Volume 8, Issue 2, page 15

as an organization because they have outgrown it and the petty
control it is enforcing upon its members. It is no
secret to many that Scientology is considered a quack science and
its methods dangerous in the hands of the

I am sure many have found , ~;*I have, they are simply happier
working on their o w n beyond the dictates of
an organization that takes no time or makes no effort to retain
its top people." --Robert 9. Wingate, D.Scn.,

"Some time ago you everyone who believes in survival after death
should be a Spiritualist. A new book, which
we borrowed thru the Theological Library at Boston, deals with
this and agrees with you, tho perhaps on different
grounds. Theauthor, S. Ralph Harlow (A Life AfterDeath, Doubleday
1961) is a Congregational minister who has
taught intheBible dept. at Smith College. He cites some
remarkable things he has witnessed, both in seances
andthemore informal happenings in his own family. But he believes
that to found a church on this one
aspectoireality is idolatry ;-theworship of a part in

tead of the whole --that religions are for the worship of God.

"I feel somewhat the same about Christian Science. I am sure the
body's illnesses are usually caused or very
much worsened by the mind. and that mental andspiritual and faith
healings; all occur, and yet I think to found a
church on the one neglected commandment. 'Heal the sick ', is an
overemphasis. However. both Christian Science
and Spiritualism may be excellent Propaganda and public education
for neg

lected truths."--Marjory Mans: field, Monterey, Mass.

"Some things in the latest ABERREE need answering, or clarifying.
First, the book review (by an old friend, Ted
Robles) on the British edition of 'Have You Lived Before This
Life'. points up the bad points of that edition, some
of which have been removed in the U.S. edition. incidentally. the
American edition does not state that there has been
any abridgement-- which there most definitely has. For instance,
the British edition contains 42 case histories, while
the U.S. edition has only 35. 1 have not read the British
edition, thus a proper comparison has not been
possible to determine just what incidents have been removed. I do
no t

share Ted's view that every incident is necessarily dub-in or
lie-factory material, tho it is pretty obvious that some
are glaring examples of poor intention andcontrol on the partof
apparently inexperienced auditors ... I do agree

wholeheartedly that it does
not do justice to the usual
Hubbard writing, fiction or

otherwise. and does not pre-
sent a favorable view for the
general public. Not recommend-
ed reading.
Colo. "in the Dear Editor column,
I note a letter from a branch
asked if of HCO, rather uncommon in The
ABERREE, to say the least,
discussing Scientology, in re-
ply to your auditorial of
March last. It is rather amus-
ing to read about 'studying

techniques ... and building up
circuitry to defeat t h e m' .
Takes oneback to the good old
days of demon circuits and com-
mand phrases; I didn't think
Scientologists discussed such
things any more. In 11 years
I've read some of the best
written words, and listened to
some of the best lectures ever
presented on the subject of
mind and spirit, the credit for
which belongs to L. Ron Hub-
bard, a gifted and tireless
teacher. But the most inspired
efforts can be misused. The
most unacceptable of common
viewpoints found amongst Sci-
entologists is the attitude
that someone who disagrees
with organization orauthorized
procedures is therefore, per
se, low toned, because he dis-
agrees. Incredible thoit might
seem there are high toned in-
dividuals who have elected to
withdraw from active partici
pation in Scientology, not be:
cause they are low toned, nor
because they disagree with the
basic tenets or dynamics, ax-
ioms, logics, or factors of
Dianetics/Scientology, but be-
cause they disagree with what
people in the organization are
doing with these tenets, and
basic Principles.

"There are entirely too few good practicing professional auditors
in the field today. it is true that many old timers
from the Book One days of Elizabeth and Los Angeles Practiced for
a few years and fell by the wayside or abandoned
Dianetics/Scientology entirely because of their case level and
eventual inability to confront precl ears; and it is true
that some of these early HDAS were considered by themselves and
others as difficult cases because they had
'developed circuitry' good enough to circumvent any then-known
technique. but over the years, further research and


in Scientology has tempered this view somewhat; those circuits
were not quite as powerful as some of us then
believed; the command power of command phrases was not as
absolute as' was popularly believed; and it wasn0t
done to us after all, in the final analysis! It has been my
experience that many an auditor or ex-auditor fell into ill-
times and out of practice because of a combination of
bad-auditing and bad-preclearing. And yet, many auditors
caused a great amount of good results to happen with many

"if Scientology is really advanced and fully developed (I hope it
is not really the case, for if it has finished
developing then it has started its decline--cycle of actionl, it
should be able to withstand scrutiny and face intelligent
criticism. Not every critic is necessarily low toned or
criminally motivated, simply because he criticises that with
which he does not agree. In clear-cut and open debate Scientology
shoutd be able to stand up to the critics and prove
their stand, policies, and actions, if indeed they are based upon
self-evident situations and unassailable principles." --
James F. Pink~ ham, Olney, Texas

"How come you left out the main part of my letter in the march
ABERREE? you suggested I write a letter
regarding my NALP (New Age Leadership Planl then left out that
part of MY letter which referred to it. (ED. NOTE---
Sorry, but Space just didn't join our "Intinites".)

"New Age Leaders are needed badly and with this simple plan any
believer in Christ (the Mighty Logos) can
contribute to the enlightenment of mankind. Do you want a
technique that works, ABERREE readers? just try the
doctrine and see."-- Martha Baker, 109 3. Schiller. Little Rock.

"The time is overdue to cut the argument by Mr.Morris Katzen, and
others . Mr. Katzen has gotten hold*~f a
little of the Philosopher's Stone, but whoever'gavet (quotation
marks please) it to him covered it over with manure.
Furthermore, he is incorrect in many of his Bible references.
This will be made true and plain for readers to prove for

without accepting interpreters of scripture. a plague on both
their houses.

"Volney G. Mathison, Philosophy Doctor) (question mark please)
Admonition. Son of