Volume 10, Issue 4, page 14

"What a jolt to pull my latest ABERREE out of the envelope and have one of my creations 'jump out' at me.
"The reproduction is fine --
terrific! I'm happy about the
way it turned out and I'm also
very flattered that you should
find my Blue Boy interesting
enough to consider for a cover
on my favorite magazine. (TRUE
and ARGOSY are former favorites since my introduction to
"It occurs to me that some
of your readers may become a
little frantic looking at a
'no significance' painting that
is so lousy with gimmicks and
symbols, so with your permission, here are my thoughts behind 'Meyers' Blue Boy' (If
Gainsborough can have one, so
can I.) --
"'How blue I am ! Nobody
loves me. Everything (bad)
happens to me. Woe is me!' Decayed havingness at the bottom
of apathy. The snowy environment is, of course, the everpresent 'Cold, Cruel World'.
"It is certainly true that
all the world does not love the
'down and outer'. Tho some may
feel a certain amount of corpa 9sion and want to help him,
the majority wculd rather not
get involved (fear of contagion, perhaps.) Bystanders are
inclined to scoff and harass
(represented by dog-wolf, whatever), while friends desert
(empty pet collar) to seek a
happier environment.
"Collapsing toy balloon and
wilted tie are withering mementoes of past gay happy times
that he has no hope of duplicating in the present or future. Were he not so wrapped
up in himself, he would be
aware of the next (bear trap)
in the long line of major and
minor 'pitfalls of life' that
he can either avoid or maneuver
himself into. Which leads us
to the moral of the story -- we
are, after all is said and
done, self-made.
"Why I picked an abominable
snowman type is anybody's
guess. Have done an improved
version on a 12"x 16" canvas.
It is the same except that I
have added child-like features
to the character's face, which
adds more sympathy appeal.
"When I read in a previous
issue that you could not reproduce the painting, I decided to try something less difficult to reproduce for your
consideration. It is something
from the lighter side of life
which should appeal to those
with a sense of humor. I was
about to 'sound the starting
gun' on the project when up
regions of man's inner world are still unknown.
It is impossible, for the present, to grasp
its (body's) constitution. We must, then, be
content with the scientific observation of our
organic and mental activities, and, without
any other guide, march forward into the unknown."
And so, a great scientist in the field of
biology and pathology presents the sad state
of mental ignorance prevailing in that realm.
Yet we are brazenly assured by those engaged
in the work that within a comparatively short
time "disease" will be conquered and become
only a memory, provided the money for that
brand of research will continue to pour into
the medical coffers.

This admitted ignorance as to the most vital element in all creation is heralded in big
publications as "The march of science': Now we
know the direction of that "march ". Carrel
told us, and he goes further in these words:
"Those (scientists) who investigate the
phenomena of life are as if lost in an inextricable jungle, in the midst of a magic forest,
whose countless trees unceasingly change their
places and their shape."
Dr. White was justified in stating that the
biblical concept of creation by the fiat of
God was exploded and gone. But his five great
men did not find the deep secret of creation.
Their findings exploded the biblical concept
but failed to replace it with anything definite
on the point. And so, we are no better off now
than we were before.

Pursuing the trail of physical science in
all things, we invariably come to a line which,
we are assured, cannot be passed -- "the-ringpass-not". Beyond that line lies the great unknown. Further advance in that dark region is
impossible -- for science says so, and that's

We accept this position as evidence not of
the inability of man to progress to knowledge
of higher causes, but of the inadequacy of the
research method conducted by science. We said
all questions have answers, and, with an adequate system of research, it is possible to
ascend not only to higher levels where answers
lie hidden in the crypt, but to advance laterally without limit.

The further we follow a false philosophy,
the denser grows the nature of the Unknowable
Reality, and the more uncertain we become at
each step. But the dogma of creation by the
fiat of God having been exploded, we are in
total darkness which science cannot dissipate
in spite of all its boasted progress.

Law, order, system, and development are so
intimately related that the thinking mind will
not bring its searchings to a close, and rest
its reasoning upon the belief that God, without the observance of law and order as revealed
by all created phenomena, by word of mouth and
wave of hand, commanded into existence out of
nothing, the countless formations of this majestic universe.

As hard as humanity searches for knowledge
and the amount of time and money expended in
research for knowledge, make it difficult to
believe that entire libraries have been burned
to destroy knowledge. Such are the bald facts
of history, and that data are now called "hate
literature" when published and passed out to
the brainwashed slaves of modern times.

We have discovered enough in our 65 years
of experience and researching for knowledge to
be constrained to believe that the ancient
masters and their mysterious symbols were far
from being what we have been told they are. We
have found enough evidence to indicate that
the masters were scientists of the first order,
and that their symbolism, including their Zodiakos and their Tarot cards, concealed an amazing story relative to creation. Some of that
story we shall describe.
(Continued in the next issue)