Volume 10, Issue 4, page 4

Tricks that Trip Truth `Seekers'
T IS obvious today that there is a
great interest in the psychic realms.

Part of this is due to the sincere
urge of the soul to know the truth
about life and part of it is due to
the need we have to be entertained.

In the latter instance, people find
life so boring that psychic experiences are fascinating to investigate,
for a while. When the novelty wears
off, the soul is just as bored as before.
Psychic investigation, while it may be
stimulating for awhile, is not necessarily rewarding. An awareness of the psychic
worlds does not automatically insure peace
of mind, enlightenment, and the solving
of human problems.

A person who understands the nature of Consciousness is free to that degree, regardless
of whether he operates on this plane or an
astral plane. There are liberated souls operating on earth who see thru the essential
dream nature of things and they are more free
than many people on the astral planes who are
involved to the point where they think their
world is real. So it is not that any plane or
place is more or less spiritual; it is our
ability to see thru the thing that makes the
difference. There is no power in things to
control us; it is our concept of the world that
enables us to be free or causes us to remain
in bondage.

A person who believes that astral worlds
are more real than this world is deluded, spiritually short-sighted. The astral or energy
manifestations are figments, as are the things
of this world. It is all Consciousness appearing in form -- on this or any other plane.

Many think that when they leave the body
they will go to an astral plane, where they
will be free, or where they will be reunited
with friends and members of the family who've
left the body. In the first place, there is no
sure way to know whether you will move onto
the same astral level as your friends because
as time goes, on you may no longer see things
the same way. Also, by the time you leave this
plane they may have reincarnated. Besides, the
clinging,to the form or body of others is a
cause for pain -- a need to have their world remain pretty much the way it has always been in
order to feel secure. They are still believing
that security lies in things and form. They
have not yet learned to attune themselves to
the Infinite Invisible which is appearing as
the forms. The astral worlds will one day dissolve, as will this world.

It does not seem to carry much weight when
we remind people that all enlightened souls
have said it was unwise to become overly involved in the psychic realms. Every truth
teacher without exception has stressed the importance of remaining true to the basic principles of life. When we are able to move consciously in the realization of our real or soul
nature. we are able to see everything as it
is, right where we are. We experience fulfillment and are not forever seeking new thrills,
nor are we seeking to escape from a humdrum
existence. What drives people into the pursuit
of truth in the psychic realms? It is ignorance
-- for all delusion is the result of the soul
being ignorant of its real nature. The cure is
enlightenment. It is that simple
Man is dominated by one of three qualities
in nature: Inertia, and he is lazy and spiritually blind; or restlessness, and a blend of
spiritual desire and the need for stimulation;
or he aspires unto light and truth. Men and
women who remain on the astral level are dominated by their restless nature. They may at
times be lifted into the heights of spiritual
aspiration, but for the most part they desire
to become involved in the psychic worlds. A
wholesome interest in the psychic realms is
not bad but all too often it becomes an escape
from the reality of this world.

That is why many cannot understand why their
personal life pattern is not getting better
even tho