Volume 9, Issue 6, page 4

(From the Published Lectures of Richard Ingalese.

Copyright 1902 by Richard Ingalese.)
EN CONSTANTLY spin thought webs connecting
themselves for good or ill with persons
or things. If you hate a person, you are
constantly sending hateful thoughts to
that person and by so doing you keep a
constant vibration of the ether between
you. After a time, this vibration becomes a
real pathway of your hatred, with a bond invisible, yet stronger and harder to break than
a bond of steel.

Those who love each other are drawn again
and again into closer relationships of life
because of ties formed in past lives.

We are also constantly putting into action
by our thoughts the great law of equilibrium,
the law of justice. This law modifies our evolution and limits our scope of free-will under
certain conditions. There is a law of absolute
justice -- and it is man's unjust thoughts which
lead him to believe otherwise. It is thru equilibrium that the great law of justice brings
back to man precisely what he has sent forth,
and this is why he often finds in his everyday
life that he must readjust himself. "Be not
deceived; God (the law) is not mocked; for
whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also
The character of a man's thoughts determine
his environment and his special thoughts determine the family in that class which will
give him his body. For example: a man who cultivates only that which pertains to the socalled evil side of life will reincarnate into
an environment suitable to the character he
has made for himself. He will be born into
criminal circles.

There is no use wasting tears about him or
his depravity. God is just and this universe is
governed by law. When a man comes back to slum
life, he has put himself into that condition;
his own thoughts have carried him just where he
belongs. It is quite common for a soul or mind
to incarnate in a respectable circle of society
in one life; yet by dissipation, neglect of
opportunity, and cultivating the animal side
of his nature, to become a social outcast in
its next earth life where it will be able to
indulge its unfortunate propensities unrestrained by respectable friends or relations.

When a person is born under favorable c ircumstances it is because the character of his
thoughts brought him into that environment. He
was attached by the Great Law to the parents
who were able and willing to give him the advantages he received.

We will save ourselves much wasted force and
sympathy when we recognize the fact that nothing ever just happens in life, but everything
is governed by law. Do not attempt to quarrel
with the law which is giving the unfortunates
precisely what they have desired some time in
their career. If you see a soul who seeks help
-- then help it, but do not weep over those who
are reaping the fruits of their own destructive thoughts.

Man determines his birth and the quality of
his body at birth -- and he modifies his body
God is to each thing in exact measure as
that thing is to itself and to God. And God
is to each other thing in exact measure as
each thing is to itself and to each other
thing and to God.

Each thing is to each other thing in exact
measure as it is to itself.

Each thing is to God in exact measure as it
is to itself.

Within each thing lie the potentialities of
all creation.

Each thing creates in accordance to its beingness to itself.

Man has said that this is good and this is
evil, that this is acceptable to God and that
is not. And God accepts and is the creation of
Man's saying, but does not uphold it.

The Always of God is in the beingness of
God and never in the way of the beingness.

The truest prayer of Man is awareness and
use; the grandest hymn is the joyousness of
awareness and use.

If Man were joyous in all he did, God would
be glad. By his sadness and misery, Man saddens and pains God.

What a man says is true and what he acts is
true may be two different things. Real truth
lies in the fact of the speech and the fact of
the act.
every moment of his life.

The dissipated sensuous and sensual one
thinks only of that pertaining to his external
side of life; he excarnates, and after a time
is brought back to earth into an environment
where he is prenatally marked with the very
characteristics that his own mind indicates.
He is forced to take the kind of body which is
the best expression for him.

It is unusual for such a soul to succeed in
getting out of that environment in one life
because its body and brain express so strongly
those particular characteristics. It is possible, however, to do one of two things -- indulge
in the vicious propensities until the depths
of degradation have been reached, and it learns
that the price is entirely too great to pay
for such pleasures and decides to reform; or it
may begin to fight for self-control from the
beginning and gradually change its body an d
environment by changing its thought.

In the sense of making his own character,
man is his own creator. He has .the free will
to think and every thought is a tendency in a
given direction. Every thought a man thinks
has its effects upon his destiny, not only in
shaping his present life but also his future

The majority of folk make their physical
bodies and environment unconsciously, but I
have known men who have consciously made their
bodies over so completely that their friends
did not recognize them afterward. I have seen
women change their figures thru the power of
their thoughts and make them precisely what
they desired them to be.

Persons who showed the marks of age have
brought back the flush of youth, and I have
known men and women to prolong their lives far
beyond the three score and ten that the individuals of our race are supposed to have allotted to them.
4 The A B E R R E E OCTOBER, 1962