Dear Editor

"Utah has a new law that will make producers name the contents of all milk products. I wonder if they will be forced to give the amount of Strontium 90 in each package? Have you noticed the Salt Lake count lately'"--Art lanes, Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Decided to take a look-see for myself at the last Congress, and it was a most gratifying experience. We have heard about 'This is its' for a long time, but I do believe that we have come into a fine version of HOW.

"One woman, ex-opera singer , told me she was a follower of Manly Hal 1, and he told her that 'they' had the whys, but that Hubbard had the hows, and suggested she go take the course. Another person told me she was intensely surprised at one of her Bahai meetings to hear a Persian read from Hubbard's books.

"Ross's statement in your last issue is true. We have gone from the head (thinkingness 1 to the guts and heart. Up to now I could not heartily recommend anyone to take the course in Washington or any other Foundation, but I can now.

'Stayed on for a week and participated, and observed, and it was the best communication that has ever existed since I've been in the Field. Knowing you as I do, you would veritably eat up this course, starting with three hours of sitting silently without moving, and confronting the whole individual -- body, machinery, and thetan. This is recognizing that the Thetan exists beyond personality or appearances.

"What institution do you know of that allows retreads to return again, again, and again without charge other than for tests and books fur- nished? This is a feeling of responsibility!

"Am taking the January 6 course. 62 were in the ACC, with several Europeans, and believe it or not, I only heard one griping. Observing two staff auditors being put thru the paces, this sentence from one of them impressed me: 'Look feller, you know the techniques, but you don't get across to me that you care about me, and you won't produce results with a fish-look in your eye, nor superior look. O.K.? Let's do that again, and get across to me , right here , y our communication.'

"Have sat in on two great lectures with Ron, the first on Beingness (granting of Beingness, no matter what shape life is in), and one delivered at this Congress on children. A child is a Thetan who has lost everything thru death, and he needs plenty of havingness from the new family he has joined. He needs undisputed authority to start with, served thru love, and he needs to be stabilized. He needs a fewyearsofplay and irresponsibility and plenty love, and freedom from added fears. This rings true to me , and I already have a child brought in that evidences just this condition.

"Those of us who created good effects beyond the processes did so thru 'good intentions' which reached the area of the pre-clear, bypassing our and their machinery. Intention is the main emphasis on the present ACC course, and execution of the intention-all this done on the most permissive scale, with full agreement of the pre-clear .

"With the agreement of 'no lying', everyone in the course has to take the stage and answer questions from the supposed public, and, of course, the first question is 'Are you a clear?' I saw a few egos leveled on that one. People who have hit Tone 40 for a minute, day, or several days assume that they are, and they are pegged quickly. It soon becomes evident that the term is a relative one, and depends on clear communication...

"Have gone f r o m feeling heartsick to feeling good a- bout the field that I am in, and that is good! If you can forgive, and afford to be forgiven, I know y ou would be enriched . Know that you have held the interest in the field, Alphi a , while we rode the rapids. You helped feed the negatives, and I was one of them Al so found out how many readers you had when I was introduced at the Congress." --Alberta Elliott, Greenville, S. Car.

"Interesting to note that seven years have almost elapsed since Hubbard published his mental science book, and got it into the hands of the public. It is also interesting to note that the number '7' is a very distinctive number -- a number meaning fulfillment.

"There is too much to be said to go into much detail . But since other factors 'hap- pened' to be involved, also related to the number seven, I will comment a little.

"'Meat in due season' and milk to beginners. This pertains to wisdom as well as food ( for wisdom is a higher form of food: 'You shall not live by bread alone...'.)

"Almost seven years ago, something happened on earth. More correctly, a combination of things happened. The result of this was paradoxical (that horrible, unanswerable condition). Human beings slipped subtly into their unconscious minds.( Had they known it they wouldn't have been unconscious). Going into the unconscious can be called leaving present time, backsliding, regressing, or many other terms. In this condition, much headway was made of a material sort. (Materialism, instinct, and unconscious are the same.' But as to judgment, confusion replaced it. 'The wisdom of the prudent man shall be hid.' And this modern world is the result of this unconsciousness. Car crashes, arguments, deceit in high (and lows places, etc. And, of course, all this can be nicely 'justified' in a number of ways.

"Nevertheless, this intensified condition will soon have been in effect for seven years. And for this reason, it should soon be over. If the number 7 is relative in this condition.

"What caused this condition in the first place? Are there two of everything-- a physical and a spiritual ? A physical earth and a spiritual earth? Did the spiritual earth 'slip' on its axis, and move people back into time? The little cars of today look much like a child's car. The contestants on quiz shows are down in the cellars of their minds where the files are kept. Showing off and keeping up with the Joneses is strictly kid stuff.

"Does the H-bomb split the atom, and also the spiritual personality of people? Do some