Volume 8, Issue 1, page 6


~~v alew To



for people who go
thru study after study and still can't seem to make any headway
in getting the things they want and deserve out
of life.

I have asked you to use your powers wisely and well. This is
imperative but it isn't necessary for everyone to go
thru extensive mental and bodily cleansing. If that were so, it
stands to reason that many persons who have great
riches and power would be paupers, rather than be what the world
calls"great" men and women.

Those persons command the Cosmic by controlling it, and they get
what they want, as well as what they need.
How do they do it?

First, they decide what they want. They Picture it in their mind.
They Picture the ways and means that it
will take to fully accomplish the end result. They go over and
over it in their minds until that Picture is Perfect.
Business persons will then act on it. They start the ball
rolling, so to speak. If it takes a letter to start things off,
they will see that the letter is writtion, If it is a Phone call
that is needed, the call is made. After awhile, that person
gets to the point where it takes no more than a split-second to
command the Cosmic and get exactly what they

You don't have this ability, or you wouldn 't be reading this in
an effort to gain a better understanding of what
we call metaphysics, or mental physics.

So you will start as I did, as the rich (self-made) man did, as
anyone else did who now commands the Cosmic.
Start slowand easy.

This is where telling your co-student where the button was and
telling them to pick it up come~ into usefulness.

First, decide just exactly what it is you want Then "see" the
whole thing coming to pass: just as a movie
unfolds on the screen. Don't leave out any action of any person
who is connected with what you want. See it
hapPen. If possible, start the ball rolling. Do something that
will Place that command into the Cosmic. If You
have to do two or three things in the beginning, do them.

At first you may find yourself "Playing checkers" with the Cosmic
powers. That is all right, too, because the
Cosmic will do everything it understands and then return to you
to learn what to do next.

This means that You haven't made your picture complete to start
with. Very few persons do--at least at the
beginning. You may need to do as I had to do at first, and that
is speak

out loud. I always bad a horror of failing my school examinations
at the end of a semester

I would go into my room and say, out loud, tj myself, "I am going
to pass arithmetic (or spelling, or whatever the
subject might be) tomorrow." Then I would see myself getting up
the next morning, eating breakfast, and all the
things necessary to do before school . After that I would see
myself going to school. see myself arriving, see
myself at my desk, see myself taking the test. If it were a
written test, I would see myself handing the test to the
teacher, see her handing it back with a big red"A" marked at the

I would repeat, out loud again, I AM GOING TO PASS ARITHMETIC
TOMORROW. And then real (juick,
before I could start to doubt, I would grab a toy, or race with
the dog, or some other thing that made up my life. I
would FORGET that,I had commanded the Cosmic.

In-fact, at the time, I didn't even know that what I was doing
was commanding a higher power. I only KNEW
that I WOULD pass.

This forgetting with the conscious mind is one of the so-called
ancient secrets., As long as you keep a thought
in your mind, it can't get out into the Cosmic channels. It is
like writing a short telegram and never giving it to the
telegraph operator so it can be sent off. if you keep the written
words in your pocket, no one can read them. If you
keep your thoughts to yourself, the Cosmic can't hear.

If you need to make another move, don't worry about it. You'll
know what and when by what has come to pass.

Here it is again. DECIDE what you want. COMMAND the Cosmic. SEE
it come to pass. START the ball
rolling (if necessaryl. FORGET it.

Tbis"secret" is used unknovAngly by millions of persons each day
who are so busy with so many different
things that they couldn't remember all the Cosmic Commands they
send. even if they knew what they were doing.
They FORGET, and by forgetting, they COMMAND. Remember, when you
keep a Cosmic Command in your
mind, it never leaves your mind; it has no way of becoming a
Cosmic thought wave.

In telepathy. you"send" to another living entity. With Cosmic
Command, you "send" to higher powers. SEND
IT OUT so that it reaches the RECEIVEIL With telepathy, you go
from physical to physical. In commanding the
Cosmic, you go from physical to astral. I hope this is clear
enough to be understood and put to practical use.

It isn't advisable to ASK for something you can do yourself,
either physically or mentally. In doing this. the
conscious mind becomes lazy , and you don't want that to happen.
It is very necessary to have a conscience, be it
guilty or not,

When you have learned to do this, you will learn that it takes so
little to actually keep