Volume 3, Issue 6, page 3

The Study of Man is a study of relationships, and these rel
ionships, in Scientology, have been divided into eight segment
ailed 'Dynamics'. These make up the known whole of Infinite Cr
ion -- which Dr. and Mrs. Walsh herein refer to as The Concept
otality', To the extent Man limits himself by setting up barrie
f not—knowingness between himself and any of the dynamics does
ivorce himself from his birthright. Some of the processes by whi
an can reintegrate himself, discovered by the Walshes during the
ears of recent research at the University of Scientology in
ngeles, are being printed for the first time herewith,
A. and la
gill appear more fully in a book now under preparation'.—The r.Dl
Concept of
ENTIRE scope of Scientology becomes
• more excitingly workable as the Totality
Concept is introduced. This concept emphasizes processes which integrate the relationships of all eight of the dynamics.

The eight dynamics are areas of activities
of survival in this and other universes -- survival in relation to Theta*, Static, or Infinity expressing itself by recreating conflict
within itself as the material universe of
Matter, Energy, Space, and Time. The First Dynamic is survival as a body; the Second Dynamic is survival as the family; the Third Dynamic is survival as groups, communities, nations; the Fourth Dynamic is the survival of
all mankind; the Fifth Dynamic is the survival
of all living organisms; the Sixth Dynamic is
an expression of survival as MEST}; the
Seventh Dynamic relates to the survival of
spirits; and the Eighth Dynamic, often written
as two interlocking zeros (CO), is the Infinity of survival.

These are merely classifications for study
and processing. All dynamics are inter-related. Each dynamic affects and reacts upon all
other dynamics; there is only an apparent

The Eighth Dynamic has been termed Infinity
or Static in Scientology and is hereby assigned the term "Totality". In the Christian
world, Totality is termed God. In the Hindu
world it is termed Brahman. On this planet
alone it has so many names that for purposes
of processing it is necessary to assign a common term. The term Totality exists on the
time-track and thus is most workable. Ask any
spirit if he remembers Totality and you will
get an eager or hesitant "Yes". By using this
word on body levels, the profound deep-seated
religious feeling inherent within us all can
be dealt with without offending, thus giving a
world- wide acceptance to Scientology, this
planet's only truly workable religious science. Acceptance in this area has been most
heartening ard gratifying.

The newcomer to the concepts of Scientology
and evolutionary spiritual development may
find these ideas difficult to apply. Learning
to walk at one time appeared to be a difficult
project. The Creative Imagination is You as
Totality in action -- a true spiritual activity.
>imagination is your toe hold for "clearing"§.
On any creative process such as explosions as
mental images, you have to use your imaginative creative abilities. There is nothing more
important than your spiritual evolution and
your imagination is the first key to use.
"THETA—The term assigned in Scientology for Supreme Intelligence.
}MEST—An acrostic of Matter, Energy, Space, and Time—which
make up the Material Universe; can be used to designate
any object or objects within the Material Universe, including
the human body.
§CLEARING, in Dianetics, meant a person no longer operating
under engrain commands, 'cleared' of his aberrations. The
word since has undergone several re—evaluations, but its accepted use now is one who is certain of his identity apart
from the body, and able to operate from that level.—ED.

and JOANNA WALSH, Counselor
Our modern scientists of today in the field
of nuclear physics are dealing with intangibles and depending upon their imagination to
obtain results. We refer you to the very interesting article in SCIENTIFIC AMSRICAN of
July, 1956, "The Atomic Nucleus", by Robert
Hofstadter: "In the first place it should be
said that terms like 'looking' into the nucleus or forming 'pictures' of it are pure
metaphor. The nucleus is utterly and hopelessly invisible. . . The physicist must consider
separate sets of experimental results and then
try to IMAGINE a model of the nucleus that
would account for all of them."
If our leading scientists can use imagination in their important work, we suggest that
you at least do Likewise and give it a try.
You will discover that you are dealing with
the same nuclear particles of universe energy
that they are investigating.
"Total ability" is probably the best definition of Totality. The part of you that is
aware and knows with certainty is Totality:
awareness and knowingness on the visible and
invisible planes. For thousands of years, most
all authorities have been informing the public
that they can never find God. This is true.
However, there is a ghastly joke, perhaps, in
the fact that they neglected to tell individuals that they can become aware of being God.
Finding something means looking somewhere else
for it. The various religious books clearly
state in many ways that God is within all
things and that all th' are within God.
Where do you suppose that leaves you? How can
you possibly avoid being God, or Totality? In
the Christian Bible, it even tells you what to
do about it in a not too explicit way:
"Be still and know that I am God." Psalms

This does not mean you as a body, but you
as Totality. For thousands of years man has
misinterpreted the meaning of this due to his
identification with bodies. He has tried looking somewhere else, for something else, for
something other than himself. He has tried by
placing his body in various positions of meditation to make it motionless, to achieve a
Divine awareness. Just the opposite must be
done, for when the body is without motion, it
is dead.

The goal of Scientology is to enable you to
become an "operating being" operating a body
directly from Totality, walking around with
eyes open with full conscious awareness. Since
you are already doing this remarkable achievement, in degrees of, the problem is increasing
the awareness.

The stillness has been correctly classified
as a "Static" in Scientology. A state that has
no Matter, Energy, Space, or Time (NEST) for
the State of Being Totality is the term for
the Activities of Being. Static and Totality
are interchangeable and the same. Totality _is
Intelligence. It creates NEST but is not MET.
NEST is created within Totality. Totality is a
stillness which is you. One can by postulating
a focusing of attention become aware of the