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DEAR LOUIS-Remember when I asked you some months ago, will my
son's troject be successfuL, and when -
and y o u answered that the animal would live ? I suppose you
know my son was working on the rocket that sent
the chimpanzee into space. My son wants to knowwho will have the
first man into space?- R.G., Cape Canaveral,

DEAR FRIEND- I'm nleased that the project turned out so well.
Frankly speaking, I think it's a waste of time
and money to do all this fussing over

--""*0 0 TI


these oversized playtoys, but I'm one of those impractical souls
who thinks a million dollars spent on cancer
research might benefit man more than an oversized Fourth of July
rocket. At the time of this writing, Russia is
getting ready to send a man into space. They have already had one
up -but he went off his rocker. Another will be on
his way any day now. Theywill beat us because -thank God- we
prize human life "a little bit".


DEAR SIR --My monsie says that Louis knows everything, and she
writes letters to you fcause she wants to
get a new Daddy. Last Saturday I went to the morning show, and my
bicycle was gone when the show was out.
Will youget it for me?--B.G., Lancaster, Penn.

DEAR FRIEND - Your bicycle is down at the local police
department. It was taken by a gang.


DgAR. LOUTS - Your beautiful letter arrived and I want you to
know that you have chanoed my whole life. r -
realize that


HAVE YOU LIVED BEFORE THIS LIFE, By L. Ron Hubbard. 183 pp., 24s,
H.A.S.I., London.

Subtitled "A Scientific Survey, by L. Ron Hubbard, Ph.D.,," this
slim little volume contains 42 "reports" by
persons who supposedly ran Dianetic engrams in London, Fall ,
1958. The subject matter is loosely written, poorly
edited, and is not particularly good advertising for the author
or his brand of psychogymnastics.

Sufficient false -to- fact material is included as to cast doubt
upon the validity of all the work done. A notable
instance i a Case 17, discussing the anaesthetic use of ether in
Italian Somaliland in the 17th or 18th Century.

The entire tenor of the book is that of an all-out effort to
treat seriously as valid a number of items earlier ref
erred to a s ' 1 ie - factories '

and severely condemned as timewasting.

The apparent level of work in these cases is about equal to that
of second-week H.D.F. students in Los Angeles,
1951. All participants were at least H.P.A.'s, with some D.
Sen.'s (a reflection on the present level of training).

Persons looking for serious information concerning the
oossibility of reincarnation or repetitive existence will do
well to avoid this book . For those looking for a laugh , for a
beautiful expos6 of bow not to handle serious
psychological questions, or for new weapons with which to attack
LRH, it's "must" reading.

This book has nothing to do with either the art of Diainetics as
it was practiced before or after Mr. Hubbard's
Wichita separation, nor the science of Dianetics as 'it was
presented in"Dianetics" and"Science of Survival ". It is a
group of fairly unrepresentative episodes from the" What to
Audit" or "Early Phoenix" era of Scientology --the "tell
me when you last stole a spaceship" school.

Mr. Hubbard's attempt to graft the title "Dianetic engram" onto a
specific type of so-called "whole track"
episodes will find few takers from those readers who remember the
events of the past ten years of Diantology. - Ted
Robles, Jr.


as you say, "I am a chi Id of God, and if God be for us, who can
be against us?" Thank God that you are on the
same earth as I an, f or you are one of God's wonderful helpers.
Will you be in this area soon?

P.L.I., Norfolk, Va.

DEAR FRIEND - Your letter touches me very deeply, for I feel that
by helping one of my brothers and sisters
my life on earth is justified. Thank you for letting me know that
I am a worthy instrument of the Father. I shall
probably be in your area this summer, but at present my summer
itinerary is not complete.


DEAR LOUIS-Your answers to our questions have been most accurate
and very helpful. What do you see
concerning the cur-rent -recession problem?D.D., Danbury, Conn.

DEAR FRIEND-The current recession is part of a total pattern
which started a number of years ago. As I SEE it,
the month of March will start a definite upswing; then there
isaleveling off-then another peak in August, then
another leveling off period, with another Deak coming in December.


DEAR LOUIS-You wrote me last summer when I asked about the
weather for the winter that it would be very
severe. Well, it has been just that; as a matter of fact, today
we had a blizzard the worst in UO years. What will
summer bring, weather wise, that is? - H.T., Pittsburgh, Penn.

DEAR H.T.-You should be in Phoenix. Today it was 82 and I went
swimming - but I'll not rub
it in. Come summer I feel that you are going to have "unusual"
amounts of humid hot days.
With this comes a plague of bugs (or should I say insects?).
you're in for a very, very
steamy summer. so you bad better have that refrigeration unit put
in you've been thinking
about. Yes, and do get the one with the dehumidifier.


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envelope for personal reply in case there Is not room for an
answer in The.ABERREE.


Persons who like to"make a big show"should remember that humans.
like manure put on the
garden, are most appreciated af ter they merge with their

All churches are right on one point: All the other churches are

'APRIL, 1961