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DEAR LOUIS-Your Prediction concerning the new data on the earth's
age coming forth was Published in a
current SATURDAY EVENING POST. We wish there had been sore of
your Predictions and less of the others.--
H.S.B., Denver, Colo.

DEAR H.S.B. --Yes, several people cut the article out and sent it
to me. I was pleased to read it. Now, now--we
need those who cry havoc. It sort of helps clear the air.

DEAR L09IS You said in a recent letter that people should read
between the lines concerning the election. What
did you mean ? - B. D. , Long Beach$ Calif.

DEAR B.D.--I overestimated the intelligence of SOME people. but
such are needed in the total Pattern. It is hard
for me to excuse stupidity, but it is with us. By reading between
the lines, I meant-THINK. I know it Is out of
fashion, 'but it is heeded. Some people need a mental catharsis--
but. if all the garbage was removed, they might find
an empty area.

. 0

DEAR LOUIS-- I an very Pleased with your ux).rk and would like to
be able to do what YOU do. Please tell me
how. --B.B. Muskegon, Mich.

DEAR B.B--I just practice Seeing: I do not set myself up as a
teacher of others. I suggest you read Lowana
julaine's column, "The Easy Way to Psychic Development".


DEAR LOUIS--Is it true that Peter Burkos is losing his
gift?'--L.M., Chicago, Ill.

DEAR L.M.--Peter Hurkos nor I nor anyone else has a "gift" so,
how can You lose such? These so-called gifts
areabilities that are earned .-no one gives.you anything--the

or anyone else. The primary law is equality and justice, and we
earn and receive just what we have paid for. I saw
Peter.Hurkos sometime ago, and he was operating on all
cylinders--and he will continue to for many a year.


DEAR LOUIS--What happened to Amelia garhart?--J.L., Denver, Colo.

DEAR J.L.--She was murdered by the Japanese. She was doing some
"unofficial seeing" for the Government.

39CRET OF LONG LIFE, by Goddard 9. D. Diamond. Reprint by Health
Research, Mokelumne Hill, Calif.

Is it possible to reverse the physiological lever and change the
process of decaying and dying by degrees to that of
regeneration and rejuvenation?

Goddard Diamond was born in 1796, when George Washingtor~ was
President of the U.S.A., and died at the
amazing age of 120 in 1916 when Woodrow Wilson was President.

When Diamond was 108, he wrote a book titled"Secret of Long Life,
or How to Live in Three Centuries," which
we read more than 50 years ago . It has long been out of print,
and our mention of it in our writings created a
demand for it. Health Research found an old copy after a long
hunt and republished it recently.

Diamond so effectively halted the process of dying by inches that
he was in better shape when he was 100 than at
65. How he did it is the story told in his book --and what he
did, millions more can do.

At the age of 56 Diamond became a vegetarian, which many think is
the basic secret of health and longevity. He
used no stimulants, no tea nor coffee, and never used tobacco .
At the age of 60, he was shocked to s e e sad signs of
aging. He jumped to the ground from a wagon and found his joints
failed to respond with their usual rebound.

The evidence of aging appeared after he had been a vegeterian
four years. This process of sclerosis, for which
medical science has no remedy, continued until, at the age of 79,
Diamond was afflicted with

MAY, 1961 ~ The ABERREE

DEAR LOUIS--I find that after 19 years of marrilagep my wife has
been stepping out on me since we werefirst
married. I am a traveling salesman and spend three-fourths o my
time on the road. - B.C. , Lamford, Conn.

DEAR B.C.---Why did you not tell all of the story? Let's face it.
Your time on t1ke road was not all business. If
I were you, I 'd clean the barnacles off my own rowboat before'I
scuttled other boats in the bay.

such hardening of tissues and blood vessels, stiffness of muscles
and joints, that he could not rise from a chair nor
sit down without great discomfort, often requiring help. The
tissues of his arms and hands were so stiff, it was hard
for him to handle knife and fork to feed himself.

~s usual, "medicine" and medicos could give him no relief, and
the same sad story was told to him that has been
told to many-- he 'had not long to live. According to medical
art, when medicine and medicos fail, your case is
hopeless and your end is near.

But Diamond didnot give up. He acted, and he proved how wrong
medical art is. Forced to it, he, as thousands of
others have done, did what all sick persons should do right at
the first: he turned to the
Universal Power that creates and sustains us and brings the sick
back to health when given a

What is meant by turning to the Creative Power of the Universe?
What did Diamond do? He
did what the best Hygienists , Naturists, and Creationists do for
their patients. And they
are called "Doctors", but that is the wrong term as it is usually

Doctors are erroneously believed to be those who get the sick
well. That has never
occurred and never will occur. The sick who do get well recover
because of the reparative
process of the Creative Power when it is given an unobstructed
chance to work. Great doctors
are the few who know the deep secret of giving Creation a chance
to do its own creative work
unhampered. More can be dangerous. Getting the sick well is
definitely a process of creation -
- never of so-called healing. All doctors and all remedies on
earth would never repair so
much as a scratch on one's finger were it not for the reparative
process of the -Creative
Power of the Universe . -Prof. Hi I ton Ho texa.