Volume 8, Issue 1, page 11


BRING order out of chaos, a suitable framework need be accepted,

assumed, or known. Let us try to outline

such a framework. as well as give a few

hints on how to utilize it.

Theta, god, prime cause. etc., is at the top of thescale of the
structure. Benevolence,
affinity, altruism is the bridging attitude from top scale down
into MEST (Matter, Energy,
Space, Time). the material world level , top range. From here
down you have the degeneration
of altruistic actions and motives into destructive hate, non
affinity, non altruistic actions
and motives until it solidifies into the inanimate matter as
rocks, minerals. and the dust of
the earth.

It does not stop here, but continues on the minus aspects of life--
thetans without bodies
acting as ghosts, gods, control entities (the minus tone scales
of Scientology outline this
well enough). The below-scale actually curves upwards to the back
side of theta prime top
scale. making a complete cycle-- from theta to MEST thru MEST,
out the bottom, and back up to
theta prime again.

The confusion in this psycnic, parapsychology, theta concepts is
in the lack of
realization that the two theta paths, thru impact on aie another,
create the solidified MEST
level of reality, the same as any aberration, engram, or impacted
energy particles. On top
scale, theta prime is where both theta paths meet in complete
unification of agreement--no
impacts, a blending.

If you can see this much clearly, you then can start sorting your
bits of data and put
them in proper categories.

If an item of data is destructive, overt, cruel, etc., it belongs
in the minus framework
side, as do all control and intentions of a restricting nature.
The reverse of construction--
honesty, sincerity, kindliness, assistance--belong on the plus
side of the framework . Truth,
responsibility, owning, sharing, tolerance are again on the
positive side of the structure.
Lies, blame (responsibility shifting). not owning, not sharing,
and intolerance belong on the
minus side of thescal.e.

If you have trouble determining whether something is good or bad
in itself as data, just
follow it up in expanded view and see whether it does the greater
good, or greater harm, as
applied toyou and the world at large. If it does you good, like
making a lot of money, just
look at who has to do without what share of mass wealth so that
you can have a surplus. Then
you begin to see that to be right in one's own action is not
enough. It also has to do
someone else some good to be on the plus side. If it benefits
you. and costs others more than
their share of ownership can afford, then it is dog-eat-dog stuff
and belongs on the minus

As to levitation. mind reading, teleportation--keep it outsideof
MEST routine. Millions
enjoy playing MEST games of conductor, trainman, switchman,
telephone builders, operators and
equipment designers; many more in building


airplanes, jets, moon rockets, etc. Why spoil their games by
insisting on jamming theta
capabilities down their throats and messing up millions of lives,
millions of services,
millions of benefits just because you want to teleport, read
minds. and levitate?

If these things are possible--and I am sure you have your own
certainties on this -- then
move it into such areas of MEST time and place where it does not
mess up someone's games. The
place for this hasbeen for centuries just outside the normal MEST
agreement levels-churches,
holy spots, private meetings, seance rooms, and in the privacy of
your own home, if you w

If you think a moment on this structure, it will become obvious
that if you wish to really
nush for parapsychological effects, then the first thing you need
do is establish an
agreement theta-wise in your locality to the area of limitations
that you and the locality
can agree on to respect one another's area of influence to the
point where MEST games and
your theta games can both operate with minimum backlash or

in some articles I wrote expounding the merits of shielding,
popular response seems to be,
"What are you afraid of? What do you need a shield to hide behind
for?" they scream at me
from behind their banks of aberrations and engrams. Who's hiding?
I use a shield like I use a
house --for comfort and environmental control.

Many of those screaming " coward at the shield concept are like
people standing in an open
field with their coats over their heads, shivering from cold,
rain soaked, trying to prove
how brave they are facing the raging elements of nature. If you
are of that type, stand in
the rain and soak and shiver. I 'll take the shielding comfort of
a heated home. And the mental
shielding comfort, minus theta random beam flows.

You want to play theta games? O.K., find a playmate, or a number
of playmates, and have some fun, but leave
the happy MEST-minded thetans to play with their doctor, lawyer,
Indian chief (choo-choo type games). From kites
to jets--same thing; let them play. Spoil their games, and they
will be bound to come around and mess up
yourgames, too.

To further assist you in framing a structure for personal
direction of activities, get the concept that you as an
individual never actually contact anything directly except thru
duplication mock-ups. To make this abit clearer, try
the following:

Take your forefinger and touch it to a mirror. You will find a
space between contact due to the thickness of glass
between your forefinger and the mirroring silver. You do feel the
glass, but imagine that you are touching the
forefinger of another person and that the pressure is the
pressure of his forefinger. From a pressure point of view, it
is practically the same except for the rigidity of the glass. So,
outside of the tactile feel of glass and the observable
air space, you could just as easily imagine that you are touching
someone else.

Now, find another person and touch forefingers the s am e way -
Are you aware of the microscopic layers of air,
dust, etc., between the two forefingers? Well, it's there, and is
just as real as the glass in the mirror. There is always
some microscopic bit of molecular point between any contact of
objects, regardless of whether it is a knife or a
hammer , slicing or banging a finger.