circuitry and then express
themselves TO THE SUBJECT, not
to the writer, can only benefit
all parties.
"The only ones that buzz me
are those that do not have the
courage of their convictions
and hide behind the fake trance
technique. An actual person in
trance (hypnotized) wi:l not
feel a pin that is induced into their flesh, unless in the
light stage. Further, ordinary
contact with the body of a
person in any degree of trance
(hypnotism) will in no way
harm them.
"Many 'mild-trance' sensitives put on the act of leaving the body, then speaking 'as
if' a Dr. -- , or a Mrs. -- ,
etc., is doing the originating.
Why fake the act? When you
know, you know ... say so!
"Am looking forward to attacks on the views expressed.
Expect some will attack me as
a person... that 's madness." --
Dr. George "Nasty Man" Crawford, 40 W.Main, Brevard, A.C.