Volume 3, Issue 6, page 15

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—Sam Randlett,
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"There are a couple of us people you. I am glad
that have recently moved to Chateeu- writer also for
rant, Fiance. We are getting along your experience
fine; making new friends, learning a -- Agnes Ritchie,
new langu, and adapt to a new
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time. If you have any letters fran turned from Calif
people in this area or know of any- Wayne D nbar's
one here, would you please put us in Course. We cons
contact with them?... money well spent.
"As long as I've a letter start- derful job. Do y
ed, I may as well tell you how much tors in Alabama?
I enjoy your magazine. You seem to contact, if any
have something for everyone, whether Clayton, Ala.
he be Scientologist, Dianeticist, or :
an. Keep it up; it's a real morale "Still alive,
builder and ego shaver." -- Carolyn wilderness - -bus
Albrecht and Ernerson Symonds, Chat- that there may be
eauroux, Indre, Fiance. the homes of men
"Have ceased
"I can't agree with your bracket- er hand, the orga
ins of the NAACP with the selfish- ery of an theme
special-interest pressure-groups you —hoping now,
mention in your September editorial. tive work might
~1aa }~ the local chapters sametines and rower to
get Innto the wrong hands, the nat- Cysewski, 1-17. R lanai organization is a high-toned " ::
outfit devoted to the promotion of Really I s
justice under the Constitution; and under the table
It is no more to be classed with the gathered the
AMA than is the American Civil lib- Hat t'r abrae nail
erties Lhion. A gigantic campaign
has been wald, with no little sue- is something to b
tess, by the White Citizens' Can- l rn It. 1ltthaaa
cils, aimed at befuddling the na- termin
thinking by getting people The Wh ia
accustomed to molding the NAACP as
a group of 'rad CAla and extn~ I had been try
ists'. The truth is otherwise—the for a year and i
NAACP is mwqgai in fighting u- "Yau' breezy
dice thr the law, ma isrnithus trashing and I
diametrical opposed to the NAM, AREBBEE Prom kiv
AMA, etc., eh fight to prejudice minds m of
the law in their favor -- anther mat- ant... May your
ter entirely, no? shadow." -- Elise
"The Flying Saucer Conspiracy, by Ariz.

Major Donald E. Keyhoe, makes out "I'd like to
what appears on the surface to be a on the article
good case regarding the existence of that parodied nec
government censorship of saucer inn- "First of all,
ormation. However some of Keyhoe's the article clan
most sensational ;facts', such as tionar of re
his report of an extraterrestrial lished I r
bridge on the moon, turn out on in- sa ' The Gloss
vest tion to be vastly distorted p~bl~,ed and and ex rated: the discoverer of text 'synergetic
this 'br ' compared it to the anybody wants to
natural br dges of Virginia and Utah is term, he can
-- and it may be n more tran a the Glossary.
strange shadow effect. Keyhoe infla- "Secondly, I this into Bug-eyed Mawsters en- Traw Mika feels.
camped on the moon. This makes one 'Synergetics'
skeptical of his reliability. Howard cerned, there was
fI ; kk her?
P+ ab t a
Scot 1 kke i ar i malro ienr ti ir AHII by ereshm e inc ft
Report an Unidenti- nical terms. And for the average
ada', on the other reader, to be confronted by so many
quite different story technical terms in such a short
p' mach less roman- ec
rm not ~w wantI wouldn't
, but more credible. . blame him foo wanting
to read
'pelt is on the fence very far.
rs, his data tonin- The book, 'Synergetics', was
r probable existence. actually intended for people who althe man who ran the ready had a working knowledge of Ant for several years." alytical Procedure. Many of the
Nashville. Tenn. technical terms already had been defined and were clearly uderstand by
fial 'Aberree' has Analytical Procedure workers. Their
I don't know when I reaction, on the whole, has been
so much so quite favorable; and together, using
st these ideas and tools, we have been
say that the July- gaining deeper insists into pprobthe Christmas nun- Ions and exploring with keen delight
the new domains of experience open
eased if you send to us.
to me, as I seem "At the time Synergetics was
ssing a lot by not written, I pointed out that it was
s for June, key, and somewhat technical, and premised
out introducing kin- that I would write a 'popular' book
o one another? I'm as soon as I could, designed for the
M. Logan, Glasgow, average intelligent reader.
ads Smith (who also "That book has now been c' '1er) got in touch with ted. It is called 'Group Tree. •:
that you are a witty An Introduction to Synergetics'. le
1t was a joy to read first six chapters of the book were
while in hospital." distributed at the Synergetic WorkSaltcoats,Scotland. shop. I asked people to tell me
frankly what they thought of it from
s not too late to the standpoint of the newcomer to
Aberree. I don't Synergetics. Their answers were
ngle issue. highly favorable. There were some
ad I have Just re- constructive criticisms, but there
brnia where we took was widespread agreement that it was
Diabetic Auditor's mach clearer and easier to read than
dered the time and the first book.

Wayne did a won- "To those who are sincerely tau know of any andi- terested in Synergetics but who were
We'd like to make disturbed by the excessive technical
." -- Louise Martin, language of 'Synergetics', I say: I
10E: you will give me another chance.
lieve that 'Group Tracking: An
I am, here in the Introduction to Synergetics' will
y damning a river tell you in non-technical terms what
light and power in Synergetics is about. I hope that,
and women. when you read it, you will urnder, on the oth- stand why we are so enthusiastic
nizat oral tomfool- about Synergetics.
anglydistant pt "The synergic mode of function is
the t;d c rea- It takes work, and hanflow to br Light esty, and persistence; aove all,
n and women. -- David honesty. You must be willi~ , ~.in
ffe, Nash. and again, to look at yourself withld be writing { out pretense or avoidance -- and withaid blame or guilt either, for these
as I somehow have are simply arms of pretense or
mpression in some avoidance. It is not easy.
e is a dirty word. "And yet—it is really the easiwench and if there est thiry~ in the world! we only make
e learned I want to it bard because we are so rates why I became in- ly trying to protect sometYn we
ntology. value. But we don't lose that value,
the sample copy of when we are honest!
n arrived yesterday. "'When I am honest with myself, I
g to overtake one betnme real in a way I never knew
twalwa s eluded m~ before,' says one Synergeticist. And
o e she"SEnn for ali of us.
enis uite joyed to cover. re The - ergetic is above all else
[TY it's so differ- the est road to self-discovery
thetas never see his and self-fl.rlfollment." -- Art Coulter,
A. Mielke, Tucson, Columbus, Ohio.
"I am some times mystified at the
comment if I may, seeming lack of specific violent
THAW NIMA. The one physical action processing in the
'1 letters and things you publish; it's
it is not true, as all intellectteY, general or somes, that the 'ic- thing like that. 'Ibis is NOT the way
gese' was not pub- people get hurt. At the present moe he means ' filos- meat lime a patient, a woman from
ry of Synergese was Switzerland, who was in a state of
luded in the basic breakaiown over what was the matter
s'. It's there; if with her; she starts college course
look up a Synerget- but evades ever finishing one or
ind it defined in taking an exam. It look less than an
hour to find out the deep rnfhtha ncan understand how able mystery about her: As a child,
Certainly as far as she'd lived in a 35-roam Swiss manhe book) is con- sinn with 32 dolls and awhite teddyan excess of tech- bear -- and a mother who beat her