Volume 8, Issue 2, page 9


JULAINE To Psqch'1c


VE HAD people get so" tickled" trying this next exercise that
they have laughed until the
tears came. So go ahead and laugh. It will do you good in more
ways than one. Feel silly if
you must, but don't give up and quit. If such could be weighed,
the master

1h ing of this exercise would be wort

its weight in gold.

I also have had people tell me that I am profane and blasphemous.
That I have an evil
mind is not true, but if you are overly modest, you might as well
quit now and forget the
whole thing, because you'll never make any headway in that frame
of mind.

When you have learned to "guess" where other living entities are,
and are able to "see" them, you are well on
your way to becoming a true telepath.

Before you go on any astral journey, you should beable to control
your own astral body.

For clarification of this exercise I am going to sound as if I'm
contradicting m~self. Believe me I'm not. There
just isn't any other way thatl know about to make this lesson
clear to your subconscious mind.

Later you will be able to "see" your astral body in its own true
shape, size, and glory, but for now, you will use
your physical body as a model.

I hope you really accomplished SEEING yo~r body with your inner
eye, because here is where you will use it to
full advantage.

Find a place and relax, using the same exercises you used in
Chapter IV (November ABERREE). After you have
fully relaxed, you will start over with this same exercise, but
you will go one step further.

Starting with your feet, SEE them walking around without legs or
body-just a pair of feet, walking back and
forth, across an invisible floor, climbing up and down invisible
stairs. When you can SEE them doing this SEE
them walking across your own floor. Two ieet

nothing more, walking and walking, around an4 about the house-out
of the door, into the yard, and down the street.

Don't leave your feet stranded somewhere in the middle of the
next block. BRING THEM BACK and put them
where they belong, and that is right onto the ankle joint.

Go over this again by letting the feet walk around the house,
ADDING the legs before they walk out of the
door and into the yard and down the street.

Let each part "go out" of your body and be are-joined " to your
body. on up the body, starting each time with the
partly completed


THE REST OF YOUR BODY. Joint by joint, you
will build the body until it is a comi - )Ieted body
without a mind. A walking zombie without a
soul of its own. Be sure to make the body as
perfect a replica of your physical body as you
possibly can.

Some persons go on astral journey, without control; they go
whither and thither as fancy strikes them, or as the
fancies of others will send them. Still others go on controlled
journey without understanding that there is no secret
place to refuse them entrance.

You want CONTROLLED ASTRAL JOURNEY, so when you have completed
your zombie body, give it eyes.
Let it go to one of the neighbor's homes and SEE for you. If you
should SEE something that is none of your
business, then be honest with yourself and forget it. Don't
infringe on anyone's privacy.

Send your astral body on short journeys that you can check on,
such as what is playing at the movies down the
street, what is on sale at the grocery store, what are the
headlines in the evening paper. Things like that are useful as
well as interesting, and will embarrass no one.

When you have learned to control short journeys by mental control
of this body, give it a mind-your own astral

At this point, you will not be aware of controlling it (this will
be done subconsciously from now on), but you
will be conscious of where it goes and what it does-such as going
back in time. Then, if you want to be the
neighborhood fortune teller, train for pasttime journey and
future-time journey.

This is tricky, so go slow. If you have a co-student, then you
are in the best position for doing this. Get their
permission to go back to their yesterday and tell them what they
did all day long.

A good way of testing this i s to have them make notations for
one day. Then, the next day you can go "time -
hopping" and they will have a list of what they did, just in case
you should tell them something which they forgot
happened. You m ay accidentally pick up something pre

vious to that yesterday. This has been don; often; it isn't
unusual, so don't let it excite you or discourage you.

For future-sensing, you go on your "timehopping" journey and you
make the notations, later checking with your
co-student as to how many points you have right.

It isn't advisable to go more than a week into the future at a
time. Later you may go as far as a
year, after you have gained seIf-confidence. Let your astral be
your guide in this.

one other thing about what I call "timehopping" astrally. Don't
go into your own future.
Let your co-student do that for you. Because, strange as it may
seem, the minute you

MAY. 1961. The RBERREE