Volume 5, Issue 1, page 5

particularly exports, will be the worry
of'the nation. The stock exchange is very
shaky, investments will suffer because of
parallel trends which occur in America.
Foreign-issues will be particularly unstable and the lot of the United Kingdom
is not to be envied at this time.

Disagreements in policy between the U.
K. and the U.S.A. are temporary, in spite
of much recriminations. Commonwealth affairs are none too comfortable, difficulties arising over the actual status of
Africa and India.

An undercurrent of no mean proportions
is seething in Eire. Internal troubles
festering in Northern Ireland over a long
period of time have started a movement
that may ultimately lead to a united Ireland -- the orange and the green.

The intensification of Japanese competition, especially in ship building, will
bring hardships on Britain. Britain is
now facing the grand crisis that precedes
the major turning point in her history.

This government will be inCANADA tensed at some deception on the
part of their supposed-to-be-allies. Just one more treaty will prove
valueless. All this relates to agreements
on manufacturing and use of chemical gas.

Due to mismanagement, several large
explosions of natural gas and petroleum
will cause many fires, floods, and loss
of lives.

Acrimonious debates are likely in political circles. caused by a love affair
with an unexpected twist. The two involved
divorced persons are prominent in political circles.

Mexico. which has shown leadMEXICO ership amongst the Latin nations
in political, social, and commercial progress, is also a pioneer in creating for itself a new constitution with
the fine assistance of Robert Hill, U.S.
ambassador, and Henry Shot, manager of
American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico.
These two men have done much in cementing
good relationship between the two countries, establishing a new peak in mutual
understanding and co-operation.

Paraguay will increase its economy in
1958, putting coffee on the market for
the first time.

There is much uneasiness in
ISRAEL the land of Israel, a foreboding
of trying times. To offset this,
many good aspects are operating to prevent deterioration. A great deal will depend on the ability of some of their ministers. especially that of foreign affairs, to steer thru difficulties.

To the casual observer, things appear
to be going on as usual, but immigration
is ever a pressing problem -