Volume 10, Issue 4, page 6

`Unearned Spirit Contacts Hit
NTERCOMMUNICATION between the two lev- that which enables him to positively receive.
els o f soul manifestation has been it i s suspected that the percentage o f
practiced for many years. This par- those who have earned the right and practice
titular presentation is to clarify P. R. circuitry is a much smaller group than
the two distinctly different method- those who want to be mystically important or
ologies -- two distinct methods that who naively believe that you can get something
are the antithesis of one another.
for nothing an d feel that you have become
evolved lby becoming negative. In the latter
One is constructive, and i s in har- g are large numbers of "sensitives" rangmony with the universal constructive ingroupfrom slightly negative to total negative.
laws of nature as they are known to The choice is up to the individual, but it
mankind. The other is destructive and in- is an obligation for those who are aware of
harmonious with natural law. The first is the two different methodologies to present to
known as. the positive - receptive (P.R.) al l who will listen the clear explanation o f
mode of communication, and the other is P. R. circuitry as opposed to N. R. circuitry;
further to point out that one is in harmony
known as a negative-receptive (N. R.) type with the constructive laws of nature and the
other violates the natural and constructive
laws of nature. It should be noted that violation of the "individuality-of-the-entity" by
any means (no matter how glorious the result
may appear at the moment) carries with it an
automatic penalty.

Many of you know persons who are classified
as sensitives or mediums. The question is: Are
they healthy mentally and physically by standards you accept as healthy standards? Do they
suffer from aches and pains? Are they beset
with unhappiness? Are they troubled by worries, annoyances, constant accidents of a minor or semi-major nature? Do they exemplify
"POCK" meaning "positive, optimistic, constructive, and kind", in their own life as
well as that which they express to others?
These are the questions for you to ponder.

Remember that one who practices a profession
which demands honesty and then in his own life
is not honest -- no matter how much good he may
do another -- is a hypocrite. A doctor, for example, who cannot maintain a degree of normal
or better-than-normal health has no honest
right to practice as a doctor. A lawyer who is
fundamentally dishonest and tricky has no
moral right to practice his profession. And
certainly you wouldn't bank your money in an
institution whose officers in their personal
lives were dishonest with funds.

As you search for a philosophy for life and
the meaning of it all, you will meet some who
are positive-receptive. These few will manifest health, happiness, and harmony because
they comply with natural laws.

Those who daily strive to maintain a harmonic with universal laws earn the reward of
manifesting a higher vibratory cellular body.
With a higher vibratory cellular body comes
the P. R., a keenness of sense organs. It is
the sensitivity of the organism that determines its receptiveness.

You may ask, "If it is the sensitivity of
the organism that is so necessary, than what
is wrong with using methods and chemicals that
make the sense organs more sensitive? What is
wrong with using parts of the cactus family of
plants, the sacred mushroom, and other chemicals, herbals, and gases that sharpen t h e
Those using these methods are attempting to
gain that which they have not earned as an
of communication.

You will notice that both of these types of
communication are those of receptivity. Bluntly
stated, those of us on this particular plane
of manifestation or vibration receive information, philosophical comment, directions, suggestions, and the like in either of these two
ways. The positive-reception (P.R.' method is
exemplified in our physical-material world as
the accepted way of communication. It is written or spoken to someone who reads or hears it.
Both the writer or speaker and the reader or
listener are ina positive-receptive condition.
Both are. fully conscious and have the privilege of choice to accept or reject as the individual chooses. We have this same type of
P. R. methodology used with radio, with T-V,
and in all forms of communication acceptable
to our society.

This is entirely different from the negative-receptive (N.ft.I. Negative-receptive sets
aside the " Cone.ious - awareness" department
from a slight bit to total disconnection. Thus
the receiver does not retain the right of free,
positive choice. Examples of this would be the
trance medium, or the semi-trance medium, or
any shades or degrees of mediumship where the
individual, acting as the medium, is in the
slightest degree of semi-consciousness and
then speaks, writes, or in some other way manifests the control of the sender. Using this
N. R. method, it is even possible for a human
physical organism on this plane to be possessed
by another intelligence, either in a physical
body, or no longer in a material body.

N.R. is to be avoided if for no other reason
than the fact the receiver is not in full,
total possession of his faculties. Such lack
of possession violates the law of individuality and separateness. The outstanding men and
women of today in the field of receptivity who
manifest a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a
healthy philosophy -- that word "healthy" means
harmonious -- know full well that there are no
trick courses by canticles, drugs, or other
method for the attainment of the reward of
attunement to the great creative source, or
communication with individuals who have moved
to a higher vibratory level.

There is no constructive, honest short-cut.
It is a reward that is earned -- earned because
one has learned and applied and lived and done
6 The A B E R R E E JULY-AUGUST, 1963