Volume 6, Issue 3, page 9

(Eh st 'Cochin
Part VI I
N THE English language, Biblical
phraseology is to us very strange and
unscientific. However, if we allow
for t h i s and also for the stigma
placed on the Bible by both fanatical
and agnostic interpreters, we can see clearly
the Biblical conformation. Christ said "My
sheep answer ONLY to MY voice"; "Those who sit
in darkness will be awakened to ETERNAL LIFE";
"One shall be TAKEN, the other LEFT". (In olden times, two women worked together, one young,
the other old. Conquerors, invaders, took the
young woman and left the old to starve. It was
a sin to kill a woman. -- Dr. Lamsa's "Gospel
Light", Page 135-8.)
Jesus, the Christ, was picturing a new law
-- coming in as a conqueror. This new law was
young, eternally youthful, an eternal life law.
This law would take the regenerative cell, the
youthful cell, but it would leave the old cell ,
the mind cell. A greater law coming in crowds
out an inferior law, simply because the greater
law is more useful, more powerful. The old law
dies. As electricity crowded out the candle
and the oil lamp. It is more useful, more
powerful .

Christ said: "I have conquered the world".
He meant: The law I understand and express is
greater than the mind-law of man. Christ knew
that if man brought in this higher law, his
death dealing law of life would cease to express. In the body, the growth of the regenerative cell, burns out or absorbs the mind cell
seeds, as well as the active mind cell. This
is a passing-over, a replacement, a supplanting.

In this world, whether the scientists know
it or not, everything outside of the human
kingdom is relative to and dependent upon this
" first kingdom". Man is a light of a certain
degree; he is the central light of this mental
universe. The lesser kingdoms, such as the
animal, fish, vegetable, elemental, mineral ,
astral, are emanations out from this central
light. It makes no difference how large the
universe appears -- this is merely the spreading
out and converging of energy to the various
field areas. The energy goes out and condenses;
these relative vortexing degrees are classified according to the consecutive body - polefields of flesh and matter.

The first cause of our physical sun is the
life energy of man. The energy we get back from
the sun is just the interest paid on the sum
borrowed. If man raised to a life expression
of direct induction instead of transformation
of reflected energy, he would be a regenerative sun himself and would need no outside sun
to light a dark body.

When the Bible states "The sun will go out"
it is expressing a knowledge far higher, far
more scientific, than mental man can comprehend. In the body, the light sun, or action of
the life cell, makes the dark sun or action of
the mind cell go out. The consciousness of man
to the old mind law will have to go out or
gradually cease. New ideas, viewpoints, and
thoughts will have to be accepted which are
relative to and channels thru the mind- - so
this greater law can express. For a long time,
the mind will act as a channel or servant, but
the time will come when the mind is no longer

The acceptance of new thoughts, principles,
ideas -- regarding the higher law -- regardless of
how they appear -- is being born again. "To be
born again' is a Galilean or Northern Aramaic
expression which means to become like a little
child; that is to say, to change one's thoughts
and habits and become simple like a little
child and start over again to learn anew. A
child has nothing in his heart against anyone.
He knows no creed and has no racial hatred.

Thomas Edison shaped his mind in the right
way to let out the knowledge of electricity.
He held his mind right for a long time and
worked at applying these expressions as they
came. His mind was set right to that certain
law; that is why he gained results. The same
holds true to a far higher law than Edison
brought forth, but the mind has to be set
right. When the mind accepts a principle, an
explanation, it does not know, but it shapes
itself relative