Volume 4, Issue 5, page 11

Clara Contacts the Ir vii.
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Chapter VII -- Conclusion
THE DYNAMO has suggested one or two
corrections, a n d has pointed out
something left out.
First correction: In Chapter V. I
explained the need to disencumber and
refurbish the Second Dynamic (sex and
children) as a part of the firm foundation. He says our wording gave a wrong
impression, "that the stratosphere is the
playhouse of the August moon". Translation: "The sky is the limit for playing
around ".

The Dynamo continues by way of correction: "They lie in state who hold the laws
of God and man in gentle depredation".

That is, they who jump the traces and
hurt others in their quest for personal
pleasure or satisfaction are dead (to Divine love?). He uses this terminology often. The absence of love or the selfish
manifestation of love is death. The positive creative state is life.

The laws of men are well known. In the
realm of love and marriage, they attempt
to force the male to care for his offspring and to insure a proper environment
for the rearing of the young.

The laws of God are the Golden Rule
and other accepted spiritual principles
dating back to Jesus and Confucius, or
earlier illuminates.

The omission: "Proclaim the laws of
high derision in the raided well". By
this he means we must describe the grosser violations of the laws of love. Specifically, violation of privacy by practice of gossip; violation of justice and
truth by slander, misleading innuendo, etc.

We once lived in a rural community in
Alabama, where we got acquainted with a
man who ran a shoe shop. Clara asked the
Dynamo for an assessment of the man's
character. He impressed us as a fine

In part, this is what the Dynamo gave
us: "Be arts in that semiconscious state
of anger at the world for having dealt so
uselessly with his iniquities that all
his thoughts encroached upon their right
of being...a n d hate looked back at him
from earth—and sea—and sky. "
Further acquaintance disclosed that
Mr. X had alienated the public by his inveterate habit of gossip. All his neighbors were either prostitutes, adulterers,
or deviates.

When I warned him as a friend that he
was ruining his business by this practice
of hate, he became angry and said : "I
tell the truth, what is wrong with that?"
He may have believed he told the truth.

SEPTEMBER. 1957 - T 1, A A R R R R E E
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¢%i''''-'"'mom Copyright 1957 by Paul E. O'Neill
But as Paul said, "Love thinketh no evil,
believeth all things, knoweth all things,
doeth all things. Love never faileth."
But hate, on the contrary, knows and
creates all manner of vile things against
others. His evilly-biased interpretation
of events, rumors, and passing fancies
were a projection of hostility, so misdirected and illogical that his victims
were often taken by surprise and remained
mystified and baffled by the sudden
attack, as from a friendly dog.

Modern psychiatry (analytical variety)
lays great stress on the ferreting out of
hostilities originating in childhood. For
example, the birth of a younger child,
replacing the patient to an extent in his
mother's attentions. Followed by anger at
mother for desertion. Then repression of
the anger because it violates conscience.
The hostility thus expressed springs up
in later years in misdirected outlet, or
disguised as fear and phobia.

A very fertile field for investigation
here. Two psychiatrists I have read aver
that all neurotic fears are rooted in
repressed hostilities.

The Dynamo said long ago that the inflow of wisdom from contacted sources
would "find shafts where armies hide". So
wisdom is the cure, or one cure.

The Dynamo has taught us that the
Ancient Wisdom is the key to emotional
maturity. The ancient religions gave
these precepts out as direct commands
from God, who threatened punishment to
violators. This may have been the only
way of presenting the wisdom to the people of that day.

As a child, I was taught this religion
of dire threats from God, with fierce
childish vanity and pride. The whole
thing never sat well with me. It was never
entirely real or believable. At the age
of 13, I threw out the entire mess, becoming an agnostic. In this history, I
know I parallelled many, many others of
my generation. And like me, many of the
others later came to realize that they
may have thrown out the baby with the

The Dynamo has led us back to religion
thru another door. I now am convinced
that the ancient wisdom contained a n d
concealed in the great religions is an
old and beaten path. The Dynamo's system
is simply the re-embracing of the wisdom
in its proper function -- without the superstition and dogma.

He points out the Divine laws thru
which we can evolve. He indicates the
shoals which, if overlooked, will wreck