Volume 6, Issue 3, page 14

"Re: 'The Padre and His
Treasure Mountain'.
"In the second to last pargraph 'Bill' seems to have
missed the fact that the 'Oldtimers "Upstairs" would hardly have sent one of their own,
going to some efforts, if they
weren't quite certain that the
entire venture -- to the point
of completion -- was, indeed,
quite possible. Notwithstanding 'money.... Pack horses..,.
trucks, etc.'
"Somebody goofed. I hardly
think it was 'the Padre', or
'those Upstairs'.
" '0 ye of little faith',
eh wotl " -- Randolph J. Ray, Jr.,
New Orleans, La.
"Delighted to read your
story of your experience in
initial 'training' with LRH.
There may be many similar.
"The ONE school I know of
which was actually a real
acAdemy was that operated by
Leo West (for LRHI in Chicago ,
from about may 1950 to around
March 1951. Leo and his group
had weekly tests, emphasis on
practice, great emphasis on
non-directive techniques, and
insistence on simplicity.
"Ross L. (Lamoreaux l also
preached these principles, and
within the Dianetic framework
of pupil selection, did a fair
job. However, Ross carried the
self-direction of students too
far, in a continuing reaction
against the rigidity of his
college teaching days.
"Much of what was wrong
with Dianetics was exemplified
in the schools. Few graduates
were really trained and processed. Some book-trained auditors did excellent work .