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theta abilities can't be sought
out nor avoided any more than
any other phase of development. I'm glad to see affirmation of the bulk of that kind
of thing folks actually do use
and experience, but personally
find it has to be balanced in
overall growth.
"The best processing I ever
had -- altho L: R. H. wouldn't
call it that, I assure you --
was my own attempt to honestly
tell a friend what I'm like.
And the best auditing I've
ever done, altho, again, L.R.H .
wouldn't call it that, was
just plain being a wife and
mother and all that with no
holier-than-thou stuff. Makes
you wonder about all these
marvelous folk who exhibit
common s en se without ever
hearing of Scientology, doesn't it?
"But I have to give a lot
of credit along the way somewhere. What I once agreed to
and gradually had to figure
out for myself started a kind
of growing that is well-nigh a
responsibility now." -- Helena
Ackley, Nngleuood, Colo.
"Partly from reading the
present issue, I've got me another insight. You know how
it's a cliche and old wheeze
that a You is its own worst
enemy and a Self causes its own
Member H.A.S.I. 21st ACCWashington, D.C. Student
Myrtle Beach, Su. Car.

Box 85 - Hlllcrest 8-?156
"S4ecific location of engrain
necessary to resolve any case"
:UWE, 1959
troubles. Taking this as true, compute efficiently? Other
why is it? It actually looks people want to get rid of their
trivial, but it isn't, or it emotions because the emotions
wouldn't be so little noticed don't evaluate well. Like an
and there wouldn't be so much artist who wants to throw away
of it. The trouble is: Fear, his paints because they don't
Hatred, Anger. Individuals make good pictures; the paints
stalk themselves, hunt them- are what he makes pictures
selves down, persecute them- with. It's probably a problem
selves, martyr themselves, try, because. as Korzybski says.
condemn, an d execute them- People keep saying 'is' and
selves, punish and discipline tend to make everything thingthemselves, excommunicate, os- like, when a lot of important
tracise, disgrace, and condemn Problems are not thing-like
themselves. As a result of but shape-like, or number-like ,
this they are unstncessful, or function-like.
impeded, disturbed, incapaci- "Art Coulter, I think, is
tated, and unhappy. A person having more success than most
will take that part of himself of his contemporaries because
he doesn't like or approve of he has a more appropriate Ian -- Hold it! Never mind what he guage, a function-language.
does with himself he doesn't Instead, for instance, of dislike. Why does he do anything? cussing a 'reactive mind' , he
Obviously to purify himself or discusses an 'identic mode'.
disimpede himself or whatever Instead of talking about 'enhe calls it, or to clear him- grams' and 'facsimiles' -- things
self, he has first to disclaim -- he talks of 'protodynes' and
responsibility for his impuri- 'impedances' -- patterns, conties, his impedances, and his figurations. G autama Buddha
aberrations. The third thing a Siddhartha Sakyamuni, the Tatperson does is to label what hagata, et c., said it 2200
he doesn't approve of that he years ago, and Ludwig Binswanhas as 'sinful, evil, bad, ab- ger said it 15 years ago, and
errated, reactive, wrong, sub- Art Coulter said it last week .
optimum' or whatever curseword In summary, take yourself as
he favors. The second thing a it is, r e c al ibrate i t, and
person has to do is to dis- Practice using it right, and
claim responsibility. The first You've got it made. It wouldn't
thing a person has to do is to even put the self-improvement
use some of his personality teachers out of business. All
components for jobs they're they need do is work up a gennot structured to perform well , erally applicable and teachaif at all. An example is Hub- ble training program devoid of
bardians and psychoanalysis Faith, Mythology, and Metafans who want to get rid of physics, and they can sell it
their reactive minds because like a landoffice business in
they (the reactive minds) do- hot cakes for any price they
n't think efficiently. And how want. Most of the sel f-improvemany data-storage devices do ment teachers we've got now
these people know of t h at do find so much buyer-resistance